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  1. Nice results Dr. Farjo! Thanks for showing this case Pete! Looks quite natural and seems to have made a dramatic difference. 👍
  2. Looks terrific CosmoKramer! Are you using FIN or Minoxidil too or just the HT. Curious what clinic you went to, looks good!
  3. Terrific work Dr. Dorin, that crown looks like it has filled in significantly. It seems that the PRP with Acell combined with the Propecia are really helping the patient keep the non transplanted hair healthier too?
  4. Looks amazing Matt! Dr. K does amazing work! Looks like you still have an excellent donor area too!
  5. Looks great sir! What a dramatic difference from the before pic. Congrats!!
  6. Makes sense as it couldn’t hurt his results to take both to further support stability and growth in the area. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Great job Dr. Bloxham! The patient must be thrilled! I like the gentle change in the hairline, it looks very natural, not too aggressive. The density looks good too. Has the patient noticed any additional hair fall, or does the Propecia help with that? is he on Minoxidil as well? Do you recommend that? Thank you!
  8. Nice work Dr. Devroye! The density filled in nicely. The patient must be extremely happy with that result!
  9. Wow! Incredible results Skeeter! Dr. Gabel definitely knocked this one out of the park. You said no to rogaine but you’re on Finasteride, I didn’t realize it can cause heart issues. Have you considered PRP as well? I’ve heard it can really benefit the long term growth, helping to keep all the transplanted hairs. How long did you have to wait to get in to see Dr. Gabel? Congratulations on your hair!
  10. Looks terrific Yolondo! You’re going to have great results, Dr. Konior definitely is one of the tops you can go to! It is looking like you have good coverage and will have great density too! Looking forward to seeing your final results.
  11. Amazing work Dr. Arocha! This patient must be more than satisfied! Curious if he was on Finasteride or Minoxidil during that whole period as well?
  12. Nice results! How many grafts? Are you on any meds as well? Just curious!
  13. Looks fantastic Dr. Panine. His density looks good too! His hairline looks extremely natural, nice work! Do you have a breakdown of the number of 1/2/3/4 hair graft counts you used? Curious as the density in the top looks great, but you also said that many of the grafts were singles used for the hairline? Thank you!
  14. Looks like you are coming along now nicely, James_123!, and your density looks great! Are you using any additional therapies like Fin, or Minoxidil to hand onto your hair? Dr. Blue Cham did a great job! 👍
  15. Wow! Your hairline looks great! Seems like a quick recovery too! Nice density as well. Can you post a photo of the incision line? Looking good!