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  1. I’ve heard from several doctors that doing PRP without the ACELL is basically pointless as it won’t give you the results as quickly, or be effective. PRP without Acell - 2-3 treatments to see any hair growth. PRP without Acell - needs to be repeated every 4-6 months to maintain results. PRP without Acell - hair growth results are variable. ACell combined with PRP is more expensive but at the same time more effective, with more consistent results, longer lasting much longer than PRP alone. ACell + PRP injection therapy for hair loss is a more technically sophisticated and clinically demanding process than PRP injection alone. ACell + PRP- 2 treatments 8 wks apart for higher effectiveness of hair growth for individuals with more advanced hair loss. Those with early or minimal hair loss may get the desired results after a single treatment.
  2. Congratulations, that is a terrific response to the finasteride! Did you have any adverse reactions to the meds? Will you follow it up with a Capillus Laser cap or PRP/ACELL treatment as well? How about shampooing? Thanks!
  3. Excellent work Dr. Gabel! The frontal hairline looks amazing here. Do you recommend using finasteride or minoxidil immediately following a transplant like this? Or are there other medications or shampoos to assist in thickening the regrowth? thank you!
  4. It’s looking like you’re going to have a terrific results. Dr. Cooley looks like he’s a really great surgeon! I know he’s got a great reputation!
  5. Terrific results Harry! Dr. Konior definitely does nice work. Any follow up meds? Finasteride?
  6. Looking good BADB-BROS! Your hair is looking really good, and it isn’t even done filling in yet! Congratulations on taking the plunge! What’s your maintenance regimen? Finasteride? Curious as to what the donor area was like in case that the doc felt you might need future transplants?
  7. Wow! Only 10 days out? Your density looks terrific! Looks like your healing is going quite well too. Have you noticed much shock loss since then? Looking forward to more photos too, especially if you can get closeups. Happy growing!
  8. Looking good 1978Matt! Dr. Konior does some amazing work! Your strip scar looks very thin too, I take it he did a tricophytic closure on it? I’ve seen great results from Nadimi & Gabel as well! Remembering your previous surgery, was the healing more painful having the strip vs the FUE? Curious, as I’m thinking of FUE myself assuming I’m a candidate largely due to the way my skin heals, it always tends to scar badly. PS are you on any meds( Finasteride) to slow the loss at all? Or just the HT? Thanks! Looking forward to more updates!
  9. These consults are done by a patient advisor, and are free, but does it cost to have a consult done with Dr. Hasson or Wong? How much? Can we apply it to our procedure if there is a cost? Thanks in advance!
  10. Great to hear ainrofilac! Do you have any pics? I'd love to see them. The techs sound really nice there...did the operation hurt much? I've seen Dr. Gabel's work, he does very nice hairlines compared to some I've seen, very natural looking. Look forward to seeing how it turns out! Looking at FUE myself to fill in a very noticeable spot on the crown, but haven't decided who to go with yet...any suggestions for crown work?
  11. Nicely done Dr. Wesley! Very impressive hairline, especially considering this fellow's previous condition. Was there much in the way of temporary shock loss? Thanks!
  12. vinzaf19

    Hairline design

    Good luck Harry! From what I've seen, most of the docs that are recommended on this site design natural looking hairlines that follows a similar line to the one's patients have had in their younger years. Who did you end up going with btw? best, Vince