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  1. Wow! 😯 Those results look awesome! Good choice going with Dr. Konior, I’ve heard he’s one of the best Drs around!
  2. I can’t believe anyone would want to risk this happening- a lower cost just doesn’t seem worth having your transplant done by a tech! https://qz.com/954680/in-turkeys-cutthroat-hair-transplant-tourism-industry-the-biggest-losers-are-the-patients-and-syrian-refugees/
  3. Wow! Amazing work, Dr. Arocha! Does an FUE procedure take longer when working on this hair type? Aren’t the grafts curved as well? Excellent results though, the patient must be very excited! 👍
  4. Congratulations on what will most likely be great results, Dr. K is definitely one of the best out there!!
  5. Amazing work, Dr. Farjo! Which meds is the patient on? Finasteride Or Dutasteride Or Minoxidil? Or a combination of meds?
  6. True, though It’s too bad, though maybe they’ll find something new? Maybe a new supplement at least..
  7. Yes I agree, 3200 grafts in 4 hours? Either they rushed and lost some of the grafts or they’re not being honest with the number taken. There is no way that many grafts could be transplanted that quickly, and have it done well. Sorry for your results, perhaps another surgeon could repair what was done? I don’t think you should go back to your original surgical team either... find someone with a stellar reputation known for impeccable work and at least consult with them . After all, you have one donor area, you don’t want to mess that up..
  8. Wow! What do you all make of this? Exciting or just a waste of time? https://www.hairlosslearningcenter.org/topic/allergan-enter-agreement-with-exicure-to-find-hair-loss-cure/3411
  9. Your results are looking great so far @Theyutube6! It will keep looking better, especially at the 1 year mark. Congratulations! You must be very excited!
  10. Her result looks quite natural, great work Dr. Arocha! Her hairline looks much better now!
  11. Wow! Your hairline looks terrific, Dr. K did a great job with your hairline. Looking forward to seeing your 1 yr pics! Congratulations!
  12. Nice results Dr. Farjo! Thanks for showing this case Pete! Looks quite natural and seems to have made a dramatic difference. 👍
  13. Looks terrific CosmoKramer! Are you using FIN or Minoxidil too or just the HT. Curious what clinic you went to, looks good!
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