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  1. Guys, thank you so much for your opinions! I'll reconsider everything. Should i do it i don't want to risk the result.
  2. Thanks all for your kind answers, i appreciate that! @Bill - Managing Publisher i'm 35 years old - just updated my original post. I was told that my age would be perfect for getting a hair transplant as it is not too early and due to my family history my hair status should remain the same. I think finasteride is just another name for propecia so i already have taken care to make a halt to further hairloss ?
  3. Here i have found a comparison between 30-34 / 50 / 60 Grafts per cm
  4. Hello, interested what you have to say about my case About me - i’m 35 years old, my temples started to recede with about 25 years and stopped where they are now. Previous generations have the same grade of receded temples, nothing worse. To be on the safe side i started taking Finasteride about 3 years ago, no side effects. I always wanted to have full hair and want to close my temples. The hairline is fine for me. On the pictures you can see my actual hair status styled with hair-wax and non styled. The surgeons i have contacted so far recommend the following Dr. Ali Karadeniz 4.000-5.000 hair Dense-Packing, with no visible difference between original and transplanted hair areas „In hair transplantation, 100 hair needs to be transplanted for 1 cm2 coverage with high density“ Dr. Resul Yaman 2.200-2.700 grafts around 50 grafts / cm2 (which is not the maximum, will be decided on site) Both do the consultation / hairline discussion and incisions but do not extract and place the graft. Dr. Yaman is recommended by this site altough i am not 100% sure what to think about that. There are a few casing speaking against him but it does seem that they try to actively re-build their reputation. Contact was great and the similiar patient-cases (promotional links to other forums removed) which were sent to me as a showcase do look promising. Dr. Karadeniz seems to be very ethnical but despite mentioning on several youtube videos that assistants doing the extractions is not a good decisions and not allowed … now does quote a surcharge for him doing the extractions (instead of his assistants. On the spanish and french forums there are more patient experiences than here. I have ruled out Hairline Clinic / Asmed / Dr. Kaan / Bisanga (break the bank for me) as well as Dr. Bhatti (good ethical doctor, flights are a horror) ElitHairTransplant Dr. Balwi (Technician-Clinic), Dr. Demirsoy (density too low), Dr. Hakan Doganay (too risky altough he is on the way to re-validate himself with more interaction). - Do you think i am a right candidate for a hair transplant? - Is there one surgeon you would recommend above the other? - Are these densities „enough“ to get a natural / dense look? If you have a look at my photos - you can see my scalp here and there on the front. This would be fine for me. Is that achievable? (I do understand that i this won't give me a you-can't-spot-anything-at-all-H&W result.) Thanks for your input!
  5. Cool, thanks would be great to get a feedback. It's early morning in some parts of the world … give them time ?
  6. Had the OP direct contact with the Doctor? Is there an official answer to that case? Maybe the forum admins are able to contact Dr. Yaman and ask for feedback to that specific case. I don't think they stay silent on purpose if you have a look at the Koray Thread where they stepped in and tried to convey. I am considering Dr. Yaman as well because of the good and recent results similiar to mine cases i have seen so far. gbhscot i'm sending you a PN regarding the pricing. Regarding the monthly showcase of work i am with Mick50. Also there was a recent article regarding the Yaman Implanter which states "Dr. Resul Yaman, then places these carefully prepared grafts in his new patented "Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter" pen." To my knowledge Dr. Yaman only does the incisions, the rest is done by another doctor (extractions) and assistants (placing).
  7. Melvin and Bill - may i ask what your take is on what part of the operation should the doctor do by himself? What could be delegated to assistants in your opinion? Is making the incisions more vital for the result than doing the extractions?
  8. The price was about double - but still reasonable - for the doctor doing the extractions. Not sure what to think, they advertise as a doctor-only clinic and then only offering that service after request. ?
  9. His assistant just replied. Dr. Karadeniz still does the extractions but many patients don't want him to do it because of the price factor. So this service is only offered to those who ask for it.
  10. I am at the stage of researching several doctors for my hair transplant and will post my outcome at a later time. This is a short summary what i have found out about Dr. Karadeniz which would on my shortlist Dr. Karadeniz patient reports and the AEK Clinics Website claim that Dr. Karedeniz is doing the extraction by himself, in person very sincere and ehtical Unfortunately i was told otherwise about extraction after getting in contact with the clinic: "recipient incisions will be performed by Dr. Karadeniz, extraction and placement by his assistants." Trying to get a reconfirmation from the clinic to see if something was lost in translation.