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  1. In short, I’m still congratulating myself for choosing a doctor who specializes in just one thing. I had a few transplants done before, over a period of several years, with another doctor who was qualified to do many different procedures on the face and skin-- and his work basically delivered what he'd promised. But his esthetic choices were very conservative and he never performed more than 300 grafts in one session on me. Dr. Diep did over 3,500 grafts on me in one session and his esthetic choices were wonderful. Obviously, it was a longer session than the ones I'd had before--it took all day--but I didn't have a problem with that. I wasn't 'out' during the session but was very much in a sleep-like state from pills they gave me. All I remember is they woke me up around noon and asked me what I wanted for lunch and I ordered a hamburger. Other than that, I have little memory of the procedure and no memory of any pain (of course, I woke up with bandages on my head and had to take some pain meds after that for a several days, and about 12 days later I came back to get the sutures removed- which was painless). I followed all of his instructions carefully and everything went pretty much as I expected. Overall, I would give Dr. Diep and his team the highest possible rating on 1) my experience of the procedure- I was very comfortable compared with the other procedures I'd had, 2) Suture removal and follow-up and 3) the RESULT which, of course, is the most important thing. The only drawback I can think of is that they couldn't accept a check for the final payment (not even a cashier's check), so I had to scramble at the last minute to raise my credit card limit--no big deal. I can't say enough about how good my hair looks now!