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  1. good luck I'm behind you, i also a month after HT with cinik 4100 grafts, the last week my hair start to fall Like falling autumn At first, I was nervous and talked to the clinic and they told me it was normal I personally started doing sports after a month, of course, I had asked before Also takes their multivitamin and shampoo, cinik clinic staff are really nice and helpful with any questions Wishing you and me great success and holding fingers and follicles
  2. good luck my friend i also went to cinik a month ago - they are really great stuff for me it was 4100 grafts - they took from my had , beard, chest
  3. Hi First of all, I wish you success I also plan to travel to do transplantation there next month Have you been told that you should take which drugs are after the transplant And can you upload some pictures Thanks
  4. what is this site never heard and its not look reliable at all - sorry its not for me
  5. Which one you're recommended by those doctors : Dr hakan doganay Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu Dr. Emrah Cinik
  6. anyone knows if I'll use saw Palmetto oil Apply on the scalp instead of Propecia or Finasteride before and after the hair transplant. is it works and give results the same as taking those drugs to get some strength to my hair ? and if I need 2 Surgery of hair transplants which part of the head you recommended to start with? Thank you very much for your help
  7. When I read about the side effects of these drugs, I realized that this was a health hazard and I did not want to play with my health If there are natural vitamin or supplements in place that can do the job then I would be happy
  8. Hi Thank you for your help If I do not want to use Propecia or Finasteride What about using SAW Palmetto instead?
  9. HI YOU CAN SEE MY PHOTOS HERE thanks for advanced
  10. Hello everyone My story is like that I am 43 years old with hair loss from the age of 24 + _ I waited a long time until I decided to do a hair transplant I followed the forum to a number of doctors in Turkey The answers I received are varied Overall - 5000 hair implants needed My question is who underwent the transplant? Is there a need to take drugs like Propecia? I do not use today and I do not want to take it after the surgery I'm a little confused and do not know which surgeon to choose, I'd be happy if you can help me to choose And is it reasonable for me to be offered such a transplant in one day? Because there are doctors who told me it should be done in 2 treatments
  11. THANKS FOR YOUR REPLAY why do you think I'm not Norwood 6 also, do you know DHI Global Medical Group?
  12. Hi to all I am 43 years old with Norwood 6 checked with several clinics regarding hair transplantation I was told that I needed 4,000 implants And one for 6,000 implants From the examination and transition on the forum, I found out that more realistic and true is really 6000 implants Which clinic do you recommend (I'm interested in Turkey or Cyprus) The first two told me that the surgery was in one day And the third that it will be carried out over two days What do you suggest Thanks for the help