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  1. hi guys , does anyone believe in recipient dominance ? I think its a true to believe this phenomenon as I have seen a few cases where the initial growth was robust but gradually the transplanted hair fell out in a matter of 5 years , and the cases were FUT and the hair were harvested from the permanent zone , so the chances of unsafe zones grafts gets eliminated. have any of you guys faced similar experiences please share .
  2. do you think without finasteride ... you could sucessfully keep hair loss in check ? after all it is a progressive condition and even the donor gets miniaturized , so effectively the transplants will also get miniaturized as they are harvested from the same donor . as we age so will the donor also thin unless we have some strong dht blocker in my opinion , share your thoughts ?
  3. yes i echo the same . i do not want to risk my endocrine system and have maybe permanent side effects , as the horror stories keep mounting year after year ... been following propecia since 2012 and the horror stories have never ceased till date ...... just waiting to see if some working alternative comes along .
  4. hey melvin are you considering to restart propecia ? as i believe that only minox wont be able to save your hair , and i even suspect that after a few years if not on dht blockers you might even risk , loosing density of the transplanted hair , coz as we know now even donor hair are susceptible to the effects of dht . and topical finasteride is known to work poorly . share your thoughts .
  5. in my opinion , washing does remove the sebum and the DHT around the hair follicles , i take solace from the idea of synthetic hair implants where the patients have to compulsorily remove sebum evryday around the synthetic hair or else they will fall out rapidly and much sooner , just my assumption , maybe not true .
  6. I think as the pandemic is very new , hard facts will take a while as it takes time to collect data and analyse , till such time anecdotal evidence must not be ignored and we should be cautious even if data is not enough .... what if down the line , this comes around with solid data and is true , would that not be too late ? many could unnecessary suffer ... ofcourse this is just my opinion , everyone has the right to do as he wishes .
  7. ok i will sue you if it stains my expensive white cotton dress shirts ☺️ i advice you please appoint a lawyer before hand as this shall save you time .
  8. and does it stay put on other days ? or do you wash it off in the evening before going to bed ?
  9. wow amazing .... i never knew that your crown was that wide , but you do amazing stuff man , never used derma match , but after seeing this im ditching toppik for sure bro . do you still use this derma match everyday ? and does it leave any color on your white dress shirt ?
  10. I really do not to debate on fin coz i know it will be never ending , i guess no one really knows its actions on different ppl , i just posted to inform the community at large about the possible implications on the lungs and 5 AR and their corelation during the pandemic . the studies are from a very reliable site so i thought it might help to err on the side of caution , as it does not mention the age group and the associated risks , so your saying that you are young is highly debatable . everyone has a risk appetite , but in my opinion its not worth the risk .
  11. infact there is more article that warns about finasteride (Propecia) and the increased risk on the lungs during covid 19times , https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7175887/#:~:text=Due to high prevalence of,19 infection with poorer prognosis.
  12. hey guys was shocked to read this , can anyone provide any valuable inputs on the study below , seems to come from a very reputable site : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7262018/#:~:text=Healthcare providers may consider discontinuing,high risk for the disease. freaked me out .
  13. I am also convinced that whether FUE or FUT , the theory of Donor dominance is incorrect , what I have noticed on myself as a FUE Patient and also on my friends who had FUT or FUE , that after some time the Planted grafts from the safe zone of the donor to the recipient sites , do get susceptible to DHT of the Recipient sites over time and fall out .... if you do not take medications life long , I do not believe in donor dominance as I have seen with my own eyes how after a few years the Guys who had superlative results after 1 year get thinned out after 3-4-5- years ( without Medication ) ...
  14. That is what I had mentioned in my earlier threads that my transplanted hair are falling out after 5 yrs no one took Me seriously. I am glad you pointed the same issue . It's real that transplanted hair are not permanent as believed by many here they do fall out after some years . My query is if you already experienced this in ur 1st HT then why did you do the 2nd one ? You know well that this also won't last more than a few years and this time your donor has also exhausted pls explain the thinking behind this Manuel ?
  15. Are you still on propecia ? If yes at what dosage?
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