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  1. I traveled from within the US. Roundtrip flight was around $250, hotel cost for 6 days was around $600.
  2. @Kiwi Guy It was $13,5 but people should also factor in cost for travel. I know fin is basically the front line of defense and proven to have great results but I can't risk the potential side effects. And I get that the chances of getting those are low but I feel like over the course of years it can't be healthy for you. People already complain about low sex drive, watery semen, gyno..it's just all too much. I can't risk stuff down there
  3. @Phil36fromaus summarized it pretty well. Dr. Konior's initial assessment over email from just looking at pictures was that I would need 3,000 grafts (2,000 for the hairline and 500-1,000 for the middle area). However, he mentioned that a conservative approach would be to go for 2,000 as the higher you go up the more of a risk you are for shock loss. So me being risk averse, I decided to go with the conservative approach. Looking back, if I could make that decision again I would go for the 3,000 grafts. Because at this point I will more than likely need another HT in 5 years or so as I don't take Fin or Minox so if I had went for the 3,000 maybe that timeline could've been delayed further. Who knows though. If I could get even 30% more density and thickness of what I have now, I'll be happy with the result. I'm almost at 6 months so hopefully in the next 3 months, I'm hoping and praying I get more density.
  4. Hi All, Below are pictures at around the 2-3 month mark I think, can't really remember when I took those pics. And then followed up with pictures I took today. In all, I'm at 5 and a half months and the progress looks decent. I'm definitely hoping for some more thickness in the front and a better haircut will make things look better as well.
  5. @RecessionProof I told him 3. Good luck! The first month is a complete drag but it gets a bit easier after that. The part I hate the most is that whenever I move my neck up, down, sideways I feel like i'm stretching the scar as it feels really tight but I guess that's expected and should hopefully go away in the coming months.
  6. Hi All - Been traveling for work. Not much to show at this point. I'll try to post pics when I get home but just more of the same. Full on ugly duckling phase.
  7. Congrats on your journey. Hopefully you've achieved the results you wanted. But you should know you're one of those few people that actually look good bald. Like a Bruce Willis or Jason Statham.
  8. I had a FUT and my incision area is still tender when I rest my head on a pillow, which is expected. I also feel like my incision area is a bit tight but that's also to be expected so i'm just waiting it out at this point. Other than that I guess I'm healing well. I'm in prime ugly duckling phase right now. I do also totally trust Dr. K and it almost seems like he can do more with less grafts than other doctors but even in my case I wish we had gone more aggressive but he seemed a bit conservative so I didn't wanna push it. I've noticed that Dr. K and Dr. Nadimi (his fellow doctor) seem to stay in the 1500 range for FUE and 2000-2400 range for FUT. Just something I've noticed. Was yours a FUE this time around? I fear I'll also have to get a FUE in the future to add a bit more coverage as I don't plan on taking fin or using minox
  9. I think you and I basically had our procedures done around the same time as I was also there in mid June. Can I ask why you only opted for 1,500 as it seems you could've done with more? Also, was this a FUE or FUT? You and I are pretty much in similar conditions. Best of luck to both of us.
  10. So obnoxious for people to stop updating their threads. If you started it, you might as well finish it regardless of the results.
  11. I started using ACV diluted 1:1 with water and sprayed it 20 mins before showering and I felt it helped a bit but my scalp is still dry after a full week. Not sure what else to do here. I'll try doing coconut oil overnight and see along with the ACV to see if that helps.
  12. I was pretty much out the entire procedure but from what I could tell he uses one main tech and sometimes two but I'm almost sure he was behind me the entire time.
  13. I've been using coconut oil and it's not helping at all. I put it on and leave it in for an hour before showering. I think I may switch to spraying a 1:1 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar 10 mins before showering and see how that works for a week.
  14. Yeah, I'm hoping that it and it will go away in a few months. Feels very strange though. I'll keep this thread updated.
  15. @Haircali1 Did you figure out something that's working for your dry scalp? I'm also having the same issue. I'm thinking of applying a mix of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar on the scalp for one hour before showering.
  16. This is my post. You can't really see it but I can totally feel it and it has me a little worried. I also have a little bit of a dry scalp going on which isn't helping. Any recommendations on that?
  17. I just got a FUT a month ago and I have the same issue going on. If I run my hand through my recipient area it feels really bump like a cobblestone street and in fact there's something called "cobblestoning" in the HT world which is not good. I reached out to my surgeon and he said that this is because the tissue in that area is still healing and can take up to a year. But i'm curious what others have to say about this.
  18. Haircut at 17 Days Post Op Today which is 28 Days Post Op
  19. 8 Days Post Op My scalp got really dry and it looked like I had really bad dandruff but after talking with Dr. Konior he said I needed to be a little more aggressive when shampooing and soak longer. So after I did that the scabs all started coming out and the dryness went away. Lesson was that it's ok to be a little more aggressive when shampooing around the 7th day mark.
  20. Hi Everyone - I've been lurking this super helpful forum of ours for the past 1+ years and I thought it's about time I start contributing back. Background After extensive lurking I reached the conclusion that Dr. Konior had the most respect and was regularly being praised as the top doctor in this field so I decided to go with him. I had a few email exchanges with Dr. Konior and after looking at my pictures and hair loss he recommended I needed around 3,000 grafts in the frontal region but if I wanted a more conservative approach I should get 2,000. I liked Dr. Konior's email response time and he answered my questions really well so I went ahead and booked my appointment with his office in June of 2017 as he's booked out a year in advance. I think now it's more like 1.5 years. Pre-Op Pictures All pictures in the maroon shirt are a month before the surgery. Day of Procedure I flew into Chicago with my brother the day before the procedure and we were at Dr. K's office at 6:30AM the day after. I do believe it's super helpful to have someone that can help you during the first few days. All these people that say that it doesn't hurt, it's not a big deal, and you can be back to work within a few days are full of it. The reality from my standpoint is that yes, the procedure itself doesn't really hurt since you're drugged and numbed up but you know and can feel you had something serious done right after. So expect a certain level of pain and give yourselves a week or two for the initial recovery. Anyhow, once I got to Dr. K's office I started getting a bit of cold feet because while I was waiting I was flipping through his published book and the pictures can be quite scary. And all those questions whether this is worth it started going through my mind. And when Dr. Konior came in I started asking him some basic questions again and I don't think he really liked that lol. In his mind all of that should've already been answered in our emails and today was not a consultation it was the day of the procedure, which I agree with him on. So after a little bit of light humor (he has a dry sense of humor which I really enjoy) and examples from Dr. K I was a bit more at ease and I said let's do this thing. After his main tech trimmed the front portion of my head and showed me my scalp in a mirror I was in complete shock. I had no idea how bald I truly was. Dr. K actually did say he was surprised how much volume I was getting with my hair. So this also made me feel better that I was making the right decision. After this, Dr. K asked me where I would want my hairline and I sort of showed him and he said that it would be way too low and require too many grafts. He then drew a hairline which he said wasn't too aggressive and wasn't too conservative either. So I said you're the expert, I'm willing to do whatever you want. So I agreed to the hairline and then he spent around 15 mins or so perfecting the hairline and taking pictures. Once that was done, I was given a valium and taken to the OR. By the time they started numbing my head I think I had already fallen asleep. I would wake up a few times for bathroom breaks and a granola bar but other than that I believe Dr. K and his tech knocked the procedure out. I do believe Dr. K does all the placement and hard work. I had asked him this before the procedure and he said he does all the placements and I have no reason to doubt that as every time I woke up I could hear him behind me. Post Op Dr. K placed 2,177 total grafts. He charged me the initially quoted price for 2,000 grafts so I appreciated that about him. Graft numbers: 1's - 675 ; 2's - 1364; 3's - 138 = 2177 I'm gonna quit rambling and start posting some pictures. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  21. So this convinced me to finally open up an account on this forum after lurking for the past 1+ years. I think I owe it to this community because everyone has been a great help and it's time I start participating in the dialogue. In regards to Dr. Konior, I actually had my procedure done from him in June and I'm about a month out. Nothing to rave about at this point as we all know this is a very timely process. But I do agree with you, the fact that Dr. K is so booked out and everyone keeps saying he's one of the best if not THE best in the US is why I went with him; however, at the same time it does worry me when I don't see many posts by his patients. So I'm going to start my own thread and start documenting the progress there. I just hate having to take pictures