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  1. Hi Boys - I'm guilty of not updating my thread. I think what happens is that a lot of us use this place for moral/emotional support right after a HT and then once things start looking good we tend to abandon it. I'm guilty of that. I'm actually over 2 years out now from my first FUT but the pictures I'm posting below are at around the 10 month mark. I didn't gain much more density than what's shown in these pictures. Perhaps 5% more at max and I don't take many pictures of myself so I apologize I don't have more. However, I must also note that I just recently had my second FUT with Dr. Konior
  2. After the first two weeks your grafts are rooted in and wearing a baseball cap won't hurt them. I've been told to avoid excessive sun for 3 months after the procedure.
  3. You're kidding right? I feel so bad for you. First of all, let's accept that whoever your surgeon was is an unethical piece of shit. I'm assuming someone in India? You're clearly thinning in the middle of your scalp yet the grafts were only placed in the front. 1000 grafts from a FUT? If you're gonna go through the pain of a FUT you need to at least get 2k grafts from it. Also, you're only two weeks out..there's no judging results at this stage. You won't know how you're progressing until the 5 month mark. But You have thinning all over your head so I don't understand what putting some grafts
  4. As long as the Docs say you're a good candidate then go with it. But make sure you come up with a long term plan and understand what you're signing up for financially and from a recovery/pain standpoint. Good luck.
  5. Can you post the back of your head including your neck instead of the crown? Also, only go with Dr. Konior if you can wait. I believe his waitlist at this point is around 1.5 years. Otherwise I would recommend Dr. Nadimi as well who work at Dr. Konior's practice and seems to have been trained by him and the results she's putting out are really really phenomenal as well. And I believe she's a bit cheaper. I just had my second FUT by Dr. Konior last week to add more density overall and I hate the pain and all the agony but it truly is worth it. Best of luck to you.
  6. Dr. Konior knows best but honestly I'd say you should not go down this road. You would likely need multiple FUT sessions followed by at least one or more FUE session(s). To me your donor area looks weak, it doesn't have that dense thick look to it. But again, like others have mentioned, I would trust Dr. K to do his examination and tell you what you can achieve realistically. I hate to say it brother but accept the bald look. Just one FUT surgery is pretty damn painful. Not the actual procedure but the healing process on the incision, having difficulties sleeping, waiting, etc. Now keep in min
  7. I traveled from within the US. Roundtrip flight was around $250, hotel cost for 6 days was around $600.
  8. @Kiwi Guy It was $13,5 but people should also factor in cost for travel. I know fin is basically the front line of defense and proven to have great results but I can't risk the potential side effects. And I get that the chances of getting those are low but I feel like over the course of years it can't be healthy for you. People already complain about low sex drive, watery semen, gyno..it's just all too much. I can't risk stuff down there
  9. @Phil36fromaus summarized it pretty well. Dr. Konior's initial assessment over email from just looking at pictures was that I would need 3,000 grafts (2,000 for the hairline and 500-1,000 for the middle area). However, he mentioned that a conservative approach would be to go for 2,000 as the higher you go up the more of a risk you are for shock loss. So me being risk averse, I decided to go with the conservative approach. Looking back, if I could make that decision again I would go for the 3,000 grafts. Because at this point I will more than likely need another HT in 5 years or so as I don't t
  10. Hi All, Below are pictures at around the 2-3 month mark I think, can't really remember when I took those pics. And then followed up with pictures I took today. In all, I'm at 5 and a half months and the progress looks decent. I'm definitely hoping for some more thickness in the front and a better haircut will make things look better as well.
  11. @RecessionProof I told him 3. Good luck! The first month is a complete drag but it gets a bit easier after that. The part I hate the most is that whenever I move my neck up, down, sideways I feel like i'm stretching the scar as it feels really tight but I guess that's expected and should hopefully go away in the coming months.
  12. Hi All - Been traveling for work. Not much to show at this point. I'll try to post pics when I get home but just more of the same. Full on ugly duckling phase.
  13. Congrats on your journey. Hopefully you've achieved the results you wanted. But you should know you're one of those few people that actually look good bald. Like a Bruce Willis or Jason Statham.
  14. I had a FUT and my incision area is still tender when I rest my head on a pillow, which is expected. I also feel like my incision area is a bit tight but that's also to be expected so i'm just waiting it out at this point. Other than that I guess I'm healing well. I'm in prime ugly duckling phase right now. I do also totally trust Dr. K and it almost seems like he can do more with less grafts than other doctors but even in my case I wish we had gone more aggressive but he seemed a bit conservative so I didn't wanna push it. I've noticed that Dr. K and Dr. Nadimi (his fellow doctor) seem to sta
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