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  1. @paddyirishman Thanks a lot and best of luck for your ht as well! @InterventionalPDoc Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello Are you looking turkey specifically? You can check India as well. I would suggest checking with @Eugenix @Eugenix Hair Science and get an estimate. I had a ht from there last month and you can refer to My topic for the details. Feel free to let Me know for any doubts and best of luck. Deciding the ht doctor is one of the most stressful things and I hope you make the right decision.
  3. Hello everyone Here are the 1 month pics. Many hair fell along with the scabs and after that hair are falling regularly when I scratch or otherwise. Since the hair were transplanted between existing hairs it is difficult to know how many have fallen already and how many are left. Though seeing the crown area it seems that there are still left. I will send these images to Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika as well to know their opinion. If you have any feedback please share. I was initially planning to use generic toppik to cover the area for 1st few months until I read that some doctors recommend against it. I asked Dr Arika and she told Me that after 20 days I can use it without any issue. Still I wonder If I should avoid it if possible. Although using toppik should result in better look I do not want to risk any regrowth.
  4. Appointment and ht procedure- So after consultation I planned to book for the ht. I requested for dates of Dr Pradeep Sethi since there were more results of Dr Pradeep on this forum though of I believe both the doctors are equally good. There was some confusion regarding the dates earlier as Dr had to travel somewhere during that week but 2nd October was booked for the ht. I opted for the comprehensive and exclusive pack which is Rs 120 per graft where 100% slits are done by doctor along with crucial parts of extraction and implantation. On 1st october I reached clinic in afternoon. I 1st met Dr Abhinav who clicked the pre op pictures. I signed the pre op documentation and there was also anaesthesia administered for test to check if there would be any reaction. After that I met Dr Arika for around 15-20 min for further discussion regarding the ht next day. I did not meet Dr Pradeep as he had to go out of town due to some emergency. Generally the stay is at the clinic only but since Dr Pradeep was not available on 1st october the surgeries of that day were postponed to 2nd as well and thus I was booked at a hotel nearby the clinic. I was coordinating with Mr Anil during this time and it was decided that My ht would be done in the morning since it was only 800 grafts so it can be completed by afternoon. Next day I reached the clinic and by around 9 pm Dr Pradeep arrived. The doctor is very friendly in nature and the patient doesnt feel nervous. After that multiple photos were clicked to determine where all the grafts would be placed. The doctor is very attentive about even small details. There is a proper photo room in the clinic with all the camera lenses, flash etc so that clear images can be clicked from every angle. The process took almost 30-40 minutes easily. After that Dr Pradeep showed Me on computer what were the issues with My previous ht. Some grafts were placed at wrong angles in the temple area. The angles of graft placed in the hairline and behind was also wrong which is not much noticable otherwise but is very clear when you look at the pictures zoomed in. Also there were many 2-3 grafts placed in the hairline! Thankfully I have fine hair so they dont look like odd. What I noticed was that Dr Pradeep kept on asking questions related to ht to the technicians and other staff as well to train the staff. So the staff at Euginex should be quite better than other places. The doctor informed Me that they will transplant the graft at correct angle behind the hairline so it would merge with the grafts placed at wrong angle and wont look odd. There are few other corrections which can be done but that can be addressed in further sittings. Dr Pradeep also informed that they would transplant 200 beard grafts for free to check how they grow. This was a nice gesture and I am thankful to Dr and Eugenix team for the same. At around 11 am surgery started. The atmosphere in the ot was very casual with music playing. Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika were also very friendly and the patient would not feel nervous. This being My 3rd ht I was already aware of the procedure and pain which is kind of neglegible. 1 thing I had read was that anaesthesia to the beard is more painful than scalp but I felt it was almost the same. The surgery was done by Dr Pradeep, Dr Arika and Dr Shishir and approx details are- Slits- 100% by Dr Pradeep Extraction- 25% by Dr Pradeep, 25% by Dr Arika, 40% by Dr Shishir. Around 100 grafts were extracted by technician which was a bit surprising. I hope it doesnt have a negative effect on the result. Implantation- 100% by staff under supervision of Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika. For the last around 200 grafts the doctor were not present in the ot and I hope it would not matter to the end result. The surgery was finished by around 5 pm and I was given post op instructions and a kit with many useful items. The instructions are simple- 1.) Leave the donor and transplanted area open while indoors and cover with a medical cap when outside to prevent dust. 2.) Spray saline every 2 hours for the 1st 7 days. 3.) Do not touch the transplanted area for 7 days. After 7 days scalp to be washed to remove the scabs. 4.) Be careful while sleeping for the 1st few days so that transplanted hairs are not affected. 5. 3 medicines to be taken thrice daily for 7 days. Every day the donor area has to be scrubbed with betadine scrub and then fucidin cream to be applied twice on the donor area for 7 days. A kit is provided which includes- 1 spray bottle with saline, 1 extra saline bottle, some cotton bandages which can be used to clean the donor area, a sheet which you can place under your head while sleeping so that there are no marks on the bedsheet and a bandana/cap which you can use when going outside. The book "Autobiography of a Yogi" was also included. Medicine for 1-2 days is included and rest you can buy from outside. I also bought 1 pack of supplements "Hair fact" which costs around Rs 1100 and last 1 month. It is optional and should be available outside also. After the surgery a whatsapp group is created with the doctors where you can easily ask any doubts you may have and you get a response very soon. I have been coordinating with Mr Anil and he informed Me that I should send My daily pictures for the 1st 7 days on the group so the doctors can check if all is good. This is very good to know that the doctors are very accesible incase of any issue you face. Overall My experience with Eugenix has been very good. Dr Pradeep, Dr Arika, Dr Shishir and all the other staff are all very friendly and polite. Now I am eagerly waiting for the results and hopefully it would be great like the other forum members. Tomorrow It would be 1 month after ht and I plan to ask the Doctor when can I get a haircut. I would also be visiting Delhi next week and I plan to visit the clinic again for consultation and prp and I would keep the forum updated. Thanks for reading this long post. Apologies If I missed anything. If you have any queries or doubts feel free to ask. I will try My best to answer.
  5. Hello everyone A very delayed update on the topic. I would be updating monthly from now on. As mentioner earlier I had the ht on 2nd october and I would try to mention all the details for benefit of members- Before the ht- I had 2 ht done earlier 2500 grafts(?) and touch up of 700 grafts (?) from other clinic earlier with average result. While the 1st ht was still ok the 2nd one was bad which lead to almost no results. For the 3rd ht I contacted asmed and Dr Lorenzo. Both the clinic said that I am not a good candidate for ht as I have thinning in donor area as well and not sufficient grafts for a great result. This was around July 2018. This was kind of a shock for Me as My hair loss was not very much after 2 ht and with only around 3300 grafts being used I was hoping I have enough for a good result. After that I consulted another very famous doctor in New Delhi who informed that i require around 2500 grafts and can get a good result with around 1000-1500 grafts from the scalp and rest from the beard. I almost finalised the doctor but did not get the ht done due to various other issues at that time. Fast forward to 2019. I found out about Eugenix and searched about their results. Almost everyone had great reviews and results. I sent My pictures for evaluation and was informed I require around 2200 grafts to cover both the crown area and the area behind the hairline. Since I live near to Gurgaon (around 5-6 hours away) I scheduled an appointment with Dr Arika for personal consultation for better evaluation. I had quite a few questions to ask so I wrote them else I may forget. The consultation fee of Dr Arika was Rs 2000 and I was worried I might be rushed during the consultation. After few days I visited the clinic for consultation. The clinic is very modern. Its a 4 storey house with reception and the doctor office in the basement. OTs are on the ground floor. The doctor's residence is on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor is for patient rooms. On visiting I had to wait around 5-10 min after which the counseller Ankita came to meet Me. I was asked normal questions about previous ht and other stuff. By that time Dr Arika was available for consultation. The consultation went very well. Dr Arika was very patient with all the queries I had and much of My nervousness was gone. One of the 1st things she said was that she only need around 500 grafts for the crown and 300 grafts for behind the hairline since I have hair in the crown and behind the hairline which were not visible in the photos sent earlier as they were not clear. I was pleasantly happy on listening that since My hair did not look that bad in normal conditions and earlier estimate of 2200-2500 grafts of various doctors looked too much. All the 800 grafts could be taken from scalp donor and beard was not to be touched. I was hoping to use beard for future transplants but the doctor informed Me that My beard texture is curly as opposed to My hair and I should not be too dependent on the beard. That was a bit disappointing as I had hoped that I can use beard for future requirement. The consultation lasted around 30 minutes. Dr Arika explained all the doubts I had regarding the ht. She suggested Me to start taking fin to prevent future hairloss but I am not comfortable taking that. I informed her I am planning to use ht, beard/chest hair translant and smp in future to acheive a normal result with realistic expectations. At no point was I rushed during the consultation and the experience was great. Now only thing left was to book the date for the ht.
  6. @Abhinay Singh Thanks! @paddyirishman Thanks a lot for the wishes! I hope My result is great. @LonelyGraft While I would be sharing detailed post after the transplant please find the images attached. Do note that the images are not a very correct representation since they were clicked from the phone camera and make the hair loss looks more worse than it is. On the basis of images doctor had suggested 2200 grafts but after the consultation I was informed 500 grafts for the crown and 200-300 for the area behind hairline would be required.
  7. Hello everyone I had 2 HT previously with average results and looking for a 3rd one. After reading about many successful results on this forum I have scheduled the ht with Dr Pradeep Sethi. I had met Dr Arika for consultation. The doctor was very helpful and explained everything in detail. She said around 500 is required for the crown and 200-300 would be good for the area behind the hairline and hairline. I hope My result would be great as many others in the forum. I will update this topic regularly after the ht.
  8. HI please check My previous topic. It has all the details. As per Dr Lorenzo and asmed I have miniturisation in the donor area as well. I assume the less donor supply maybe because of poor extraction done earlier.
  9. You are corrrect. I had sent details to asmed when I thought that I had enough donor area (only 3000-3500 grafts were taken before that) but they informed Me that donor area is not sufficient and they dont do bht. Same with Dr Lorenzo. I guess beard and scalp hair might work this time but I would maybe need hair from other areas in the future.
  10. Hello everyone I have to get 3rd ht done and as per consultations with many doctors (Dr Koray, Dr Lorenzo etc) I was informed that I would require a BHT as My donor area is not sufficient for good results. What are some doctors you would recommend specifically for BHT and FUE (I have around 1000-1500 donor in scalp as well) Thanks in advance.
  11. I understand that he might have stopped paying. But I wonder why the name is auto suppressed by the forum? Haven't seen that happening to any other doctor. If something happened making this forum do so I would like to know. Finding such a thing before almost scheduling a HT is not very reassuring!
  12. Hello everyone I am planning My 3rd HT since the 1st 2 were not completely successful. I would require BHT since the donor area doesnt have enough hair maybe because of bad extraction earlier. Are there any recent reviews of Dr AP of Dr A's clinic? I guess few years back he was recommended on this website but now when I do a search there are very less topics and that are also many years old! Wonder what happened? Thanks for any inputs. Also the forum seems to suppress the name a.r.v.i.n.d p.o.s.w.a.l to ap. Any particular reason for this?
  13. I had emailed to Dr Koray regarding HT and below is the reply I got. Unfortunately it seems that the doctor considers My donor area is not good enough for a transplant. I was hoping that wont be the case because few doctors I consulted in India estimated I had 5000-6000 donor grafts and currently I have used only 3200-3300.
  14. While you are correct that finasteride might be helpful in preventing further hair loss I have read at many places that the side effects can be permanent in some cases or take years to go. Currently in My life I am at that stage where I do not feel comfortable taking that risk. I was hoping that with transplant and maybe BHT if required along with smp I can get a satisfactory result without finasteride.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I have used minoxidil in the past (not using since past 1-2 years). Never taken finasteride. I feel fin would be too much of a risk. I have read cases about people who stopped taking meds after hair transplants. Or meds are must even after transplant? Thanks for the reply. I hope thats the case but seeing the current pattern it seems norwood 7 is quite possible after 45 years of age. I agree after surgery it wont be wise to get smp. How about If I get before surgery? Though I wonder if I get smp done before surgery if it would affect doctor in the placement of grafts?