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  1. I had emailed to Dr Koray regarding HT and below is the reply I got. Unfortunately it seems that the doctor considers My donor area is not good enough for a transplant. I was hoping that wont be the case because few doctors I consulted in India estimated I had 5000-6000 donor grafts and currently I have used only 3200-3300.
  2. While you are correct that finasteride might be helpful in preventing further hair loss I have read at many places that the side effects can be permanent in some cases or take years to go. Currently in My life I am at that stage where I do not feel comfortable taking that risk. I was hoping that with transplant and maybe BHT if required along with smp I can get a satisfactory result without finasteride.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have used minoxidil in the past (not using since past 1-2 years). Never taken finasteride. I feel fin would be too much of a risk. I have read cases about people who stopped taking meds after hair transplants. Or meds are must even after transplant? Thanks for the reply. I hope thats the case but seeing the current pattern it seems norwood 7 is quite possible after 45 years of age. I agree after surgery it wont be wise to get smp. How about If I get before surgery? Though I wonder if I get smp done before surgery if it would affect doctor in the placement of grafts?
  4. Friendly bump for some expert advice.
  5. Hello everyone I am planning to get a 3rd hair transplant done and would greatly appreciate some help and advice on the same as I am quite nervous about the same. BRIEF HISTORY- I am 28 year old male from India. I first got HT done in May 2014 (2500 grafts) from dr sohi ( reviva clinic) in Chandigarh. I was NW3 at that time. The result of the ht were average probably 75% growth. After waiting for 13-14 months for the growth the doctor agreed for the touchup of 700-800 grafts free of cost and the extraction and slit making was to be done by the doctor himself. Last time only some part was done by the doctor. Unfortunately if the 1st HT was average the touchup was worse. I noticed little or no growth and a waste of both time and grafts. When there was no growth the doctor REFUSED to meet when I visited his clinic 5-6 times AFTER calling him for an appointment and reaching shortly after. This is the thread I had created earlier. ( I have somehow lost access to the old account and thus created new one) PRESENT DAY- I am now planning to get HT done as soon as possible as I already wasted 2 years in not getting an appointment. I have read some great reviews of Dr Koray Erdogan here and am planning to finalise ASMED for the HT. I have attached some images of mine with both hair combed up and combed down and would be thankful if members can suggest inputs on the following queries- 1.) From the images roughly how many FUE would I need and do I have the donor area for the same? (My granddad is NW7 and my Dad is NW6 going towards NW7.) 2.) I was thinking to get SMP done along with HT. Because after HT regrowth takes 5-6 months and that time is difficult. However If I also get SMP done I can sport a shaved look. So can I get SMP done with HT? Is it recommended or it can have adverse affect on the HT. Last thing I want is failed 3rd transplant! 3.) Is there anything I should ask Dr Koray and ASMED in particular before booking appointment? 4.) Does Dr Koray have a repesentative here whom I can contact for any doubts. 1 other person here had a case similar to mine (not good result at reviva and another transplant with ASMED). Unfortunately the person didnt post after few months so I am curious to know how the final result turned out to be. This is his thread. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/41052-my-hair-transplant-fue-3800-graft-dec-2014-with-dr-koray-erdogan-at-asmed-istanbul/ Just to confirm I have used minoxidil in the past but not using it since 1-2 years and have never used finasteride as not comfortable using the same. I would be thankful to all the members who can help Me in finalising the treatment and get it done with. Hairloss has already wasted lots of years of My life. Hope to get it resolved ASAP.