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  1. Dr Lorenzo and asmed had also asked about previour history so it is possible considering that and seeing the images they mentioned about DUPA which was also confirmed by Eugenix. My first HT was 2500 grafts (supposedly as there was no graft counting) and 2nd was 700-800 (again no graft counting) . This HT was 1000 total. Around 800 were taken from the scalp and 200 beard grafts were also used (free of cost). Before this HT main area was crown where around 700 grafts were placed and around 300 grafts were placed behind the hairline.
  2. You mean clear improvement before HT and after HT or between 5 months and 8 months?
  3. These are the images I sent to Dr Lorenzo after which he confirmed about the DUPA. These images are before this HT. I have shared some of the pre ht images earlier but they are not with similar lighting. However the images of 5 month and 8 month are with similar style and lighting. I was hoping to visit the clinic for discussion and the comparison would have been better as similar pics could be clicked in the clinic with same lighting but due to covid19 and lockdown it doesnt seem possible right now. Also to clarify total 1000 grafts were places (800 scalp and 200 beard).
  4. @Pyrat Yes even I feel the same. Though there is definite improvement from before the ht there seems to be little difference between 5 months and 8 months. Growth seems to have stopped. I will update once I get reply from the doctor.
  5. @Pyrat Hello and apologies for the delayed post. Attached are the images at the 8th month mark. Due to lockdown I could not get a haircut and thus it was difficult to judge the result. Hence I had not posted any images earlier. What are your views about the result compared to earlier images I posted at 5 months. I have also sent these images to Dr Pradeep for the feedback and I would update in forum once I get the reply.
  6. Hello @paddyirishman Thanks. Hopefully it would be a great result. Hows your progress coming along? Apologies I dont follow this forum much as when I visit I get stressed reading about all the things!
  7. Hello @Pyrat Since I had long hair before and shaved My head after the ht it is difficul to answer but I guess I did not experience any shock loss.
  8. Hello @kmgrafix I didnt understand. You have mentioned that My hair are looking like they were before transplant so how is that a good sign considering there is 50-60% growth as per Dr Pradeep. Shouldnt the images be around 50% better from before transplant images? Or maybe I understood your reply wrong. Please confirm.
  9. Hello @kmgrafix Apologies I did not upload the images earlier. I was thinking of visiting the clinic for consultation and upload the images after that. But due to winters earlier and later because of the lockdown I could not visit the clinic. Howeverd during the lockdown I got a call from Dr Pradeep enquiring about the result and he also asked to share the pics on whatsapp. His assumption was that the result looks ok and it seems that there has been 50-60% growth till now. If its 50-60% growth right now I am hopeful My result would be good once there is 100% growth. I have attached the images at the 5 month and 20 day mark. Do let Me know whats your opinion of this.
  10. They had mentioned that the transplanted hair can fall in future but that is 1 risk I am willing to take instead of starting with fin.
  11. I havent used finasteride at all. I have used minoxidil for 1-2 years but now not using it. I had used saw palmatto and some other supplements earlier. And now using hair supplements and multivitamin tablets.
  12. @kmgrafix Thanks for the reply. Yes I am also hoping the same. I am also planning to visit the clinic in next 10-15 days for better quality and also for the prp session. I will update at the 4 month mark with the pics. Regarding Dr Lorenzo from the images he said I had DUPA (Thinning in donor area as well) and thus not suitable candidate for ht.
  13. @LeftHook Thanks a lot! I am also hoping for a great result! @kmgrafix The assesments by both doctors were made after seeing the images. I wanted to visit Asmed in person but the clinic stopped replying once they concluded I was not a suitable candidate. However I guess any clinic which does "only" scalp hair transplantation would have made the same assessment that I am not a suitable candidate since only scalp donor area is not enough. @paddyirishman All good till now. However getting to start a little worried about the results. How is your progress going? I cannot notice any scarring under the chin. I keep beard so the area from where the grafts were taken is little less dense. Maybe If I shave I would notice some scarring but with beard it all looks normal. Regarding the punch size I didnt ask the doctor so I have no idea.
  14. Hello everyone First of all apologies I could not update the topic or reply earlier. I had gone out of Country and thus could not reply. After coming back I forgot about it until it was time for the 3 months update. 3 Months Update- It has been 3 months after ht and attached are the images. From the images it is tough to say if the growth has started or if yes how many of the transplanted hair have started growing. I had visited the doctor for PRP 40 days after the ht. But have not been able to go after that due to cold weather here. I am hoping to go in 7-10 days for prp and to get an idea about the growth status. Because after 3 months one starts to get worried about the results! I had sent the images to doctor as well and waiting for the reply. Please share your feedback about how it looks 3 month after ht.