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  1. Hello sir I received a call from the doctor. Unfortunately I could not pick the call as I was asleep and didnt have prior information that I would get the call. The doctor informed Me on whatsapp it would be better if I can visit the clinic in gurgaon so they can check the result. So I will try to plan a visit to the clinic so that hopefully result can be better evaluated. Regards.
  2. Hello everyone Here is the 10 month update. Nothing major to report off. I have marked 1 area which is of main concern where transplant was done but growth seems to be sparse if any. Unfortunately no consultion even till now! With the help of @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia I have again sent the images to doctor last week. They have said that they will evaluate the images and let Me know so I will update the forum. @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia Can you please check with the doctors if they had the time to evaluate the result? Thanks
  3. Hello Thanks for the message. Unfortunately the consultation has not been done yet. I am sending the number in DM. Regards
  4. Surely not how the doctor put it. Anyways the issue currently is whether there has been any improvement after 5 months and growth in the area where the hair were transplanted not in a new area.
  5. I am sure there was no communication issue. When I met Dr Arika for consultation before the ht I had told her that My expectation was to get the appearance of the non balding person and I was willing to use more grafts if needed. After the consultation and before the ht I had again specifically asked her that after the ht would the area have appearance of a less bald person or a non balding person and more grafts can be used if required. She told Me that the result would give appearance of non balding person and since I have a small head and exisiting hair from previous ht the mentioned grafts would be enough. Considering the progress after 5-6 months if it had continued at that speed the result would have been great but it seems like it has stopped after that. Might find out exact result after 1 year.
  6. I understand that lots of grafts can be required for crown. My expectations are to get 40-50% improvement over My 5 months result which the doctor had said was the result after seeing the 5 months pics. However it seems there has been little progress after 5 months.
  7. Hello @Melvin-Moderator I was suggested by a member to consult you on the result and you would be able to provide good input since you have looked at lots of cases. Can you share your view on how the result looks like specially the 5 month and the 9 month result? Regards.
  8. Hello The consultation was scheduled for yesterday but it did not happen. I asked the doctor today and he said that he is busy with some issues at clinic and otherwise so he will let Me know so I am guessing it might be a while before I have the consultation. Regarding the result there is definite improvement when compared before ht and after ht. However what I feel is there hasnt been much improvement after the 5 month mark seeing the images of which doctor has said it showed 50-60% results. So thats an area of concern because after that doesnt seem much improvement.
  9. Hello below are the images. My hairline was good even before the HT as I had 2 ht earlier as well. The area which was addressed in this ht was behind the hairline and the crown. Currently its the crown area that seems to be having less growth after 5 month. Tomorrow I would be having video consultation with Dr Pradeep. I would update what he says about the result. The 1st photo is CURRENT photo while the second photo is before ht. It is difficult to judge anything from this angle because I have also changed My hairstyle after the ht.
  10. Hello everyone Here is the 9 month update. Unfortunately doesnt seem any improvement over the 5 month pics. Seems like there hasnt been any significant growth after 5 months which according to doctor was 50-60% only. Please share your feedback on the images.
  11. Dr Lorenzo and asmed had also asked about previour history so it is possible considering that and seeing the images they mentioned about DUPA which was also confirmed by Eugenix. My first HT was 2500 grafts (supposedly as there was no graft counting) and 2nd was 700-800 (again no graft counting) . This HT was 1000 total. Around 800 were taken from the scalp and 200 beard grafts were also used (free of cost). Before this HT main area was crown where around 700 grafts were placed and around 300 grafts were placed behind the hairline.
  12. These are the images I sent to Dr Lorenzo after which he confirmed about the DUPA. These images are before this HT. I have shared some of the pre ht images earlier but they are not with similar lighting. However the images of 5 month and 8 month are with similar style and lighting. I was hoping to visit the clinic for discussion and the comparison would have been better as similar pics could be clicked in the clinic with same lighting but due to covid19 and lockdown it doesnt seem possible right now. Also to clarify total 1000 grafts were places (800 scalp and 200 beard).
  13. @Pyrat Yes even I feel the same. Though there is definite improvement from before the ht there seems to be little difference between 5 months and 8 months. Growth seems to have stopped. I will update once I get reply from the doctor.
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