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  1. Hi guys, I am NW6. My donor area is too weak to cover my advanced baldness. Therefore, beard hair transplant seems my only way out. I am looking into Turkey and have done a little digging. But it seems that none of the top sergons there do body hair transplant. Can anybody recommend a good surgeon in Turkey who does BHT?
  2. Hi Fozzie. Thanks. But I am yet to find such threads showing negative results of Erdogan/ASMED. Everything I have come across so far, suggests that he is worth every penny of the high figure he charges. I tried to search in the forum but couldn't find any. Would you mind showing the threads you refered to?
  3. Thanks BuddyX. I too was thinking about Dr. Demirsoy. But as far as I know, he uses robotic punch, not manual punch like Dr. Erdogan. I read that the end result of automatic punch is not as good as the manual punch. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Hello guys, I am one of the unfortunate ones who started losing hair at the age of 18. I am 28 now and my baldness is now probably at Norwood-5, if not worse. According to my own estimation, I will probably need a massive 5000 grafts procedure at first and then possibly a second one afterwards with the body hair. I would like to avoid expensive options, so clearly my choice is Turkey and based on my research in this forum so far, I would really like to go with Dr. Korey Erdogan/ASMED. However, it's gonna cost about 13000 EUR for 5000 grafts. And I will have to wait like 1.5 years to save that much money. So I was wondering if there is a surgeon in Turkey who may be close enough to Dr. Erdogan, but costs a bit less? I know, Dr. Resul Yaman is also recommended by this forum, but he has so many bad reviews! I am really skeptical about him. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, hirlossPA. I would say that my donor area is not thin, however not so dense either. I saw some great results of Erdogan's 5000 grafts megasession. Just hoping for a decent coverage.
  6. Hello good people! I am new in the forum, although I have visited here occasionally as a guest for couple of years. I am 29 years old, started losing hair from a very young age (18 or 19) and never went through any long-term hair treatment. As you can imagine, after spending the golden years of my life wearing caps/hats, I am sick of it and planning for a hair transplant next year. So far, based on my research, I would probably go with Dr. Koray Erdogan in Turkey. 1. I would like to know your suggestions about what hair treatment to follow during this one year period before the hair transplant, in order to increase the density of the top-scalp or to keep the existing dinsity at the least. 2. Based on the photo attached, I would like to know your estimates on how much grafts I might need to get a decent result. (PS.- I have cut at the back of my head from childhood. I would like to fill it too) 3. I have Hemoglobin E disease. Will it be an issue to carry out the procedure? I would appreciate your independent opinion on this. Thanks guys. Have a nice day.