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  1. @Donjamo Merely considering, but Cinik is right up there on my list infact 1 of top 2
  2. But since Cinik does not charge per graft and only per session, is he not trying to make more money out of you?? Also which package did you take? I believe he has three atm...Just trying to clarify my point and not trying to offend anyone...
  3. But hormones fluctuate with the number of times an individual masturbates right? So it is related in some way. On an average may masturbate twice weekly...Not sure if this is more or less
  4. By "experienced" I did not mean experienced in masturbating...LOL I meant experienced with the topic "hair transplant". Sorry if I have offended anyone
  5. Yes I am not sure of this and there is a lot of mis information on the internet. Since there are a lot of experienced people on here, hence I ask can excessive masturbation lead to hair loss and bald ness in men?? Can Masturbation Lead To Hair Loss?
  6. I think yes it matters as Implanter pens produce better results with less likely damage of follicles
  7. Has anyone been to this clinic in Antalya. I have been offered 3500-4000 grafts for 2900 euro. Any recommendation or opinion would go a long way thanks
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