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  1. Thanks everyone. It’s still growing well. The doctor told me last month I was only around 10-15% density. It’s grown even better since then. Here’s a new pic. Just shy of 5 months.
  2. As far as the redness goes, it's only visible if I'm pulling the hairs away. Otherwise at face value, all this hair covers it. So I'm sure in time it'll go away but I really couldn't care less at this point, because it's covered sufficiently!
  3. *UPDATE* I'm excited to share these updated photos with the few of you who took the time to reply to my original post. I've had drastic results so far. It's what, 7 or 8 weeks since I made the original post? I'm only mid way in my 3rd month and the growth is just so impressive. I couldn't be happier. Doctor says I should barely have some hair sprouting at this point but obviously that is not the case. Guess I am part of that 5%. Doc also says as impressive as this is, the density is only around 10-15% so I have a lot more to go apparently.
  4. Sure. I did FUE procedure. 1400 grafts. I went to LA Hair Clinic in Pasadena CA. Jacques Abrahamian did the procedure.
  5. Yeah, it’s pretty insane! I'm very fortunate. Still have redness, but it's pretty covered up at this point.
  6. Last time I posted was 7 weeks, going into 8. I was curious how my grafts looked at that point because to me it appeared there was growth and I had lots of little hairs that were popping through. I was hoping this was a sign that I was one of the "5%" who had growth from the get go. I had gotten my first wash by the doctor at 28 days and he said I had kept approximately 35% of my grafts but they were likely to fall out by week 8. Closing in on week 8 and they hadn't fallen out yet. Here we are a mere 7 weeks later (so I'm just over 3 months from having the FUE and WOW. My results are ridiculous! I am definitely in that "5%" who have immediate growth. I wanted to share this to let guys considering this procedure know, it is well worth it and although it is not normal to have such great results this early, it is possible. Having said that, my doctor says I am currently at 10-15% density and I should barely have any hair growing at this point. So, I am pumped. I can basically style my hair at this point and unless you're really looking at my head, it all looks natural. The hair seems like it's filling in almost daily! Let me know what you think and yes, I am mildly tooting my own horn at this point! I included the week 7/8 pics compared to 15 weeks (7 weeks difference). Thanks for reading!
  7. Thanks...I just checked out all the pics on your blog...looks great. Seems I'm at a very similar stage as you were at 8 weeks...Looks like you may have had a little more growth than I do so far. I have some growth but a bunch of them just popping out (or as your wife calls them, "undergrowth"... I'm getting some pimples here and there as well.
  8. Thanks John! Will def check it out for reference. appreciate it!
  9. awesome! Yes, I pretty much have the same thing....and I do expect they will get much stronger starting month 3...looking fwd to it...now if only this redness would subside.
  10. Right, but I’m already having the new hair sprout. It’s not dormant below the skin. Many (but nowhere near all) have sprouted but are just chilling lol. 2 months since procedure and the grafts seem to have taken to my scalp, given I’ve maintained 35% or so. My doctor says “this looks great”. Honestly I wish they would have just fallen out because I look ridiculous with all these little hairs just sitting there lol.
  11. Hello, new poster here. I had an approximate 1400 grafts FUE procedure 8 weeks ago. Doctors orders were not to touch the recipient area at all, for 28 days. I used plenty of doctor provided sprays for grafts, minoxidil, etc.... Shampoos and rinses were done via a spray bottle. After 28 days I got my first real wash at the doctors office. The doctor estimated that I had maintained about 35% of the grafts that were transplanted but advised they could easily fall out within another week. That was at 4 weeks, I am at 8 weeks now and none have fallen out. Looks like I may be in that 5% who take to the grafts right away. Fingers crossed. My question is this: Some of the grafts are obviously growing at the same rate as my natural hair, while others just seem to be stuck at the point where they're popped out of skin but not growing at all or not as fast. It's obviously tiny new hairs sprouting but they seem to be dormant....Is it normal that some are growing while the others seem to be stuck in this dormant stage? Attached 3 pictures. You can see where my natural hair line is at the middle front. I was a Norwood 2/3....Everywhere that is red I had no hair before the FUE. Also, the redness! Ugh...taking betamethasone but it's not helping at all!