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  1. Hair glue has side effects on your skin only if you buy a cheap one made of low quality materials. I have been using high quality glue for my hair system and never experienced anything bad. You just have to maintain proper hygiene and you will be fine. Trust me: Been there, done that. Here’s the tape I’m buying right now: https://www.lordhair.com/accessories/maintenance-accessories.html Looks like you are keeping hair transplant as an option. If you ask me, its side effects are way worse than that of a glue. My cousin has faced its consequences and can tell you that it’s a freaking nightmare! Hair systems are way safer in comparison and also affordable in a way. I’ve been wearing Lordhair’s French lace hair piece for 9 months now and have faced no problems with it. It’s a pretty solid hair system with good lifespan, comfort, and breathing. Hope my answer helped you out!
  2. Hey mate, I also had the same questions when I was about to purchase my very first hair system. Since I’ve been using hairpieces for more than 2 years now, I think I can I can answer most of your questions: The price of the hair system actually depends on its type and quality. Custom hair systems are more expensive than stock. I purchase French lace hair systems most of the time. One hairpiece from Lordhair (my current supplier) costs $189 but since I buy multiple units, I get one at $170. So, in 6 months, they cost me around $500 It depends on the type of base & hair material. If you don’t live in a hot region, you can wear one for a week with ease. If it rains fire in your town, then, maybe a couple of days only. Of course, you can wash your hair system while taking a shower. I also swim while having it on my head. Guess you got the answer to this from the third point mate. Well, it depends on which company you brought your hair system from. In my case, the full French lace hair system I purchased from Lordhair has bleach knots that give the appearance of hair coming out of my scalp. Yup, you can! However, I would recommend you to hit a salon as it is way easier that way. Yes, I often do that. Umm... I never felt bad about the fact that hair system strands are not my real ones. I guess I got the hang of it eventually. I mean we wear nice clothes to look good. Look at hair systems the same way. No, not in my case. But it will if you brought a cheap hair system with poor quality. Okay… Look buddy, it all depends if your partner is ready to cope up with your hair loss situation. My GF was the one who gave me the idea of using a hairpiece. I don’t want to discuss my personal life but I’ll say one thing: do let your partner know that you wear a hair system. Trust me, it will help you a lot. Never ever in million years would I go with the idea of getting a hair transplant surgery. I’m aware of its side effects and it was my very first idea to overcome hair loss. Not worth the risk I feel. Hope, you got all the answers to your questions. In the end, I would recommend you to buy a top-notch hair system from a good supplier. Here are the folks I buy from. https://www.lordhair.com/mens-hair-systems.html Good luck with your first hair system buddy!
  3. Hello! Using finasteride and minoxidil may help you recover from hair loss to a certain extent but with a potential chance of side effects. Though many of the side-effects may rest for temporary time but few things can last for long. While looking for a medicine less solution for hair-loss, I came across a hair system seller named Lordhair. They sell 100% human hair wigs. I studied about hair systems and their benefits over minoxidil and finasteride and I bet after reading this, you'll also shift your mind away from medications. Here! Read this. https://www.lordhair.com/blog/finasteride-side-effects-hair-loss/ I hope you've got a better solution to hair loss by now!
  4. Yes! It's definitely good to opt for a supplier who does it all on their own as they know their product better than anyone else and therefore, can provide you with the best option according to your preference. Glue and tapes both are good when it comes to stronghold and undetectability. Here's a seller where I found my human hair system. I hope you may also find the best here. Link: www.lordhair.com
  5. Hi Tressful11! Of course, you can use a hair system even if you have a full head of hair. Just shave off your scalp where you have thin hairline and leave the frontal end which has denser hair. Check out these cool hair systems where people of all age are happy after using a hair system. https://www.lordhair.com/photos Hope you get something useful here!
  6. Hey buddy! No matter how reputed a transplant therapist is, they can't control the side-effects of the surgery. I guess there is a healthier, affordable and trendier solution to your hair loss problem. Rather than going for a transplant, why not order a hair system? These modern day wigs are made from human hair and look genuine on putting on. In fact, they are an instant solution to last moments plans. My big brother uses one as he has very thin hair. I would like to share the website from which he orders his hair system. I hope, you will also get a good one for you. https://www.lordhair.com/mens-hair-systems.html Thank you!
  7. Dear Bhavesh, It’s good that you opted for choosing a hair system rather than going for a hair transplant or medication. These days there are quality hair systems available in market which are not only affordable but also undetectable. I want you to visit this seller www.lordhair.com . My elder brother also faced hair los and was very stressed. A few months back my best friend suggested him to order a hair system. My big brother is happy after using the product and to be honest, no one ever finds out after meeting him for the first time that its a hair system. Only his close friends are aware of it as they have seen him growing bald. Give it a try! I guess it also works for you!
  8. No second thoughts, Hair system. Hair transplant is not something I would recommend you to go for. Not only considering costs, but the thing that makes me avoid it would be the possible side-effects. A hair system on the other hand is a hassle free alternative to hair loss. Also there is a huge library of styles to choose from. A hair transplant won’t offer this at all. For your reference, here’s a seller (Lordhair). They have a huge catalog of natural hair systems and wigs and they supply them globally at attractive discounts.
  9. For the past 2 years, I was struggling with baldness in front of my head. I was definitely not willing to start a medication or go for a surgical hair transplant so I opted for a non-surgical hair replacement system. I started searching for hair systems on the internet but ended up completely confused as the online market is flooded with a big number of hair system manufacturers. I managed to find a few online suppliers but their products were really expensive. While surfing YouTube I came across a video that eased my confusion to a great extent. Followed by the video was a link that directed me to the website of this hair replacement system manufacturing company where I found amazing hair systems at affordable prices. DM me if you wish to know more about the product. The company ships its products worldwide. I received mine within 15 days. After application, it was almost impossible to detect it with a naked eye and gave an incredibly natural look. Unlike wigs, I can wear my hair system while sleeping and showering. This video will give you a better idea. DM for details. Have a great day!
  10. I feel you bruh. I totally do. I too started shedding very early in my 20s. It just kills the confidence but as you have discovered hair loss is not the end of the world. There are many solutions out there and hair system is certainly a promising one. You can buy great quality human hair system offline as well as online. Internet is totally the easiest and the most convenient option to find and buy hair systems. 3 years after I started losing hair, I started searching for human hair system on marketplaces like Amazon. I bought a couple of them but they didn't turn out to be good quality. Being a Quora addict, I came across Lordhair while I was doing some research on lace hair system. After browsing company's huge catalog of hair systems, I decided to buy custom made hair system. The hair system is simply amazing and completely undetectable. I started wearing it after a solo trip that lasted 3 months. Before that, I shaved off my head. The hair system was so perfectly fit that it's pretty hard to tell whether it is a hair system or not. Since then, I have ordered 3 pieces from them and all of them turned out to be good. Bro tip - Don't lose your confidence. Everyone starts balding eventually,some are at earlier age and some late.
  11. Hi Harry, I guess I'm a little late in the party but would like to throw in my 2 cents since some of your queries were not answered. Let's start with pros: 1) Hair replacement systems are good option for people who are struggling to hair loss and don't want to deal with the pain, cost and after-care of surgery. 2) Best ones are made from 100% natural human hair. 3) With practice, you can wear your hair system easily on your own and they need little care during washing. 4) Top quality hair systems are easy to care for. 5) Hair system has no side effects and it doesn't harm your natural hair. 6) There is a huge variety to choose from! You can choose your hair system according to bald area, cap size, hair texture etc. If you need hair system for your frontal bald area then front lace hair system is good for you. 7. The pricing of hair system is quite good and the product last many months if cared for. 8. Lastly, good quality hair systems can be worn at night and also while swimming! Now, let's look at the cons: 1) They take some time to get used to. I recommend going to a salon for first 3 applications and giving it a shot on your own after that. 2) You have to buy a new one after few months. Make sure you buy a quality one with longer lifespan. In terms of pricing, you can buy a quality custom hair replacement system in less than $500. There are expensive ones out there too but from personal experience, I have learnt that there are many suppliers out there who offer the combo of pricing as well as quality. I also struggled with baldness for a long time and checked out hair systems from many suppliers. Right now, I'm buying from Lordhair and they have been doing a good job for me.