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    need help/advice on hair systems.

    Hi Harry, I guess I'm a little late in the party but would like to throw in my 2 cents since some of your queries were not answered. Let's start with pros: 1) Hair replacement systems are good option for people who are struggling to hair loss and don't want to deal with the pain, cost and after-care of surgery. 2) Best ones are made from 100% natural human hair. 3) With practice, you can wear your hair system easily on your own and they need little care during washing. 4) Top quality hair systems are easy to care for. 5) Hair system has no side effects and it doesn't harm your natural hair. 6) There is a huge variety to choose from! You can choose your hair system according to bald area, cap size, hair texture etc. If you need hair system for your frontal bald area then front lace hair system is good for you. 7. The pricing of hair system is quite good and the product last many months if cared for. 8. Lastly, good quality hair systems can be worn at night and also while swimming! Now, let's look at the cons: 1) They take some time to get used to. I recommend going to a salon for first 3 applications and giving it a shot on your own after that. 2) You have to buy a new one after few months. Make sure you buy a quality one with longer lifespan. In terms of pricing, you can buy a quality custom hair replacement system in less than $500. There are expensive ones out there too but from personal experience, I have learnt that there are many suppliers out there who offer the combo of pricing as well as quality. I also struggled with baldness for a long time and checked out hair systems from many suppliers. Right now, I'm buying from Lordhair and they have been doing a good job for me.