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  1. There are various reports online where people have suffered similar side effects to Fin from Saw Palmetto. But it general, it's safer because it doesn't actually work. Save your money and eat some Brocoli. That has DHT blocking properties too and won't help your hair either. ;).
  2. Looks like you just need a few hundred grafts to level things out. Go to a top clinic and get it sorted out and stay away from the original one even if they offer it for free. Ps. When the hairline was drawn before the procedure how did it look ?
  3. Any listed side effects of oral ? And have you experienced any yourself ?
  4. Looks very good as always. Always been a fan of his work. I'm sure it will turn out great. Could you provide an update on price ? Is it still 1.25 per graft ? I'm guessing you have to buy the meds and book accommodation yourself ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Look into hair systems. They are really good these days.
  6. Hi. Looks like a great result. Congrats. Any reason why you haven't stated what package you chose and who did the incisions ?? Seems a bit odd considering your commenting on this post and those are 2 of the major issues that are being discussed here.
  7. I like a lot of the work that comes out of this clinic. But there are a few points I'd like to bring up. A lot has been discussed above about the DHI method (the top package offered on Cinik's website), however, according to the site, other than drawing the hairline at consultation, Cinik only 'supervises' this procedure. The only package I see where he is involved in doing something is the 'middle' one (FUE) where he opens the channels. Lukey B, you've obviously had a great result, congratulations and I hope it gets even better. Could you clarify what package you chose ? Correct me if wrong, but didn't you say that Cinik performed your whole procedure in your write up ? I also recall others saying they paid the extra and Cinik wasn't involved at all. Finally, why are all the results posted with an exact number of grafts ? 3500, 4500, 2500, 2000 etc etc. Is this just a guess ? How are these counted ? How can it be exact every time ? Is a breakdown provided after the surgery. These things worry me.
  8. Always advisable to start Finasteride months before a hair transplant to strengthen miniaturised/thinning hair and reduce the chances of shock loss.
  9. Go with Dr. Demirsoy (Armamed). 1 patient per day. He works with the same team of techs and does extractions and incisions himself. I personally find his results better than Erdogan's. Although that statement doesn't actually make much sense as Erdogan has different teams of techs (who he oversees) working on 5 or 6 different patients per day, so who or what team actually does your hair transplant is anyone's guess. Demirsoy charges 1.25 per graft and in my opinion has better hairlines coming out of his clinic than Asmed (from what i've seen lately). Good luck with whatever you decide.
  10. Just so you know, Hasson & Wong have free consultations in London next month. As you stated in your 1st point, you might want to try and get yourself booked in and seen in person.
  11. Please provide some pictures so that your situation can be assessed properly. On a side note, the Belgravia Centre are probably charging you an arm and a leg for products (fin/minoxidil) that you can buy for a fraction of the cost from legitimate online sources. Also, the information/advice here is free.
  12. As above, have no idea why any surgeon would say start with the crown. Makes no sense at all. Grafts are finite so you would always use them to fix the front to frame the face first. At 41 years old your hair loss isn't too bad, and 80 follicular units per cm2 is good. Your donor looks decent enough too. Did you get told how many grafts can be extracted from your donor zone ? I'm guessing you could probably get around 6000 grafts out of there (maybe more) which is more than enough to tackle your current hair loss and give you full coverage that will look very good. How long have you been balding for ? Are you using any medication to prevent further hair loss ?
  13. Out of the surgeons you've mentioned, I would go for Demirsoy. Very popular on the German boards and IMO does great hairlines. Do keep in mind that he is also very heavily involved in the procedure and only has one patient per day also, not to mention very modestly priced (although, price should not really be what sways your decision). Most if not all of the other surgeons/clinics (maybe not Karediniz) are tech based clinics. While nothing wrong with this, results may vary depending on the techs you get and you certainly won't be the only person getting your transplant on the big day. I know most people bang on about Erdogan, but I can't justify paying the premium to not be worked on by the man himself. You may want to search google for 'Asmed hair transplant vlog' and check out the Scottish guy who just hit the 12 month mark in July 2018 after his hairline transplant at Asmed/Erdogan. IMO it's not very impressive close up (skip to the end of the vid). He also talks about his experience regarding the procedure, techs etc. Good luck in whatever you decide. A lot of people would love to be in your position with that amount of hair.
  14. To cover that much of your head you would have needed a hell of a lot more grafts. In my opinion around 7000 grafts or more. I think for the amount of grafts you received, it looks about rite. There is no way possible you would have got a 'full head of hair' with just 2600. This must have been discussed with you ? How many grafts did the doctor say you have available in your donor area ? A second transplant would give you more density of course. But if you have limited donor, maybe a better plan would have been to concentrate on the front to frame your face. This is something you'd need to discuss with your doctor. Unfortunately, you're still going to have to use Toppik fo now.
  15. Or you could look at it another way: Most people who have had problems with hair transplants are too embarrassed to post on forums, and most people who have had success with finasteride don't feel the need to post on forums to shout about it. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do. Please remember though, it's not just finasteride that I mentioned in terms of medication.
  16. Try Minoxidil then and/or topical Fin. Surprising that you're not paying attention to the 'stories' of permanent shock loss in the recipient area, which should also be a concern to you. Regardless, if you're not willing to try 'any' medication before jumping into a hair transplant (which should ALWAYS be the last option), then you're probably just going to be going in for touch ups for the rest of your life. By the time you've recovered from 1 transplant, you'll have lost ground with your native hair and will need another, and so on and so on. Obviously the situation would be different if you'd already lost a fair amount of hair, but you haven't. At this stage, you can still recover without a hair transplant if you act now. Good luck.
  17. I'm surprised that no one is talking you OUT of having a transplant ! Really surprised. It's quite clear that you are thinning, but your hair is by no means in a state where a transplant is your only option. You could quite easily cover that up with a small amount of concealer (hair fibres) and no one would be able to notice it at all. In the meantime jump on some medication. Finasteride, Minoxodil, etc. See how that goes. You'd have a great chance of bringing that thin area back to decent (if not full) thickness. Do keep in mind, that if you have a hair transplant in an area where you already have thin/miniaturised hair, then you run the risk of losing that hair. Seriously, get on the medication for at least 6 months and reassess things after that. Good luck.
  18. It's been 1.25 per graft for a long time. Unless it's gone up in the last year or so.
  19. Congrats. Looks like clean work and the graft placement should give you a very natural looking hairline. I myself have been a long time admirer of Demirsoy's work. Could I ask, is he still doing only 1 patient a day ? Also, he used to do most of the procedure himself. Is that still the case ? Thanks in advance. And please keep the thread updated with pics so that we can enjoy your great results with you.
  20. Hi guys. Been using the forum for a number of years, however this is my first post. Firstly, just want to say thanks to everyone who contributes. I've gained a lot of knowledge from this resource with regards to hair loss. I'm going to be trying out finasteride/propecia soon and wanted to get blood tests done before I do. I'm from London. My understanding is that I need to get the following tests done: 1) Testosterone 2) Estrogen 3) FSH 4) LH 5) DHT Would you agree that these are compulsory ? If you're from the UK, then you probably know that GP's won't sign off these tests unless there is something wrong with you. While I've got a general blood test scheduled via my GP (Testosterone, PSA, Liver Fucnction etc etc), most of the above list are not included. I've found a place called MediChecks (online) that will do the above tests, however they are charging 69 pounds for tests 1 - 4, which are part of the same test, and then a separate 99 pounds for test 5, the DHT one which of course is the main one where Finasteride is concerned. Does anyone have any advice on whether I need all the tests I've listed above and any other places I should look at to get these tests done, with an eye on price/reliability etc. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance. Buddy.