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  1. Hi Upshall, I believe Dr. Lupanzula is recommended, and is one of the most skilled surgeons too.
  2. Hi HLP, Great write-up, and solid reasoning! I just came from my post regarding the DHT methods. Seems like you made a really solid choice. That mid-surgery payment seems extremely troubling, and very strange, if it is true. I was looking to consult with Eugenix/Dr. Sethi, but I should probably do a deeper dive into client testimonials. Best of luck mate, really hope it works out for you
  3. Hi all, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on DHT? I tend to only see FUE/FUT procedures, but have been seeing a lot of the results from Eugenix (Dr Bansal & Dr Sethi), who use DHT, and their results are fantastic. Keen to hear people's opinions. Cheers
  4. Looking good mate, 6 months and you're on track. The hardest part is over now, and the filling in should begin within the next couple of months.
  5. Awesome results my friend, very happy for you! You look fantastic
  6. Really sorry to hear, mate. The results are simply not up to the standard people expect. I hope you can find a solution, or at least move it back to the second HT. I would be eager to find out H&W's perspective on the initial HT, and Soni's on the second, as you deserve to know. Best of luck dude, fingers crossed for you!
  7. Hi all, Pretty close to taking the plunge, just trying to find time in which I can fit in a HT. I was wondering what everyone's perspective is on the longevity of the transplant. I've seen lots of people (not on this forum) discuss how it's pointless, as the hair will fall out eventually, or you will only get a couple of good years out of the HT, and so on. I know that this isn't the case, but I was wondering what is a realistic expectation for post-transplant? For instance, I am a NW 2/3, 28 year old, whose father/older brother are pretty bald. I am on Min/Fin, and have been for a couple of years, which has seemed to slow the progression considerably. Is it unreasonable for someone like myself, to have follicles implanted that would essentially last as long as I am on medication? I haven't seen too many stories online of people 3, 4, or 5 years after a transplant - so I'm not sure how it ends up. Thanks all.
  8. Hey dude, It's looking so much better, and you look to be on track, so well done! Cannot see anything to be concerned about seeing as it's only been a few weeks. I was wondering id Dr. Diep discussed shaving your entire head, and placing any preventative grafts further back? I only ask as my pattern is similar to yours and I'd like to keep my hair as is, only extending the hairline just as you have - but I wasn't too sure on what surgeons recommend when it comes to any further loss. Best of luck mate, and happy growing!
  9. Excellent perspective, Lennney. I'm in a similar situation, as I am in my final semester of university. At the moment, I can sort of get away with styling it to cover the recession, but the haircut doesn't look professional at all - especially for any graduate positions. I think your third point really hits the nail on the head for a lot of people. The confidence (or, lack of), the constant worry about hiding the recession, potentially avoiding certain events/situations in which a hat may not be appropriate, and so on. Thanks for an awesome write-up, and best of luck with your journey!
  10. Looking good, mate! The redness can last much, much longer. I've seen cases of even months, so nothing to worry about at only two weeks. Best of luck!
  11. That's horrible mate, sorry to hear. It sounds utterly awful from what I've heard.
  12. That's true, I don't feel like an assertion can be make either way, without any kind of data to support. I more-so suggested that polling a site that deals with hair loss, would potentially contain a higher proportion of finasteride users who have suffered sides, as opposed to a site completely unrelated to hair loss. As taking the drug with no sides can result in the slowing down, even cessation of hair loss in certain instances. For instance, I saw a poll on Reddit about two months ago, asking about Fin, and the responses were by far mostly positive. Too many variables to consider, though.
  13. Hi Jay, Just out of curiosity, is there anything specific you'd recommend for someone with bad temple recession? My hair is pretty much okay everywhere else, but the temples continue to recede. Are you saying that the entire frontal region should be done to promote a more uniform composition? Thanks mate
  14. Fin sides lasted about a week, for me, and I think they occurred due to a self-placed placebo effect of sorts. I.e. the sides are bad so I'm sure I will get them. They went away, never noticed any difference in libido. Sometimes my libido is so high that it pisses my partner off, the only thing that has ever killed it is porn if I'm honest. You can start small, .25mg, or so, then work up. My derm has lowered my dosage from 1, to 0.5, as this lower dosage still gives me the same effect when it comes to slowing recession. Not saying the sides don't exist, not at all but everyone is different, and I know of people who have been on the drug for over 5 years.
  15. I experienced sides for literally a couple of days, but I feel this may have been more-so due to a mental expectation of their occuring, as opposed to a physiological impact. One thing to consider, is that a lot of people who may have tried fin, and had no sides, simply did not need to browse forums for answers. It's not unreasonable to assume people occupying a hair-loss forum would be those that have had to stop fin at some stage.
  16. Hi all, Serial poster, potential annoyance back at it again. I have narrowed down my surgeons to a few, one being Dr. Sethi, of Eugenix Hair Sciences in Mumbai. His, and his team's results are truly impressive from what I have seen. I am just wondering whether myself, as a thin-haired, caucasian, would have inherently different hair to those in other parts of the world (i.e. India)? And if so, is this something that should be a defining factor in who I choose? I have attached some pictures of what my recession looks like, for reference. Currently sitting at a disgruntled NW III. Thanks all.
  17. bonkling

    Hair Transplants, The Good, The Bad and The UGLY

    Melvin, great, great video. Your input, and your effort to this site has honestly made my investigation so much easier. Same goes to all contributors. Also, your result is amazing - looks to have been a real home run. Congrats
  18. Hi Dj, Your results, firstly, look amazing - and especially at only 5 months. Honestly, most people don't expect this sort of growth until 7+ months, so I am sure you will increase in density quite a bit. I have been looking at LA Hair Clinic myself, they seem to be completely transparent. Best of luck!
  19. Hi all, A bit of a hypothetical, but also may be applicable to some. If money was no issue, and you could choose anyone, who would you choose? (With the exception of one's that have a 3-4 year wait). It's so hard to pick a surgeon, because some in the US (Cooley, LA FUE clinic, H&W) have unreal results, but are so expensive. Then, some like Cinik, Asmed, and so on also show great results, but have naysayers floating around. I guess im wondering if the gap between the expensive, versus the medium is now smaller than it used to be, and if it's worth if overall. Thanks everyone.
  20. Hey Johnny, I'm good mate, how are you? Not just yet mate, same situation as you. I'm finding it hard because I keep seeing more good surgeons pop up, haha. I've got a few I'm considering, but I haven't made any enquiries. What about yourself? Anyone in particular? Cheers
  21. Hi all, Recently I've been really narrowing down my options, and will be looking to get a HT this year. Initially, I didn't know where to start, but now, thanks to this forum, I almost don't know who to choose. This wonderful forum has shown me so many great surgeons I had never even heard of. Ideally, I would love to visit Hasson and Wong, but their cost is quite high, at 8$ & 6$ USD per graft (I am an Australian, and the conversion makes me cry). I was tossing up between LA Fue Clinic, Keser, and Dr. Pradeep Sethi at Eugenix, just to name a few. I guess my main question is, when choosing your final surgeon, what specifically tipped the scales in their favour for those that have had transplants? I'm looking for some tools to narrow down my options, it's become very hard to bite the bullet and choose someone. Thanks everyone!
  22. Thanks a lot, everyone. Really good advice. I am a NW3, with no crown recession (of yet), and have been on min/fin for about two years. I'll see if I can find similar cases. Getting to the stage now where I am over contemplating, and just want to get it done. Starting to become a bit restrictive on my lifestyle. Thanks again everyone.
  23. Your results are amazing! Congratulations! You look fantastic
  24. Hey all, I've been posting a bit, and learning a lot thanks to how great/informative everyone on this forum is. I'm getting close to officially starting the process, and was wondering if anyone knew of some surgeons that may suit my case. I am: 27 years old, NW 3, and have been on a compound medication comprising of fin, minoxidil, and some other vitamins for about 1.5-2 years. This has resulted in subtle, new growth around the front of my hair, but my temples are still receding slowly. I guess I am looking for a doctor who can restore my hair-line, and can achieve good density - as the medication seems to be buffering other areas of my hair (according to my dermatologist). From what I've seen, Hasson and Wong do a great job with this sort of case, but does anyone else have any more suggestions? Money isn't too much of an issue, as I have saved considerably for this occasion, and distance too is a non-issue (living in Aus, so everywhere is far away). As usual, thanks so much to you all.