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  1. IMO it’s an amazing result, especially for only 1,600 grafts.
  2. Looking GREAT Shifty! Do you plan on decreasing your dermarolling sessions when you get into more of a maintenance mode or are you going to still do it a few times each week?
  3. Where did you buy your derma-roller? Can you send a link?
  4. @hairlossPA Fingers crossed! Honestly I was hoping for more noticeable results by now (6.5 months), but we didn’t move the hairline up. The grafts were placed behind the hairline within existing hair...and I had a pretty full head of hair. It’s going to be harder to see results because of that. I’m pretty happy so far though and I’ll check back in a few months!
  5. Just uploaded a 2nd pic (bottom of the 2 in the entry just above this one), with my hair a little more dry. Any thoughts/feedback guys?
  6. If this is a legit entry, I feel bad for you. Not only did you lose a ton of grafts in an unsuccessful procedure, people are being hard on you. My advice, stay positive.....hold tight for another 6 months then evaluate things. If you have the funds and time be sure to go to an elite surgeon. Don’t waste anymore grafts with other drs!
  7. Here’s where I’m at. Just passed 6 months. Hoping to get more growth and density still.
  8. Thanks all, @newhairplease that's the scar 3 days after the procedure, the sutures are still in. You can see them if you look close. My lady can't see the scar or line at all. I'm shocked at how easy this was. Dr K does "no shave" for procedure smaller graft counts (I think 2k or less) and a higher price, though shaving is still ideal and optimal in his opinion since it makes it easier for him. I just can't shave because of work. I'm about a month out now, I look the same as I did prior to the procedure. I've shed most of the hair from my new grafts. I'll post some more pics in the coming weeks. Growth should start at the month 2 mark.
  9. I can't believe it, but here's what the scar looks like only 4 days after the procedure!
  10. Thanks midwesterner! Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm hoping that 2158 grafts will make a big difference visually. Did you go to Dr K?
  11. After several years and minimal improvement from my minimal Propecia/Rogaine regime and being in a good financial place, I decided to pull the trigger this week on a FUT hair ‘no shave’ procedure with Dr Konior. I'm about my 3rd day in. Everything was great! No pain whatsoever throughout the procedure. In fact, it was quite relaxing. The only tough part was sleeping with the staples on, but those will be taken out tomorrow. I’ll be back at work in a few days and feel very confident that I’ll be able to conceal that I had work done (since I didn’t shave the back or top), that’s how good everything looks. As for Konior, he’s a great guy and takes his work VERY seriously. He genuinely loves the work and doing a highest quality of restoration. He’s also personable and funny (when he’s not in surgery mode) and very easy to talk to. I just wanted to say thanks to this forum and the input that some of the users (Spanker and some of the other folks that encouraged me - Triple 7, MichiganMatt, Matt from England, etc.). We aimed for about 1500 grafts, but in typical Konior form he found more areas that needed some filling so the count went up to 2158. Everything was great and the staff was awesome and caring. Here are a few pictures so far. One is right before the procedure (with the line drawn in) and the other is right after the procedure was done. As you can see, there was almost no bleeding or scabbing – seems to be very typical with Konior’s Stick and Place method. I was shocked to see how easily concealable the procedure was - probably since I did a 'no shave' and have a great/thick donor area. It was so easy, I'm already planning another one without hesitation (if needed) in a few years. The entire Chicago Hair Institute clinic seems great and I believe you’ll be in great hands and get great results whether you go with Dr. Konior or Dr. Nadimi. I would say it's a no-brainer to go to them, if you're in the Chicago area. Feel free to ask any questions and look forward to me posting my progress over the next few months.