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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    I'm here for support

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    Dr. John Diep
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. James81

    Finasteride question

    In the 9 years you’ve been on it ,have you had multiple surgeries?
  2. James81

    Finasteride question

    Thanks speegs, have you maintained or had any regrowth,how long have you been using it?
  3. James81

    Finasteride question

    I hear ya dude,that’s why I’m really hoping finasteride is beneficial for me,I really don’t want to go through another ht anytime soon,even if I were super rich it’s just such an emotional roller coaster,well I’m still waiting for growth,it’s almost 12 weeks, donor area is still not where I want to be right now,but I’ve just been keeping my hair longer and it’s grown to the point where just a little dermapatch can conceal,I’m hoping it’s not over harvested and I can get enough growth that I can eventually have a buzz cut again,that was the reason I chose fue rather than strip,hoping by 5 months I can have something more positive to say about that,as for the temple area shock loss or alopecia areata,whatever it is/was well that’s certainly growing back,I’m seeing growth in recipient, but nothing of any cosmetic value yet,I think you chose a great time to have procedure done,I would never do it again in summer,it’s definitely been the most reclusive summer I’ve ever had,I’ll hopefully be able to post some pics of good growth in the coming months,sending you good thoughts and hoping your procedure is everything you want it to be bro:)
  4. James81

    Finasteride question

    Thanks Legend, you still have your ht coming up soon?
  5. James81

    Finasteride question

    thanks guys, I’m just very sceptical of pharmaceuticals,I’ve taken accutane back in 2007,that’s when my hair first began to fall out,I know plenty of people will say it’s just coincidental,but I know my own body, I have 7 brothers not one of them has suffered from any signs of hairloss,my father started to slightly recede in his sixties,none of my uncles on mothers sides have hairloss,I done a lot of internet reading about accutane and many people say that it can speed up mpb,I think without accutane I would have maybe started showing signs of mpb just like my dad at a later age,then accutane just triggered it to kick in faster,after that I’ve been pretty reluctant to trust any drug,I appreciate the replies,and I’m gonna stay on finasteride,
  6. James81

    Finasteride question

    Sorry about layout of paragraphs above, writing this on phone something went wrong
  7. James81

    Finasteride question

    So I’ve been taking finasteride for 3 months now ,I haven’t noticed any sexual side Effects, but this past week I’ve noticed some slight mood changes,nothing too bad,but I seem to get kinda stressed a lot easier,I did notice an initial shed,but that seems to have stopped now , Also I seem to have stopped loosing hair in shower,which is great,I read a lot of people here saying they stopped due to sides,what sides are most common,I’d like to remain on the drug but am now concerned I’m dett8 g self up for something worse down the line,I started on 1 mg daily,but have cut to .5 to see how that works,anybody here been on this drug for long periods of time without problems?,any tips or insight greatly appreciated thanks
  8. James81

    Shameless Bathroom Selfies

    I’d be confident with that hair line,looks good,reminds me of Stephen Graham who played Al Capone in boardwalk empire ,with more hair ofcourse.
  9. Hey, heres an update regarding patch of hairloss at my temple,looks promising, as there are lots of small hairs beginning to grow,still looks like a bald patch,but up close I can see lots of little hairs,looking forward to having coverage there again,I’ve been using rogaine 5% twice daily,and taking msm daily, As for the patchy donor area,there’s still no way I could get a buzz cut,I’m just keeping it longer in the back,will re-evaluate at 5 months,from what I’ve read 5 months is when shockloss can show signs of improvement,assuming that it is shockloss, My recipient area has almost no signs of redness,it’s been 10 weeks,about 40% of my recipient hairs didn’t shed,they’ve grown over an inch long ,they aren’t as thick as my native hairs,hope the ones that have shed come along shortly,any way just wanted to keep this updated,it was kinda frustrating reading posts about similar shockloss etc,but never reading the outcome,but I’m happy to see hair Beginning to grow in temple area,and am hopeful that time will significantly improve loss in donor area
  10. hoping there’s more people with some feedback on this,thanks in advance,have a great weekend
  11. I’ve set up thread to get informative feedback and hopefully some other folks from the community could share similar experiences,preferably positive outcomes but i would like to hear all, What I didn’t set this thread up for was to question the surgeons skill or way in which he carries out procedure,I do realize it’s very early in recovery stage,and everybody heals in different ways, One thing I do regret right now is not getting this procedure done in winter time,where wearing a hat(beanie) is a lot more comfortable,sure it’s true that I’m probably worrying too much,however this is my hair,so,it’s hard not to,the fact that I’ve actually went ahead and got a HT,makes it quite obvious that hair plays an important role in my life,so it’s pretty hard not to be concerned,however I also take some comfort in the fact that this is still very early days yet,anyway all of your feed back is appreciated very much so
  12. Thank you, As always your reply is appreciated
  13. I guess only time will tell,it’s just the meantime is truly testing me right now, Thanks for your reply man