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  1. Hi folks, This forum was instrumental in forming my decisions to go for hair transplant. I have been losing hair since I was 17-18 and it is/was a major reason for my insecurities. Even though I have mixed feelings about the results but the peace of mind this process brought me is indescribable. I am grateful to all of you. I had lost most of my hair in crown and hairline area, I went for FUE for 4800 strands in January of 2016 (>2 years ago) with Resul Yaman in Istanbul. Here are some of the highlights of my experience. Overall I do think that the doctor and staff were professional and tried to make the process pleasant. It is Painful. This is something I have not seen discussed here often but OMG is this procedure painful. Pain form all those local anesthesia injections that have to cover your entire head makes me very hesitant to consider this again. Results I think the job done on my hairline was impressive but at the same time results on my crown area were less than pleasant. As you can see from the pictures I looked like I was doing a comb over because how barren my crown area was. If I was to give it a rating, I would rate it as a B- overall. Whats next I am considering for going again for second round to cover the crown area a bit more but I am worried that my donor area might have been over-harvested. I would greatly appreciate if you guys can give your thoughts about this. First 3 are from before the surgery and next 6 are quite recent. with last one trying to highlight my donor area.