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  1. Here's a pic of a section on my right side that still has stubble but it did not take.
  2. Agreed! I will try to get a close up of the section on my right side soon.
  3. It's just strange that it's only on my right side. I had two technicians planting the grafts, one working the left side and one working the right. The tech on the left did not say a word during the procedure, the tech on the right talked non-stop and made a comment that she was having difficulty with some of the pockets due to varying punch sizes used. She also said my skin was very tough. Don't know if this played a part but I definitely want my right side touched up to match my left. Now my left side is amazing! Arocha made a strong hairline on the left since that side is styled to the right and the line is very natural looking , so points to him for that!
  4. I missed my 1 year appointment with Arocha. I am very pleased with my left side , however my right side is not as dense. For months I noticed stubble that did not grow. I did not know what was happening and about 4 months ago dr Arocha called me and we discussed the stubble. He assured me it would grow and it has not. It's my fault I missed my one year follow up to show him this. As you can tell from the pics, my hair looks great but there is a region further back on the right side that did not grow. I will try to set up another appointment to have him assess. Other than that, I'm very pleased.
  5. I do not feel any ridge at all. The shock loss has filled in nicely. I visit with Dr. Arocha in a couple of weeks and he will assess my progress further. Overall, I am pleased with my results. The donor scar healed pretty fast but the shock loss did take some time to fill back in.
  6. Thank you! I have my 1 year follow- up with Dr. Arocha mid July. His assistant has consistently contacted me during the year to check on me. Very professional and much appreciated!
  7. Mine started growing back early and by the 5-6 month mark it had filled in considerably.
  8. I had some donor shock loss and the hair grows back. Not a concern.
  9. Each month it thickens up. It appears as though the texture changes.
  10. Quick update. I'm letting my hair grow longer on top and man !! I'm loving it! Very full. There is one little spot on my right side that I will take a pic of. This will probably need a touch up but all the rest is great ! p.s. As you can tell, I don't mind revealing my entire face. I don't understand why people blur out their faces but hey, that's their choice , as for me, I'm proud and pleased of my choices. I want to show off my rock star looks with my new hair !! Thanks again to Dr Arocha, he's the real rock star here ! more pics to come, chow for now.
  11. Thank you. I'm very happy!! I'm fortunate that my hair is thick and medium curl when long. I feel young again!!
  12. Thank you. I would like to plan a trip back to Arocha and have him assess my crown. I also have some stubble on the right section only. This has not grown and I called him a few months ago to relate that to him.He assured me it would eventually grow. My concern is that my left side is more dense than my right and he obviously needs to see it in person to see what the deal is. Other than that I am very pleased so far. I also have to remember that the final result can only be assessed at 18 months. Current pics coming soon. Again congrats !!
  13. Congrats on your procedure! Arocha did my HT July last year, 2500 grafts. I've been very busy at work and will update my results this week. I'm almost 11 months out and I am very pleased with my results. Month 5-6 was my peak time , and was amazed at all the hair that came in. Next up will be my crown and maybe some more density in the front but for now, I'm so happy I have hair to frame my face. Keep us posted ! Here are a few pics from a couple of months ago.Last pic was 13 weeks out.
  14. I don't. My hair is very thick and full. I simply have male pattern baldness. My hairline has been fixed and all I lack is the crown. At 51 I'm pretty blessed to have what I have. No signs of alopecia.
  15. Thank you and will do. I did forget to mention that when I chatted with my doc I asked him if I could get another FUT to fill in my crown. He said its dependent upon donor site . I have had 2 FUT procedures. First was around 10 years ago with Dr Lehr ( Oklahoma City) and does not do them anymore. It was around 2000 but I doubt that number and results were sub par. Second was just last year Dr Arocha ( Houston, Tx) and so far very pleased with results, 2500 grafts . With all this being said, Arocha said he would absolutely be able to do another FUT and went on to explain the benefits of FUT respective to each patient . I think it is very important for patients to keep open communication with their surgeon on a regular basis. Yes, these doctors are busy but if they can find the time to talk with their patients, that's one more quality to give us peace of mind.
  16. When I carefully comb through , I can see some short hairs of various lengths. Actually last week I had a pimple, a sign of a new hair popping through. It will be interesting to see the final results 10 months from now. I still need to get a HD camera to show a closeup of the hairline. I know Upshall will appreciate that. I would also like to state this. For me this is an interesting psychological evaluation of my experience. When I finally see what can be and was achieved, I now want my crown filled in. Don't we all , right? We attain healthy and game changing results and want more. Too me it makes sense to do the hairline first. This is what people see. At 6'3"people don't see my crown but it's still a nagging reminder of progressive balding. thank you for your compliments and good luck with your ventures.
  17. Okay, I'm about 8 1/2 months out. Still have some hairs coming in. Called Dr Arocha and gave him an update. All is going well. Right side a little behind left side but he said it will even out. I finally have hair !!
  18. I had a FUT 10 years ago, supposedly 2000 grafts in front. Another FUT last year , 2500 grafts in front My hair is very thick and medium curl. I prefer FUT over FUE and I just need to know if its possible to have another FUT for my crown, assuming 2000 grafts.
  19. Thank you for your apology. All is good man!