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  1. I actually was going to have my 2nd transplant with Tim Love but his office never returned my call. I'm in NW Oklahoma.
  2. The first doc was Blaine Lehr in Oklahoma City. He got out of the business. He only excised the strip, the techs did everything else and they obviously had no clue on what they were doing. Never got a follow up phone call, nothing. Second Dr is Arocha out of Houston. He excised and made recipient sites. 2 techs implanted grafts, one on the left was very quiet , one on the right the total opposite. Each time I have called Arocha clinic, the doc calls me back personally. Its extremely important to find a clinic that keeps in touch, that way if results were not to meet your expectations (we have to be realistic), they could make the situation right.
  3. i agree, however, I would like to add that my side that is lagging still has original stubble that did not shed and these little guys better shed or start growing !
  4. How far are you post op? I am 3 1/2 months and in a similar situation left side is growing nicely, right side not that great but I have 5 more months , so i'm hoping the lagging side will catch up eventually. You do raise a valid point. I too had 2 different techs implanting the grafts. If you are 12 months post op, I would revisit the clinic and the doc should fix it , given there is a marked difference in density between the 2 sides.
  5. I am 3 1/2 months post op. 2500 grafts frontal region. I did my research and will honestly say, I've had my ups and downs but realize that I will have more hair where I was previously balding. To me the money I spent was ridiculous at the time but I am a cheapskate of sorts. I am currently getting a little impatient which is not good since I have a long road ahead of me. From time to time I develop low forms of anxiety as one side is growing and the other side is lagging. I have faith in my doctor , that the end results will supersede my original expectations. A myriad of emotions will abound you, especially if you are a perfectionist. You must prepare mentally for this journey , this is a must. This is my second transplant. First was not good (diff doc), so for me to try again was risky, as I had no confidence in the industry but I did not research the first time. This time I made certain I went to a reputable clinic. One that would take the journey with me and see me to the finish line. Good luck !
  6. I'm at the 3 1/2 month mark and am hoping this is only 10% because it is very sparse. What I don't understand is that i have quite a bit of non growing stubble on 1 side only, so I'm assuming these are transplanted hairs that have not shed yet?
  7. Let me back up a bit here. 10 years ago I rushed into a transplant. I was thinning in the front but had a full head of hair everywhere else. I chose the closest doc who was just a dermatologist in okc. Dr Blaine Lehr who no longer does HT's. I just paid $3 a graft and basically got what I paid for. Results where sub par. Fast forward to 2017 and noticed my hair in front, on top and crown thinning drastically. I then decided to have a second ht , this time researching way more. I chose Arocha in Houston and felt comfortable with the consultation and procedure. To answer your question, I still would have had a ht at a 6 since I've always had great hair and the thought of going bald was not an option.
  8. Actually, I don't think I'm a 6. I have some balding in the crown but not enough to be a 6. I personally think I'm around a 4. I do plan on having my crown done but I'm going to wait a while on that. on the fut question I read that somewhere where it had to do with the groupings but what do I know.
  9. I suspected my nw scale was around a 4 but asked Arocha at my consultation. If I remember correctly I think he said 5/6 which I was shocked to hear since I have thick and somewhat curly hair. My sides are very thick and high , so the balding doesn't appear to be as bad as it is. Maybe I was in denial . Arocha stated that after the transplant I would be a 3.
  10. Here is a current pick 3 months and 11 days post op. This is the part that can be frustrating as I look worse than prior to the transplant. I had quite a bit of shock loss in the recipient area. Hair is coming through nicely though and my left side (your right) is more dense. My right (your left) is lagging but I heard this is common. My right frontal hairline strip did not suffer shock loss and actually is hair from a previous transplant 10 years ago. You can also clearly see some red dots and i guess that's a good sign revealing additional hair popping through , I think. I am really tired of having to try to camouflage the recipient area, its quite a chore but I must stay positive and keep my fingers crossed that there is hair at the end of the tunnel. Arocha said I will be amazed at the before and afters 8 months post op. So, just 5 months to go
  11. Okay, I am exactly 3 months post op and I have some new hair coming through. More so on my left side though. I do still have some original stubble that has not shed , so giving that additional time. I will try to post some pics this weekend if I have time. I have a long way to go for sure but being patient. I'm really trying not to check it daily as that can definitely drive one crazy. Chow for now.
  12. several reasons: it's cheaper, more density per cm squared than FUE, I have curly hair and don't wear my hair short, therefore the donor scar won't be noticed , even though it's microthin. With fut, you retain full density in donor region, with FUE, the donor site will be permanently less dense.
  13. Almost 9 weeks post op info. About 80 % of the transplanted grafts have shed. Original stubble in certain areas still remain. some stubble has grown some have stayed the same. Redness is almost gone and some pimples (minor) are forming but scattered. This is a sign the new hairs are starting to come through. Have along way to go and patience is a must. Looking forward to 3 month mark as I believe I might start to see some new hairs sprouts. Will keep you posted and pics will be shown at 3 month mark. Chow for now.
  14. I've been thinking about your situation and of course pictures speak a thousand words , so without seeing your lopsidedness I thought I might inject my thoughts here. Just an assumption of sorts. When Arocha performed my transplant, same situation involving who was assigned per task. Only difference is my was a FUT and from what I have read, the FUT does yield more density than FUE. However, what is perplexing is the fact that one side is more dense than opposing side and you are attributing that to a variance in skill level between the techs. So let's start from the onset with my FUT procedure. Arocha incised the donor site (strip) and closed the incision. Step 2 involved the techs dissecting the grafts while the Doc then proceeded to make the recipient sites. After the recipient sites were completed, the Doc stepped away and the 2 techs got to work , same as your situation, a different tech on each side began placing the grafts into their recipient sites. I distinctly remember the tech on my right was very talkative ( nothing wrong with that, she was funny and polite) and the tech on my left was pretty quiet. Now, from what I have read, the techs only have a certain window of time to transplant the graft into the skin, even though the grafts are placed in a saline solution or in other cases , the patient's own blood . This is crucial ! In addition to that, whoever dissects the grafts and groups the follicles, that person must be well trained or there is a chance the follicles could be damaged prior to install into the scalp. Now, let's say every follicle( this is the component that's grows the hair) is unharmed and is placed properly into each recipient site within the safe time frame recommended. Technically, each follicle should grow, taking into account the patient followed post op instructions, which should prevent any harm to the grafts and follicles. So by the 10th day post op, the follicles are now permanent and should adapt nicely to their new location. With all of this being said, I clearly asked Arocha's clinic what their guarantee was since I was about to invest a lot of money and I'm by no means rich, just a teacher so I wanted assurance besides reviews and Photographs . The response was 95 % of the grafts will grow and I've always wondered what could occur to the other 5%. It will be interesting to see your pics and I'm curious if the FUE robot can in some instances damage follicles thus explaining imbalance but I'm not sure on that. As far as placing a graft into a pocket in the skin by hand per the techs, I don't know enough info to comment on the actual expertise needed to perform that task. I do remember asking Eduardo if the Doc implanted the grafts and he smiled and said "no , if he did it would take him 3 days". I then asked how skilled the techs were and if they had been doing this a while and he responded that they were very good and experienced. so there are my thoughts