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  1. Thank you. Each time I contact his office, I always get a prompt professional response, which is so appreciated ! This journey ,as most are aware ,can take its toll on us emotionally , so it helps when one has a doc that cares.
  2. Hair combed back. I'm 6 months and 10 days out. Still have very small stubble on right side that has lay dormant for quite some time. left side is good. Called my doc about a month ago and he assured me the stubble would grow. the hair is slightly damp in pic below. red me t
  3. A count sheet or chart sheet obviously documents the work , which in turn is filed for future reference which benefits everyone if an issue were to arise. I never requested or asked about it, simply assuming their expertise was in check. Good point to raise, since the fee is based on per graft , hence the grand total. This is such a meticulous procedure in and of itself and I would think the graft sheet would be the norm.
  4. I do have this style going forward , so there is some length from mid section covering frontal region . I will get a pic posted of all the hair combed back , to reveal that. With all that being said, there is no way I could have styled my hair this way without a hair transplant!
  5. Thanks. More hair is coming through as well. I'm very excited that I can style it now. Dr Arocha informed me by the 8th month I would notice a huge difference, his precise words were, " you will be amazed". So at 6 months I'm a little ahead of the game ! thanks again for the compliments.
  6. Here I am at 6 months now. I finally was able to get a haircut , which blended nicely with the new hair. My hairstylist was amazed at all the new hair.
  7. Well at 5 months his work is showing. Just keep on growing, I'm looking forward to the end result. I am back on finisteride and so far, no side effects.
  8. made2care


    The donor hair if transplanted correctly, will not die. Upon further research of this you will find that there are some variables that can lead to graft failure, such as the graft being mishandled by an inexperienced tech, outside of the body too long and sliced in a manner that damages the hair bulb. Also, incorrect and negligent post op care can contribute. Generally speaking, most transplanted hair grows and sustains itself indefinitely , with that being said, the best hair transplant surgeon in the world could not guarantee 100% that every single hair will grow. Maybe 98% or 95% but not 100. If they say they do, that's not realistic. Too many variables that counteracts the 100 %.
  9. made2care


    I believe there was a tv documentary not too long ago which included an interesting piece regarding this drug. Adverse side effects vary from person to person but a regular user for many years accounted for severe brain cognitive issues not limited to brain fog and of course , sexual dysfunction. I used it personally for 2 years and noticed cognitive decline and dizziness. Once I stopped , those side effects were no more. With that being said, 6 months after stopping the regimen, my crown started thinning.
  10. I'm exactly at 5 months today. Here are some pics
  11. I actually was going to have my 2nd transplant with Tim Love but his office never returned my call. I'm in NW Oklahoma.
  12. The first doc was Blaine Lehr in Oklahoma City. He got out of the business. He only excised the strip, the techs did everything else and they obviously had no clue on what they were doing. Never got a follow up phone call, nothing. Second Dr is Arocha out of Houston. He excised and made recipient sites. 2 techs implanted grafts, one on the left was very quiet , one on the right the total opposite. Each time I have called Arocha clinic, the doc calls me back personally. Its extremely important to find a clinic that keeps in touch, that way if results were not to meet your expectations (we have to be realistic), they could make the situation right.
  13. i agree, however, I would like to add that my side that is lagging still has original stubble that did not shed and these little guys better shed or start growing !
  14. How far are you post op? I am 3 1/2 months and in a similar situation left side is growing nicely, right side not that great but I have 5 more months , so i'm hoping the lagging side will catch up eventually. You do raise a valid point. I too had 2 different techs implanting the grafts. If you are 12 months post op, I would revisit the clinic and the doc should fix it , given there is a marked difference in density between the 2 sides.
  15. I am 3 1/2 months post op. 2500 grafts frontal region. I did my research and will honestly say, I've had my ups and downs but realize that I will have more hair where I was previously balding. To me the money I spent was ridiculous at the time but I am a cheapskate of sorts. I am currently getting a little impatient which is not good since I have a long road ahead of me. From time to time I develop low forms of anxiety as one side is growing and the other side is lagging. I have faith in my doctor , that the end results will supersede my original expectations. A myriad of emotions will abound you, especially if you are a perfectionist. You must prepare mentally for this journey , this is a must. This is my second transplant. First was not good (diff doc), so for me to try again was risky, as I had no confidence in the industry but I did not research the first time. This time I made certain I went to a reputable clinic. One that would take the journey with me and see me to the finish line. Good luck !