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  1. Almost 3 weeks post op and my scalp is almost scab free. I have had quite a bit of native hairs fall out around the recipient site but no transplanted hairs have shed yet. Donor scar is healing nicely. Keep telling myself to have patience as I've quite a bit of time in front before I see results. ist pic is current. No scabs but skin is red. Next pic was about 7 days post op. I might also mention that my hair is naturally grey and therefore the transplanted hair cannot really be seen.
  2. Well, I'm 10 days post op and my swelling is virtually a thing of the past. The 4th day had the worst swelling for me. Here is a before and after. I will also note that I called Dr Arocha's clinic on the 4th day with additional questions and he called me back the same day helping me with those questions. Very professional and stated that" we are here for you" if I had any further concerns. He also assured me that the swelling will lessen and that it's not something to be concerned about. The first pic is current, next 2 were day 4,5
  3. Okay, it's day 5 post op and my swelling appears to be subsiding but it's still quite profound. My wife is freaking out !! I assured her that it will pass , however it takes time. Meanwhile, since I've been home bound I have had time to further research finisteride. Interestingly enough , there have been many lawsuits against Merck for degenerative life changing side effects, some of which Merck denies even exists. Anyone bold enough out there to admit they have been taking this drug religiously for many years with little to no side effects and proven hair results they wanted?
  4. TSA will only allow liquid 3.5 ounces or less. Arocha' post op kit included a very large bottle of special shampoo rinse , therefore could not take it with me. No spray but a good supply( small packets) of ointment. Right after the surgery they rinsed my transplant and donor site since I bled slightly more than average. Their post op instructions were emailed to me a week prior to the surgery. Included were suggestions on rinsing the hair each day paying attention to not scrub . The donor site however can be lathered gently horizontally. Im very careful just using a cup to rinse per their instructions. I woke up this morning and my swelling is very bad but I expected it. Onto some other info, I'm going to get back on finisteride. I'm really at the stage in my life that I don't want to continue losing hair and this drug is the "gold standard" in preventing hair loss. Arocha also promoted this game plan. Well I would take a pic of my swelling and post it but I'm afraid someone will dial 911 for me so I will wait. Chow for now everyone:)
  5. I was, however, since I had to board a flight back home, the special shampoo had to be left behind. I was instructed to rinse my hair daily using baby shampoo with no scrubbing. As far as a spray, there was no mention of that in their post op instructions but I believe on the 3rd day, I can apply a zinc based ointment which is also used to treat donor scar site. Not relevant to your question but I might add that I tend to swell pretty horrifically in the forehead after these surgeries. Nothing helps, ice, elevation all to no avail so I'm currently dealing with that which is a little inconvenient since I can't go anywhere until it subsides but hey, a slight sacrifice for new hair so no complaints on this end, just mild venting to get me through .
  6. Okay, Dr Arocha and his team did amazing work today 2700 fut procedure. I really appreciated the detailed communication throughout the entire process. Team was constantly asking me how I felt and too me, that's professionalism at its height. This doctor is extremely passionate about his work and it shows. Our enjoyed our historical discussions and wish we had more time for further dialogue. The tech girls were very observant of my needs and also would not hesitate to ask if I was okay and if I needed anything. Overall, I would fly down to Houston indefinitely, to discuss further options we outlined and be proactive to achieve those options. here is my post pic same day revealing frontal region.
  7. Okay, flew down to Houston today and met with Dr Arocha for my in person consultation. Immediately had a good feeling about this guy. Very easy to talk to and explained in a realistic way , a game plan suited best for my situation . I'm going in tomorrow at 7:30 am for my surgery to restore my frontal region. I will keep you updated.
  8. Dr Blaine Lehr ( dermatologist in Oklahoma City, no longer does transplants) did a 2000 fut in frontal region. No problems, just not dense enough. This was 10 years ago. My 2nd surgery will be with dr Arocha ( Houston).
  9. Thank you. Getting closer to my surgery date. I'm hopeful this doc will do a better job than the last surgery . Here is a before.
  10. I just chatted (by face time) with Dr. Arocha out of Houston and man, what a nice guy ! He answered all my questions and I will soon be hopping on a plane to Houston. Thanks to everyone here for helping me find the right surgeon. I will keep you updated.
  11. made2care

    Consultations not good feeling!!

    Is it not customary to ask how much a clinic charges per graft?? I've ask Dr Arocha 's office and they told me too wait until my FaceTime consultation.
  12. made2care

    Consultations not good feeling!!

    I have a FaceTime consultation scheduled with Arocha next week.
  13. Okay, I went to a couple of consultations in okc and not pleased. I have called Dr Arocha in dallas to set up a consultation. His clinic is recommended by this site, will see how it goes. Anyone been to him??
  14. made2care

    Hello everyone

    Another question to get the ball rolling. Is it the norm to have techs actually do the graft implants? With my first transplant, the doc removed the strip and was never seen again. Are these tech trained enough to achieve a prospective outcome or should I look for a center that has the surgeon implant the grafts?