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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. made2care

    The FUT question

    He might have but don' recall.
  2. I had a FUT 10 years ago, supposedly 2000 grafts in front. Another FUT last year , 2500 grafts in front My hair is very thick and medium curl. I prefer FUT over FUE and I just need to know if its possible to have another FUT for my crown, assuming 2000 grafts.
  3. made2care

    HIMS for Hair Loss

  4. made2care

    Starting to have Fin sides (had HT surgery)

    Thank you for your apology. All is good man!
  5. I still have some new hair coming in. As I've previously posted, my left side is fuller than my right and the right section has quite a few very short thick stubble which have been dormant for a while now. I'm watching those carefully. I am simply using my smart phone to take pics but can try my wife's since hers is a newer one. getting back to the new sprouts, I have also noticed some tiny pimples form just a week ago but there were just a few. These could also be a sign of new sprouts. chow 4 now
  6. Will update in 1 week at which time I will be at 8 months.
  7. made2care


    I used this for quite a while with no real advance. This will dry out your scalp and hair therefore only use a couple of times per week, if you choose to go this route. I no longer use it.
  8. made2care

    McDonald's French Fries May Cure Hair Loss!

    Supersize me !
  9. made2care

    Starting to have Fin sides (had HT surgery)

    First of all, my apologies to Clerksband. An impulsive response on my part for sure, especially when he is seeking resolution and answers to side effects issue. Secondly, thank you to the moderators for setting and clarifying the standards which MOST of the time are adhered to by members. Thirdly, I will not resort to the antics so "eloquently" displaced which prompted this recourse, therefore "no comment" to Baronvonhairlin.
  10. made2care

    Permanent Stubble?

    And again I should have asked my doc how long these can lay dormant?
  11. made2care

    Permanent Stubble?

    I have the same issue. I contacted my doc and he assured me that the stubble would eventually grow. He basically referred to it as stubble forming after not shaving. Here is the perplexing part and no matter how many times I bring this up here, nobody can give an explanation. I underwent 2500 in frontal region. My left side is definitely more dense than the right and ironically enough, the right side has these short thick black stubble that you are experiencing. I'm 7 1/2 months post op and the stubble appeared around 4 months ago and have not grown. From what i can assess, this stubble is not the transplanted hairs, these appeared and then suddenly stopped growing. I do have a few on the left side as well, however, some of those appeared 2 months ago and have not grown. My doc's rep also mentioned that grafts/follicles grow in at different rates and I get that, but how can one explain the stubble laying dormant for so long. I'm assuming its a cycle and then they eventually start growing.
  12. made2care

    TRINOV , another scam or legit?

  13. With the hair loss industry tipping billions of dollars each year, this is probably another scam.
  14. Here is a pic from 12 years ago. You can clearly see the recession in the frontal region. the next pic is current.