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  1. You’re welcome! That very well may be the case about mult-grafts, as well as the possibility that even in a multi-graft there could be a time difference in growth of the hairs so hopefully that’s the case since you posted about using the microscope and seen lots of small fine hairs.
  2. Hey man, I don’t mean to cause you more worry but to be very honest for the amount of grafts you got all just in your frontal third area and at 7 months there should be more there. You very likely could get another growth spurt since technically this is about 60% of the final result so I think if at the 9 or 10 month mark it hasn’t improved then the clinic has some explaining to do, it wasn’t 1,500 grafts but 4,500 so something could be off by them.
  3. Work looks good and clean. Happy growing! Were all 3,667 grafts extracted and implanted in a 1-day surgery or over 2 days?
  4. Looks good for 4 months but still many more months ahead.
  5. Growth for 3 1/2 months looks very good. Did Dr Diep or his techs do your extractions with a manual punch or was it motorized?
  6. How’s your progress been?....has your growth in the left side caught up and any more density improvement since last month?
  7. Oh I see, then the way your donor was harvested and now looks makes sense especially if the surgeon rushes the extraction with a motorized tool. Still, donor could improve. On the bright side, you’re pretty damn lucky not to have any crown hair loss issues given your age of 40 since it looks dense, so thats a plus. 👍🏻
  8. Your donor looks a bit better and could possibly improve over the next few months to be honest. Did your surgeon use a manual or motorized tool for graft extraction?
  9. I agree with @Lennney, it’s already done and the only thing you can do is positively hope it improves up until the 18th month mark, and if it helps your emotional state, to consult with whatever surgeon you might also be considering for a repair and book something down the road to look forward to. i think you’ve done a good job of showing your results and don’t be disused by others, your testimonial here will in fact help others if it hasn’t already, I’m glad you’ve kept your updates coming and posting photos, good or bad it’s helpful. Pulling for ya!
  10. I have to say, this is a great result. More should be like this. ‘Why not any clinic before photos?
  11. Any update on your progress @jonyny ?
  12. To be honest man, this doesn’t look too bad for 7 months, you still have a couple or a few more months for it to noticeably improve and don’t forget the caliber of the new hair that has already grown will double in thickness giving the appearance of better density, hopefully your next update shows some more improvement.
  13. Very nice natural hairline and density for his hair type.
  14. IMO, I think it looks good given it was probably just somewhere around 1,600 to 1,750 grafts , and depending on your hair caliber, to give the 3,500 hairs they calculated so it’s a good conservative result and I can understand you wanting more to bring in more density in the temples or lower them a bit and you probably can if you choose to as you may have thousands more available donor grafts. Either way it’s a 👍🏻
  15. VicTNYC

    Looking for an FUE surgeon

    Hey man, sorry about what you’re going through at such a young age. Since you’re in NYC I would suggest going to see Dr Bloxham, does great work and is in Long Island so you don’t have to travel far to get a consultation with a reputable doctor. Here is a video he just posted to his YouTube channel of a young patient with similar hair loss pattern to yours, have a look and best of luck!
  16. Oh, I see...honestly, I think I would be okay with that given the number of grafts that the doctor utilized for you which seems on the low-to-mid end, but I totally understand where you’re coming from wanting it all to flow a little more naturally. I wonder if another few hundred grafts in each side would help “prop up” the new hair to flow a little more naturally due to the extra density, so that it was a little closer to you native density,... although I’m not suggesting you’d need it as I like the look of it as is. 🙂
  17. Thanks again and for answering with honesty, it’s very helpful and something those of us interested in Dr Demirsoy to think about.
  18. Thanks for taking and posting the photos, It really looks great and to me blends in very nicely and looks like the result of a surgeon that would charge top dollar elsewhere. Just curious, is there anything you regret with going with Dr Demirsoy, like asking for more grafts or going Manuel tool vs motorized etc etc?
  19. Also, if you don’t mind answering.. Did the doctor use manual or motorized tool for your extractions? And...How were your grafts placed, forceps or implanter pen? thanks!
  20. Looks great in my opinion. Would you have any photos from side and top down views?