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  1. Good point, but why not post a similar photo of patients coverage area post the procedure as well?
  2. I’d also like to know what Christian Slater had done to keep his same look over the past 30 year, how he looks surprised and amazed at McConaughy hair..pu-leeeze...what’s your secret, Slater!?
  3. He’s definitely had some FUE work done in his frontal area, probably went to the same surgeon Elon went to...I’d bet a Testla on it.😂
  4. His hair grew back after stopping all the naked butt bongo shenanigans, that’s all. 🤣
  5. Any recent photos of your progress with minoxidil+dermaroller+biotin routine?
  6. Well if it’s not 3 inches on top then the density now looks much better when your hair is short and styled, and that’s a good thing. Congrats!
  7. Really? It looks much longer that 3cm on top...googled and that’s about 1.18-inch, to me it looks about 3-inches on front/top hmm
  8. I agree with your comment, Joe is not as “intelligent” nor “enlightened” as he pretends to be, he probably doesn’t believe half the shit he talks about, he just wants to be relevant. If he actually was smart and did any research on current day hair transplants he’d have some credibility in everything else he spouts and you’ll notice how lately he sounds more like the establishment talkin- points than an open-minded “truth” seeker.
  9. Congrats on taking the leap, looks as it should. Good luck with the process. Would be great if you included a few things in your post, like your age/how many grafts/which Dr or clinic if comfortable doing so.
  10. Simple really......because their business model relies on a sucker being born every minute. 🤣
  11. So, this company wants people to pay them lots and lots of $$ for the luxury of holding on to a gullible persons 50-100 hair grafts UNTIL someone else comes up with a method to successfully clone those grafts and they can partner with them....yeah, no thanks.
  12. Hey man, just my opinion but in your high NWcase, i would opt to do SMP first with a conservative hairline and coverage on top and then do an HT sometime after, either FUE or fut. I’ve seen some cases of guys who’ve gotten SMP then after some time went the HT route and it seems to have helped them achieve a better “illusion”, I would be concerned about an SMP in a post-Ht recipient area damaging the new hairs if not done meticulously, might just be a slight concern but something to think about. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for the clarification, it does look 2,700 is the implanted coverage given. Yeah, I agree with your surgeons plan, best not to over harvest now and see how well the 1st Ht progress goes and donor recovers to asses for another Ht to cover the other area. Good luck and happy growing.
  14. Hey man, Work looks good, one question, did you get 6,300 ‘grafts’ or “hairs”? .....as some clinics may quote numbers differently, a graft may have anywhere from 1-4 hairs and the reason I ask is because to be honest it doesn’t look like you received 6,300 grafts if grafts is the case, to me it looks about 3,000-3,500 grafts.
  15. Good list, although I’ve read that Demirsoy does all the extractions and site incisions himself, his nurses do the implantation. One patient a day, unlike Cinik.
  16. Hey man, would love to see an update on your progress? Thanks