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    DHI method

    You lost me at Bosley. I agree with Gillenator, although it may be difficult to find a clinic where they do DHI and the doctor performs the DHI that is not a top Doc/clinic that doesn’t have a months or even a years long waitlist.
  2. Hey man, I would cancel any Ht plans, your hair looks great at the moment, there’s no need for perfection now because you could be doing more damage than good since you have a lot of native hair, you could find your self being obsessively ocd with any procedure you do at this point. I would wait until I saw much more hair loss down the road if I were you, save your money and good grafts for later on.
  3. Any update on this fantastic results from last year?
  4. You make some fair, valid and good points here Mick, that has swayed me to the ‘No’ approval side. With that said, to Bill’s credit he has listened to the opinions and nixed any approval for recommendation I believe.
  5. Very nice result, as I believe I’ve mention before on your results. One question for you tho, did you have any SMP prior to this procedure?...was looking at the clinic posted photos and your scalp seemed darker than the rest, thanks.
  6. @Bill - Managing Publisher I don’t believe myself nor other members were criticizing that Dr Cinik offers various packages, to me that’s fine, I don’t think anyone questioned Dr Cinik’s ethics on transparency, I think he and his clinic website is pretty transparent, I was just on the fence about of the 3 Ht packages he is directly surgically involved in 1, as others mentioned, which to me and others is a concern, so I do believe the other non-surgeon-direct-involvement should be omittied if approved. I don’t believe there was criticism of the Turkish law and policy, just that point of the surgeon being at the very least involved surgically. Also, I , not being a fan of his hairline work is definitely subjective since it can be difficult to see the true-to-life result in photos or video rather than in-person, with that said, if his patients are pleased then that’s great. Will check out those links you have posted as well.
  7. I’m on the fence with the recommendation addition of Dr Cinik based in what’s already been said regarding the different packages he offers, and if I’m being completely honest I’m not much impressed by the hairlines done by him or his techs, save for a select few patient results...BUT....I slightly agree with Jean, if a friend or family member were looking for a recommendation from me for a reasonably priced “budget” clinic with par to good results that can compete with the best of the over-priced clinics in the US/Europe/Canada/Australia&NZ then I would recommend Dr Cinik to them as a viable option. Just want to add that hairlines can be refined later with a more specialized surgeon if someone chooses so going with Dr Cinik for a person with an advanced Norwood looking for price/graft affordability then it would be a good choice...with him doing part of the procedure of course.
  8. VicTNYC

    Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss

    I’m more inclined to believe that Prostaglandin D2 is much more damaging to hair than DHT.
  9. How superior is the stick & place technique of graft placement for greater graft servival versus a “short” placement delay in an immersion solution before implantation? And...if stick & place is superior for graft servival...does the use of a DHI or implanter pen contribute to a more successful result?
  10. To trust a pharmaceutical corporation to submit 100% true and accurate data on a drug they sell and promote, based on studies they pay for and sponsor then get the approval to sell said drug by lobbying ($$$$) those in a government agency....Then...I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you real cheap. Its very common for pharmaceutical corporations to cherry-pick which data they like, submit and publish from the studies they pay for to get favorable approval, in fact, many doctors & scientists have said so as whistleblowers. I don’t believe for a second that their claims that the side effect percentage it’s quite low.
  11. @jonnyalex thanks for sharing your photos! My honest opinion, I think your hair looks great, minus the obvious slight lack of density in the hairline, especially for 4-years post op and the medications are working great for you. Good luck and good choice on choosing Keser for the hairline “touch-up” hope you make your own progress thread on the forum with it. Thanks!
  12. Please do, it could be very helpful to share before, during, and after photos you may have that had you feeling unhappy then to feeling the work was as you say, pretty great.
  13. What is the price per-graft?
  14. WOW! Fan-effing-tastic result!
  15. Will be following, good luck & happy growing! Your hair caliber looks great in the wet photos by the way.
  16. @Markee Yes, this vid you posed is what I’m talking about....comparing this to say Doctors/clinics the do the extractions first, place the grafts into a cold solution, then after some time implant the grafts..
  17. Are you sure? I watched @Melvin-Moderator Recent Dr visit video and the doctor said he creates the sites first then after starts doing the extractions and only gives about a 5-minute window of the grafts being out of the body before they are implanted into the already made sites... Am wondering if grafts being immediately placed via S&T vs being in a solution for say 30 minuets or more is superior to graft survival and growth success.
  18. VicTNYC

    2200 Grafts FUE - DR KAAN

    Thanks for the honest answer!
  19. VicTNYC

    Couto & Freitas

    I thought Dr Lorenzo was Injerto Capilar?
  20. Hey Stephen, how are you getting on with your 2nd Ht with ASMED?
  21. VicTNYC

    2200 Grafts FUE - DR KAAN

    Another question for ya... With the surgeon doing all the work with just a short break was the Dr fatigued?...Did you have any concern about that?
  22. VicTNYC

    2200 Grafts FUE - DR KAAN

    Thanks for the info!