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  1. Thanks for the clarification, it does look 2,700 is the implanted coverage given. Yeah, I agree with your surgeons plan, best not to over harvest now and see how well the 1st Ht progress goes and donor recovers to asses for another Ht to cover the other area. Good luck and happy growing.
  2. Hey man, Work looks good, one question, did you get 6,300 ‘grafts’ or “hairs”? .....as some clinics may quote numbers differently, a graft may have anywhere from 1-4 hairs and the reason I ask is because to be honest it doesn’t look like you received 6,300 grafts if grafts is the case, to me it looks about 3,000-3,500 grafts.
  3. Good list, although I’ve read that Demirsoy does all the extractions and site incisions himself, his nurses do the implantation. One patient a day, unlike Cinik.
  4. Hey man, would love to see an update on your progress? Thanks
  5. I would like to say this is a nice result, but, the after photos are deceptive. In the before photos you crop the hair together at the frontal third to show of the level of hair loss but in the after photos the hair is longer and styled covering the hairline and temples. I would suggest posting photos of this patient results with recipient area shown properly.
  6. Trial results at 6-months are not really impressive but I’ll hold judgment until they release a 12-month result.
  7. Hey man It might be helpful to you if you posted some photos showing the current state of your hair and some information ie age/how long you’ve been loosing hair/on any medication for hair loss? Maybe add Demirsoy at ARMAMED to your list as he seems to be giving some good results to recent patients on here and his price is competitive.
  8. Hey man, any update not that you’re past your 18-th month post op? Are you still considering going back for another smaller Ht?