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  1. The whole process from start to finish was of the upmost professionalism from both Dr Bhatti and the staff within the clinic and they all went above and beyond my expectations. I have absolutely no problem in recommended the services of the clinic to anyone.
  2. My experience of Dr Bhatti in India with before and after photos. Any questions please ask, the results speak for themselves. An absolutely unbelievable experience and has totally changed my hairline.
  3. Hi all, new to the forum, brief intro, 33 yr old male, hated hairline for past two years. Driven ,e insane. Taken propecia and used every product imaginable. Looked into FUE seriously in the last 3 to 4 months, but costs and readily available genuine reviews have been an issue. Working as owner of a barbers, one of our staff has had FUE at Darling Buds by Dr Bhatti (I’ve cut his hair and didn’t even notice ?) so I was truly impressed by results. After talking to Dr Bhatti, myself and employee are set to travel to India to work with Dr Bhatti and complete some FUE transplants. I’m beyond excited, is there any advice for travel or questions that I should be thinking about? Thanks for any help offered ? I’ll also post video reviews and photos to help others as this forum has been a great source of knowledge.