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  1. Here the pics Gillenator https://ibb.co/dcBTbJ https://ibb.co/bHbrVd https://ibb.co/eMPpGJ
  2. what is the 1/3 rule? I don't now about that. Yes of course the transplant is an illusion. My fear is to make the transplant and ending up like this guy: or this guy if you get a result like that is very noticeable that they had a trasplant and IMHO for this kind of result is better wearing a hair piece or getting micropigmentation
  3. Hi guys and thank you all for you replies. I'll attach a few pictures so you can figure out what we are talking about. Please notice: i fully understand that there are people who are in a much worse condition then me that would pay/kill for being in my condition at 35. So i don't want to offend the sensibility of anyone if some of you think that in my scenario a hair transplant is unnecessary. I work in a very competitive industry so i have a point of view that is different from a normal person. My goal would be fixing the temples and receding the hairline a little bit. Now, unfortunately from what i have seen is very rare to achieve a result that looks natural on the harline because, from what i have seen, the "transplanted hairline" tend to look thinner then a natural thick hairline. So i'm really trying to make my mind. Hair transplant or hair piece. If the hairline doesn't look great i might end up combing the hair down in some sort of fringe (like i should do with the hair piece) but unfortunately this kind of haircut doesn't look great on me and i would eventually get the same result that i would get with a hair piece but having the pain in the ass of passing through a surgical operation. Here some pics so you can see what i'm talking about https://ibb.co/dcBTbJ https://ibb.co/bHbrVd https://ibb.co/eMPpGJ
  4. Hello guys, i'm new to this forum and i'm really thinking to fix my hairline. I'm a Norwood 2. This is my goal: fixing the hairline and the temples area. I don't care abut fixing the rest. From what i have been able to see trying to fight against hair loss with the hair transplant is a rabbit hole and results are never going to be 100% satisfactory. I'm trying to find a doctor who's a master at fixing the hairline and able to give natural results. Like the transplant that had George Clooney just to give you an example. When the hair behind will keep falling i'm going to use a hairpiece for the rest of the scalp. Yes i know, the mantainance of this "witchery" is going to be crazy but in order to have a decent hairline and a head full of hear i don't see any other realistic solution. For the result i'm trying to achieve i think that this is the best/more realistic option. I'm trying to find a surgeon who's able to perform my request (lowering the hiarline of one centimeter and fixing the temples). I was thinking at Dr Diep but i have seen on this forum some stories that are not exactly exciting about him. Cheers