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  1. Genuine : perhaps how can anyone say it’s a brilliant result when they have no idea what your state was before surgery ? We’re you completely bald in transplanted areas ? Yes you have fantastic hair but it’s laughable anyone can say it’s a “brilliant result” when all we have are a few limited photos of you after surgery , and any developed photos from a distance !
  2. Haha ! How can you say that when there are no before photos. I might as well post a photo of Brad Pit and tell you all I’ve had 5000 grafts!
  3. This will be my final update unless I touch up the result I already have. Thank you for all who have supported me through my neurotic adventure, there have been a few who have fed negative thoughts and a few who have continued to provide positive feedback. in essence, if i style my hair combed from left to right I can achieve the look (if not the reality ) of a full head of hair. Photos below are of me during a very sunny holiday in the Southern Hemisphere i have showed post Hoar cut ( essential in my opinion ) and a couple in direct sunlight when I hadn’t styled my hair in a few days as something be else said, unless you style your hair you will be disappointed with the illusion! I’ll throw this one out there ; a number of negative results posted on here by asmed are due to the fact they offer warranty . Draw your own conclusions .
  4. Was your hairline completely bald or just lacking density? It does look good but difficult to say for sure the quality as we don’t have before photos, photos are from a distance etc.
  5. Looks good and will be a lot more to come no doubt. how bald were you before surgery ? Appreciate you stated you would not post before photos until 12 months. I would also be interested in seeing you photos before your first surgery and after first surgery.
  6. What a result! Bet you have a spring in your step now. our of interest, can you see scars on your beard where hair was taken?
  7. Looks good mate Do you have any photos pre op?
  8. I would say one at 8 months and the other at 12-14?
  9. Yes I believe I have in terms of thickening and naturalness . After 12 months I also learnt how to get my hair cut that matches my hair, and how to style it to get the best out of what I have.
  10. I think it’s actually multi grafts that take longer to mature and those are used further back on the scalp
  11. Another photo with my hair at this length and under the word kind of light in my opinion (a spotlight) boom
  12. I agreed with @CosmoKramer . Naturalness of the transplanted hair changed a lot after 12 months for me. The weak areas are still not as strong as the front but improved a lot and when hair is a little linger on top looks natural
  13. Good day mate You must be over the moon. Sometimes I think a little bit of not so dense makes it look more natural!
  14. Is IAHRS worth anything at all? how are the Surgeons audited ? Are they re-audited once they change their working practices ? If they use techs; do the techs need to be audited to be part of the accredited clinic?
  15. Axor most people know about the risks of finasteride . Appreciate you’re trying to help, but scaring people doesn’t help either. Let them make their own choice losing hair can make people depressed too
  16. 14 months it is nice having a hairline. asmed have invited me back to take a look at the thin areas behind the hairline. I said I would wait until 18 months. To be honest, if the thin spot still bothers me at 18 month I will definitely go back .
  17. Cheers Abi think I need to keep contact with the clinic though. I spoke to them over the phone yesterday. They said they will wait a little more and will always take responsibility for their work. I’m not totally disappointed, nobody can call the result a disaster . It’s just that thin spot . I will cut my hair a little shorter sometime soon to see what it looks like then.
  18. Thanks for the first paragraph. you don’t have to come onto this thread if you don’t want. I wish there was this type of thread when I was doing my research.
  19. Hello sir thank you for posting this . We have similar loss , similar graft numbers used and similar issues . your photos look good , as do mine but the density issues meant you have to worry which way the wind was blowing am I right ? did you find that the Dr was a little rushed in the first session , but had more time in the second session? Did the dr still do the incisions ? Did you feel the result in one side was better than the other ? If so, which one? Finally , did they give any reason as to why the result wasn’t as good as they expected?
  20. There’s another set of photos from my morning jog. appreciate people’s thought on what they think happened to the density on the right side - it’s the only part I’m not pleased with. clinic say wait until 15 months , feels like they are moving the goal lists especially when they offer some people a touch up after 12. As you can see , I’m not being unreasonable , this is my hair when running , I shouldn’t have to sport a comb over at this stage . Look how good the left side hairline and temples are . In my eyes these areas are exceptional. I just want to know why the right side isn’t as good.
  21. True, I don’t think my crown was that bad . I would even say that honestly , I should have known better and said no to doing any work there . I had only been on propecia for 6 months and that would have helped in the crown probably.
  22. Hello mate, he did have a good result , but my hair can look like if I try . his hair loss wasn’t as bad as mine, I also lowered my entire hairline 1cm and filled in the temples . I was also almost completely bald across 2cm of my vertex behind the forelock and filled in the crown