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  1. I hear ya i still have density that needs to improve a lot behind the hairline , hoping it will over the next few months - photos below in direct sun
  2. Hey Derek yes I’m happier , it’s all about styling it the right way i will never be 100% happy with myself or anything I do , I always want to improve which is what makes us succeed I think if I cut my hair short I won’t be able to pull off the illusion. I don’t think my density is any better than other people’s. I can make it look terrible under direct sunlight
  3. Here are some more photos ! Just that little bit behind the hairline that needs to get a little more dense and I’ll be over the moon
  4. They call it an illusion as you can make all parts look dense . If you don’t style your hair or brush it is a certain way it looks thin . If you brush it a certain way and shine light off the scalp it will look thin . I think my thread proves this. I have good photos like recent ones where I have the styling spot on, but I have posted many photos with my hair not styled , messed up and under very harsh lighting - and the result doesn’t look as good. That is what is meant by illusion you won’t get native density back
  5. DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS no fiber , style with lifting paste since My last hair cut I feel like a complete £&@? for complaining about my result. It really has changed my life I don’t think I’ll bother filling mid scalp in at the moment, I’d rather keep the 4400 grafts I have remaining for future loss ! It’s actually good that it was planted at lower density at mid scalp, it would have been a waste to do it any denser as it doesn’t need it . I call it decent donor management
  6. Well done mate im the same, went from 92kg to 81kg in about 3 months using Huel and jogging 30mins 3 times a week keep it up dude
  7. Hello all, i had another hair cut today and a blow dry and a good comb this photo is in direct sunlight with no concealer I realise that I must style my hair for a hair transplant to look how I expect. Might sound strange but I never used to style my hair I would just let it grow and be a mess , but you cannot let it be a mess with a hair transplant as it won’t look good
  8. Hey i don’t really brush my hair. Never have I do have wavy hair but that’s it My hair is a fair bit longer in the after photo
  9. Guys, i appreciate both sets of comments. Of course the good ones are easier to digest mentally. i have been asking directly I believe if the density should be better , some people have said “yes defiantly” whilst other saying “no as you need more grafts over a large area” I’m sorry for starting such a heated debate. I have been hammering my new coordinator with neurotic messages , happy one minute and not happy the next . I feel like I’ve made a complete twat out of myself with the mixed messages I’ve been posting on here too but that goes to show my mental state. please don’t bring the clinic as a whole into debate on my thread as I don’t care. I had the surgery , I can see the result and I thank you for your comments but I don’t want anyone getting banned or sending anyone or any company insults
  10. Dude looks fine. This was me at 5 months you have no right to be worried about density
  11. I’m no expert but looking at these photos I cannot see any density issues . Should be a killer result
  12. Hello mate I was worried at 5 months but I knew that I was stupid to be worried that soon on. you can see (from my immediate post op photos) density was less behind the hairline. I though that this was because the used multi grafts there and the density would balance out once the 3s and 4s grew in. I thought the would take longer to grow . Photos of 5 months below. My colleagues in work called me “scrotum head” which I thought was hilarious even being on the receiving end of it. Usually it is me who insults people for a laugh.
  13. @JayLDD @Melvin-Moderator @CosmoKramer @BjornBorg + all the rest thank you for your support.
  14. Melvin, how to I delete my thread? It’s not fair on other members, researchers, you or the clinic.
  15. Thanks for your support all. I do appreciate the comments, but really need to stay away from forums. I am told not to compare , but it is impossible not to. The whole experience has driven me round the bend . I have asked to delete my account along with all its content .