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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
    Dr. John Diep
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Foam

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  1. The first picture is under direct harsh lighting while the second one isn't. Also, the hair is cut shorter in the first picture and immediately after my Mexico trip (where I experienced a little sun burn). With that said, I'm going to wait it out until the full one year mark and see how things look.
  2. It's been 8 months and I still haven't seen any improvements. In fact, I've started noticing some hair fall in the shower yesterday. My hair is thinner and way less dense than it was prior to my surgery. There seems to be shock loss on the top of my head as well as where the hair was taken from that hasn't improved since the surgery. The hair grows much slower now and it doesn't even grow in the same direction as it used to. I'm very disappointed/unhappy with how my transplant has progressed thus far and feel bamboozled by the Youtube videos the clinic selectively posts on its page. The staff has been uncooperative and dismissive when it comes to my concerns about the progression of my hair transplant. I'm going to wait it out until the full 12 months, but I don't feel confident that my hair will magically become dense over the next 3-4 months. At this point, I wouldn't recommend this clinic to anyone given my experience and will be evaluating my options with the clinic as well as my personal lawyer. I've posted my 8 month pictures to this thread so people can see there hasn't been any improvement from last month.
  3. Hit month 7 on Sunday. I get a haircut (mostly on the sides)every two to three weeks, to try to keep the hair as even as possible. Still not satisfied with the way the hair has grown in thus far. It's still not dense and I wonder if it will get denser over the coming months. Guess I'll just have to wait and see...
  4. Here are my results at 6 months and 1 week. I've told my barber to only cut down the fly aways on the top so that it can grow in. The hair is definitely getting longer, but is still extremely lacking in the density department. Wish my hair was further along than it is, but I'll just wait it out to see what month 7 brings...
  5. I'm not resigning myself to failure at almost 6 months (I'm closer to 6 than 5). I'm preparing myself just in case I don't get the results I was hoping for by 12 months. Which is why I have been saying that I'll wait it out to see what comes of it. I just think it's smart for patients to cover all their bases considering the amount we pay for the surgery. Also, I believe I mentioned this in my previous post. But I'm in finasteride, minoxidil and biotin.
  6. I hear what you're saying Legend. However, if the hair is in worse shape post-op, I think the clinic has a duty to fix the problem. Especially if the hairs are transplanted in the wrong direction/the hair density is worse than before. I'd consider this negligence on the doctor's part. Anyway, I made sure to sign a modified arbitration agreement for this very reason.
  7. I was scheduled to receive 2500 but apparently received a little over 2700 grafts. The hairline was lowered and the rest of the grafts were placed on the mid scalp. I have shaved the top of my head several times since it isn't growing evenly at all.
  8. Yes, the last four pictures represents almost 6 months post op. Also, I've been using rogaine foam 2x a day along with 100mg of biotin and finasteride everyday two weeks after my surgery. Now that you've seen the pictures even you seem surprised. My hair is in way worse shape then it was before the surgery. All I can do is wait it out now. However, if I don't see a huge change in the next couple of months I will pay the doctor another visit to see what he can do to fix this.
  9. I just looked at both Hairvanity's post and pictures from 6 months. It's clear from the language in his post that he was happy with the progression. Also, his hair density was way fuller than mine. Here are the before and after you requested. You can see unsightly bumps where hair is supposed to be growing and the density on top has diminished drastically.
  10. I am almost 6 months out from my surgery and I can say I am unhappy with not only the density of my hair, but also the direction my hair was implanted. The density is worse than before my hair transplant and the hairs and the hairline are sticking up and looks totally unnatural. I've had to cut my hair low every week or so because of how uneven my hair is growing in. I also purchased a hair microscope to see if any new hairs are starting to breakthrough...and I'm not seeing anything. I've now resulted to using hair fibers daily. I just can't shake the feeling that I was conned out of $18.5k. Also, the after care is terrible. It takes forever for me to get a response from the staff which is ridiculous considering the amount of money I spent on this procedure. I'm going to try to be positive and see how the next 6 months goes...but I must say it's kind of difficult to stay positive when I haven't seen meaningful results in the past month.