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  1. Hey Guys I believe there is my 4 month mark tomorrow, so I took few photos today with the hair wet and dry for you to see results.
  2. Coming up to the 3 month mark I am satisfied to see the hair growth begin.
  3. Are you taking finasteride and minoxil? I went to the same doc 4 Feb 2750 grafts and I use these both I’m really happy with the growth now on my 3 month mark on Monday. FYI I also take B and D vitamin + fish oil in the morning.
  4. Looks good I’m on week 3 after 2700 grafts with Dr Demirsoy, keep posting.
  5. It has been one week since surgery, scraps are off and finally I almost can sleep normally. For the removal of the scraps I washed the hair first and then put lotion for about 3 hours/2times then used cloth from the doc provided in case of bleeding and scraped lightly downwards and it all went off in about hour. I can see on the photos the scalp seems a little more red than in normal light. So far I am happy with the result but in the long run I will give my pros and cons, if somebody has questions about the doc or anything you're welcome to be in touch.
  6. I got here few photos from the clinic before and after.
  7. Ok will take a look at your profile to see if you have some photos, how was your post op care I’m feeling the recipient area a bit hard a bit concerned have seen some post op care doctors recommended salin solution sprayed over the area.
  8. My Trip I have finally finished my ht I flew to Istanbul on the 2 Feb 2020 there greeted me Musaffe as arranged he’s dr.Demirsoy assistant and translator nice guy he showed me his before picture from his HT, from the airport I was taken to a hotel “City Loft 81” also arrange from them with a cost of 250eur with transport included. The day after I was picked up from the hotel 08:00 after having breakfast I might add not very fond of, almost around 09:00 we were at the clinic there started the consultation I went with a little conservative of lowering the hairline by 8 m/m that I might regret let’s see when the swelling goes out. There after hair saved and I received relaxing pill which helped me sleep 6 of 8 hours of surgery the Anastasia did not take long but it was uncomfortable, once I was on the bench he mentioned the number of grafts would be lower than he estimated est”3-3500” actual number used 2733 price 1,25 eur per graft. He did the extradition him self he uses motorized punch that took around 3 hours, after lunch he went ahead and made the incisions him shelf there after the nurses placed the graft the final 3 hours. Of course before and after they took photos which I will share with you , now comes the hard part waiting for the hairs to grow. The day after surgery I got a wash and instructions for after care from the clinic only verbal would like to have it printed out, few hours later I got on flight back home feeling it might be a little to soon, could have used a little longer rest. A little thought back, I might have gone to short on the frontal hairline but that can be added later of course, there was a small bleeding during the first night might be due to the motorized punching hopefully that does not give any scars as I shave the sides from 3-9 m/m don’t want that visible. Hr Musaffe took me to the pharmacy and helped me out with purchase of finasterid and minodroxil, a lot cheaper we’re I come from, the clinic gave me drops in case of pimples in the scalp and shampoo to use for the next 3 days, normally people use them for 10 days but he advised me to use my own shampoo because I tend to have a red scalp therefore I will use kertyol shampoo.
  9. I ain’t going for much lower 4-8 millimeters depends on what the doc advises. I have always had high temples and high hairline looking fwd to see the temples gone.
  10. I put some photos that I sent in but I have cut my self out of them.
  11. Yes I got lower numbers from others, donor grafts number I don’t have but we will see how it play's. Just don’t want to be excessive on the donor area for future loss, I do not take any medication I have used minoxidil spray not keen on the result. Personally have found drinking spinach in the morning lower the losses, of course that is different between persons what works, will probably try finasteride after the surgery.
  12. Thanks for the posts I have appointment with him early February feeling a bit nervous but I guess that is normal, will start my own thread with reviews on the progress and hopefully it will help out the guys that hasn't decided.
  13. Hi Guys I have booked my HT with Dr. Erkan Demirsoy 1.25 euro per graft estimated 3000-3500 grafts which I think is a little to much. My surgery is planned in a month I decided to dive into this and I will keep you posted with pics and details when things get rolling, feel free to give him pros and cons on this thread. I am feeling a bit nervous for this but hopefully everything will be fine
  14. How much did it cost for you at ASMED? I have similar loss just started looking for surgeons.