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  1. As I said my need to write here came from patients scared of the fact that that the clinic wasn't provided with the basic pharmaceuticals in case of emergencies (specifically anaphylactic shock). The false conjecture needed a reply. I knew I would be strongly attacked but still I couldn't let this false information stay here and damage clinic reputation. I am sorry for the tablet not being available but still it is not a pharmaceutical needed in case of anaphylactic shock. -- More in general my only interest is to clarify that the clinic has got all the medicines needed in case of anaphylactic shock and other common complications that can occur during surgery. This sentence -- I said "what does it happen if I get an anaphylactic shock?" -- scared more than one patient, coming to me and questioning about the clinic not having pharmaceuticals against anaphylactic shock. That's why I wrote here.
  2. So what, am I not entitled to talk or to explain what happened and why the accusation has no basis? Or do you think I wrote without asking about the issue to dr. Pekiner? The reference is pretty clear since he only had graft extractions with dr. Pekiner and I was sent here by a patient worried about the clinic not having basic medical supply. So everything is pretty obvious for everyone, still in your opinion I should remain silent and let the wrong speculation being displayed forever without even answering. What's your next step, asking for my ban because I dared to give an explanation? I never said he lied, he told the truth, still there's no reason for speculating about the clinic not having life saving medicines in case of anaphylactic shock just because he didn't get a antihistaminic tablet that is not a treatment used in case of shock but mainly for pollen allergy. Egy the clinic has antihistaminic and sedatives that are shot in case of necessity. I am ending here my participation in this topic unless some new accusations will be posted. Thank you.
  3. Anaphylactic shock occurs in seconds, antihistaminic tablets start working in 25-30 minutes, they are not useful in case of anaphylactic shock, they are used for things like pollen allergy, then sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat etc. In order to better clarify this point: dr. Pekiner's clinic has got all the needed medicines for emergencies, mostly are injectable. Adrenaline and steroids are injected if there is a real allergic reaction, no tablet is given in these cases. Not all the kinds oral tablets (which are not life saving) are available at the clinic because it's not a pharmacy. This doesn't mean the clinic doesn't have the basic pharmaceuticals in stock. It is a medical clinic licensed by the health ministry at the end, conjecturing that not even the common medical treatments are available is nonsense. Here's a picture of part of the clinic supply.
  4. Yes, and I already said the patient behaved bizarelly, specifically he didn't follow dr. Pekiner's orders about medications, despite saying he would. He changed version many times and then after some months he started to be interested just in blackening the clinic reputation. Now he is depicting himself in this forum as a poor Oliver Twist that was mistreated by the clinic but the truth is quite the opposite, and I think there is some interest behind this attacks. In addition his backup against the clinic is a member with only 2 messages written in this forum, all against the clinic. How strange.
  5. The reality of the industry is not represented by the point of view of a patient at war with a clinic for some kind of revenge after an unsuccessful hair transplant, caused mainly by the patient's failure to follow doctor's orders.
  6. DUPA is not a particular illness or something that should be diagnosed with a biopsy, it is just androgenetic miniaturization diffusing into the donor, so that a variable percentage (20, 30, 50%..it depends on the case) of transplanted hair can suffer from miniaturization, just like hair on recipient, if the patients doesn't take Finasteride. That's why dr. Pekiner always underlined the importance of the therapy in this case: because without an anti DHT therapy, also transplanted hair (not all of them) will suffer from androgenetic driven thinning.
  7. 1.5 to 2. If I am not wrong in the past dr. Hasson was taking himself 2.5 mg per day and his ex advisor, Joe, had some improvements raising the dose. But please remember Finasteride is a pharmaceutical, a doctor must check the patient and prescribe the right dosage.
  8. Consider that many patients who submit the online consultation form are refused because of suspected DUPA, or are asked to enhance the therapy and then apply for a new evaluation in 6 months. In Lixin case the severity of the miniaturization in donor, back and sides, was unexpected.
  9. There are several studies for everything, some people quote studies showing 0.125 finasteride lower the DHT level in a similar way to 1 mg. Reality shows that in certain patients when 1 mg finasteride is not enough, raising the finasteride dose or adding Dutasteride 0.5 twice a week (replacing fina in those 2 days) can be effective.
  10. Hello, I spoke with dr. Pekiner about Lixin case. Unfortunately most of the grafts extracted from his donor showed at least 1 hair in initial miniaturization, if not more than one. There was almost no cluster of hairs in which all of them were healthy. This means androgenetic alopecia is unfortunately diffuse, diffusing and very aggressive in Lixin case. Even the restricted safe zone under the green line showed at least one hair in miniaturization in every extracted cluster. Dr. Pekiner verified that androgenetic driven thinning is ongoing in zones 6, 7, 8 and 9, they were not usable as donor at all (areas above green line). Unfortunately it was diffusing also on the periauricular area and in restricted safe zone (10, the area under green line) in the form of DUPA (diffuse unpatterned alopecia) and retrograde. Doing a hair transplant in this condition means that very likely the result will be spoiled in a few years if AGA progresses, because also transplanted hairs will suffer from miniaturization. Furthermore more areas, now covered with thinning hair, would go bald and shaving the head could be difficult for the patient because of the FUE extractions signs. Shock loss risk is also considerable because unhealthy hairs can fall out easily for shedding because of the trauma to the scalp caused by the surgery. From the evaluation pictures, that dr. Pekiner checked accurately, the hair roots miniaturization was undetectable, it was noticeable only after extracting and checking the grafts. I know some doctors call this condition Hidden DUPA (or BUPA) when taking finasteride somehow disguise the severity of DUPA without stopping the miniaturization. As far as I know dr. Pekiner suggested Lixin to try to power up the anti DHT therapy adding Dutasteride or increasing the Finasteride dosage. 1 mg finasteride daily seems not enough in his case to stop the male pattern baldness and a full Norwood 7 destiny is clear. A new check can be done in the future if he somehow manages to stop the thinning by enhancing the therapy.
  11. No, 3000 grafts are 3000 incisions, if you get 3000 grafts transplanted with a hair/graft ratio average of 2.5, you pay 3000 grafts, you get 3000 incisions (not considering some splitting that can occur) and 7500 hairs more or less. You will get a paper with this calculation. I agree Lixin maybe it is better if you open your own dicussion, maybe a moderator can take these messages and open your surgery thread.
  12. 0,9 mm 3 days no wash, just spray saline on the recipient area After 3 days, start washing only with water not directly poured on recipient. From day 7 gently wash with ph 5.5 delicate shampoo