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  1. No, 3000 grafts are 3000 incisions, if you get 3000 grafts transplanted with a hair/graft ratio average of 2.5, you pay 3000 grafts, you get 3000 incisions (not considering some splitting that can occur) and 7500 hairs more or less. You will get a paper with this calculation. I agree Lixin maybe it is better if you open your own dicussion, maybe a moderator can take these messages and open your surgery thread.
  2. 0,9 mm 3 days no wash, just spray saline on the recipient area After 3 days, start washing only with water not directly poured on recipient. From day 7 gently wash with ph 5.5 delicate shampoo
  3. Future patients of our clinic know that in case something goes wrong about the regrowth, we offer a free touch up as it was offered to you. You showed concern in all the potential side effects of the medicines you were prescribed. Finasteride (depression after only 2 weeks of usage is inconsistent with the drug mechanism of action). In addition not only you just lasted 2 weeks taking Finasteride, you also stopped Minoxidil once and for good after you had been taking it for 6 months before surgery, losing all benefits you gained thanks to the medicine. You lamented side effects even from a mild saw palmetto supplement. You behaved so bizarrely that dr. Pekiner started to have strong doubts about you following the other post operative instructions. While we are sure you did not take the prescribed drugs. Long message of his team only started to appear after you began to shoot bad words at the clinic in public forums trying to blacken dr. Pekiner's reputation and frighten potential patients. The facts are that the patients treated just before and just after your first and second surgery are all doing or have done perfectly fine. I just published two of them: Something went wrong only in your surgeries and we don't know exactly what happened. We are sure you did not take the prescribed drugs to fight androgenetic alopecia (Finasteride and Minoxidil) and dr. Pekiner has heavy suspects you did not follow the post operative instructions either. You are sure instead it was all dr. Pekiner's fault, but the 4 patients treated just before and after you, show that the problem is in your case only. Do you have proofs dr. Pekiner performed something wrong? You don't have still you keep on shooting at him. I am repeating myself, a successful surgery requires collaboration and trust between the patient and the doctor, following the post operative instructions is fundamental. It is also possible there is something wrong in your physiology but it is impossible to determine exactly. There is not an official guidance but it is commonly accepted in the hair restoration world that around 50 grafts per cm2 is the threshold between medium/high density and dense packing, even if that is just a conventional term, because it also depends on graft size. Mostly about taking care of the recipient area, taking the prescribed medicines, not doing heavy activities and not wearing a helmet for 1 month etc. Every clinic provides a list of how to behave after surgery, more or less things are the same for all. I cannot list them all and explain why every point is important here it would take hours. Grafts are anchored way before 7 days post op, but this doesn't mean you can treat them like normal hairs, not at all. Well then you have been badly informed, nowdays most of the top notch clinics implant at 50 grafts per cm2 and more in every case in which a norwood 1 to 4 must rebuild the frontal part, while the existing hair behind is at native density. Same story for crown reconstructions. I have never seen a clinic asking a patient to come twice to implant 30 grafts per cm2 square in the first surgery and then 20 grafts in the second one on the same area. Following this principle, clinics who perform mainly frontal reconstructions at high density (lets say Keser's DermaPlast since we spoke about him before) should simply not exist, since they perform only dense packing (50 to 65 grafts per cm2) on daily basis. We perform dense packing in around 50% of our cases. What you say is logical in special cases like transplanting hair on burn scar or damaged tissue, where you have to re-vascularize the area and try to soften the tissue. There is no clinical reason to limit implantations at 35 grafts per cm2 on healthy skin. ...how come, because this is basically a vindictive topic even if it is disguised as an informative one. Yes, finasteride would help. Dupa and retrograde alopecia are nothing but just having DHT sensitive hair follicles inside the donor area and sparse around the occipital sides (that is why it is called DUPA) and/or above and beneath the donor area and on the periauricular area. You can see patients with initial miniaturization on donor while at norwood 2/3 level, and patients at norwood 5 level with perfect donor. DUPA can begin at a early baldnes stage or not be present at all, there is not a rule. This why Finasteride is ofter considered an assurance for long term maintainance. Example: This one is a doctor Pekiner's patient, norwood 5 level, donor is perfect This is a norwood 2 patient, he has diffuse miniaturization on all donor and surgery had to be postponed after deciding to raise finasteride dosage.
  4. 46 years old Italian patient, norwood 2.5, previous little FUE done in Italy in 1996 to place some hair on the temples. Receding hairline in the following years resulted in the transplanted grafts exposed as pluggy. The patient is taking Finasteride since 2016, Minoxidil once a day. Surgery performed on 29 and 30 november 2018. Partial shaving. Hair caliber medium/thick Surgery target was to restore a normal hairline with high density, matching the native hair one, repositioning or incorporating the old plugs and covering the old FUT scar with some transplanted hair. Single grafts: 246 Doubles: 636 (1272) Triples: 729 (2187) Multiples: 189 (756) Total of hair: 4461 Total of grafts:1800 Hair/graft ratio: 2.48 Total of grafts: 1800 Area treated: approximately 31 cm2 implantation density: average of 55 graft per cm2 on bald area. Grafts on scar: 37 PRE SURGERY
  5. Dredd, in your case medicines were mandatory because your androgenetic alopecia was miniaturizing also the donor area (it is a condition called DUPA and is more common than people think) and dr. Pekiner told you that many times. Not only you did not take Finasteride and Minoxidil as prescribed, you even started minoxidil on and off, that is worse than not taking it at all. You said you got Finasteride driven depression after 2 weeks of usage, which looks rather unlikely. You said you got side effects from Minoxidil and even from Xpecia that is a mild Saw Palmetto supplement. Dr. Pekiner also suspects you did not follow post surgery instructions, because you always behaved like you did not care, probably you were thinking that you just had to pay the money to the surgeon and get the results without being annoyed by medicines and post operative care. But the first month after the operation is the most important one. It is like a fat man not following post operative instructions after a liposuction and starting to eat pies and donuts and lift heavy weights the day after. Surgery doesn't work this way, you must follow and trust doctor instruction and advices, it is not like "this is your money doc, now I want the problem solved". At the end we have some suspects but we don't know exactly what happened, while you look so sure it was all dr. Pekiner's failure and like 2 weeks ago you started to feel the urge to inform the whole world. Please don't worry about this Lixin. I also invite other dr. Pekiner's future patient not to fall prey of a free shooter only interested in destroying the clinic reputation. I will start posting all the clinic good cases in this forum as well, I just need a little time. Please check all the surgeries before and after both of Dredd's operations and you will see 3 perfect frontal dense packs and 1 norwood 6 reconstruction in 2 steps. As I specified before, this case was not treated at an extreme density of more than 50 grafts per cm2, which is often called super dense pack. It was a "classic" high density of around 50 grafts per cm2. DHI method, that is basically a marketing term coined for incisions and implantations via implanter pens, shares the same philosophy of the stick and place technique used by dr. Pekiner, that is placing the graft immediately after opening the channel. Having said that, there are many other clinics, using different techniques, like lateral slit with custom blade made incisions, or placers instead of implanters, that can achieve great density all the same.
  6. 31 years old German patient with a familiar history of just frontal baldness without cases over Norwood 3/4 scale. Dr. Pekiner examined his hair and found no signs of miniaturization on mid, crown and sides; for this reason he was allowed not to take any medication except some supplements. Surgery target was to restore a juvenile and dense hairline. Treated area: 31 cm2 + connection zones Single grafts: 234 doubles: 932 (1864) triples: 916 (2748) multiples: 223 (892) Total of grafts: 2305 Total of hair : 5738 Hair/graft ratio: 2.5 Implantation density: around 65 grafts per cm2 on the first line, decreasing going back. Hair caliber: medium/thin PRE SURGERY SURGERY 8 DAYS 1 MONTH 2 MONTHS 3 MONTHS 4 MONTHS 5 MONTHS
  7. It doesn't look probable, this case was treated at a density of 50 grafts per cm2 as average; dense but a not super dense pack like 60 or more needed for Norwood 1 to 3 with high native density and tiny grafts and hair caliber.
  8. Dr. Pekiner started his career in the hair transplant world at dr. Keser's clinic, that is a fact. Many patients ask where he was formed and where he learned the manual FUE techinque. Stating the truth is not a promotional use of his experience at Keser's clinic, we only wrote this in his private curriclum vitae and it is specified he did not perform surgeries at Keser's, while he did at HLC later. Dr. Keser is not mentioned everywhere else except in this brief CV of dr. Pekiner, for what reason we should omit where he trained and worked before?
  9. Hello everybody, my name is Alex, I am the Italian advisor of dr. Pekiner Hair Clinic, I also take care of English-speaking patients. I am in the hair transplant world since 2003, beginning in an old Italian forum, then in 2006 I started to post in an American one (under the name Starscream). I underwent a hairline HT surgery with dr. Keser in 2016; then I got in touch with dr. Pekiner who was opening his new clinic and I became his advisor. I had a final hairline touch up and beard surgery with him in 2018, I will share my experiences in this forum soon. Coming to the point of this topic, at first I want to say I did not follow this patient, he came through the former Russian advisor, I became aware of his case when he started to post it in internet some days ago. Dr. Pekiner and clinic staff told me that this patient first and main failure is that he never followed dr. Pekiner's rules, instructions and medical advices. The second important thing to know is that this is the only case where we met such an extended regrowth deficiency. It can happen that small zones show delayed or less regrowth, but we have never experienced to such an extent. Another important thing to point out is that each case before and after his first (04 December 2017) and second (21 November 2018) operation, went perfectly fine and are documented in dr. Pekiner's site and other forums. I cannot link them here because they are considered promotional content. Hoping not to break forum rules, I can give datas of them so that you can search in the net if interested: first case 2305 grafts dense pack second case 3256 grafts (of which 1121 from beard) second surgery for crown third case 1501 grafts dense pack (allnakedorafk) fourth case 1800 grafts dense pack (Max1972) Same procedures, technique, also same assistants were used in all these consecutive surgeries. They all came out perfectly fine except Russian patient, twice (even if the second time he performed a little better). The important question is then "why". Dr. Pekiner doesn't think of any skin condition or illness that made the transplanted grafts not grow well. He thinks the patient failed to follow his advices and instructions. After the second operation, free of charge, when he showed again poor regrowth rate, he was invited to come and visit a dermatologist, but he refused. Even if physiological or pathological flaws like poor microcirculation or dermatitis are not probable, they are still plausible and should be investigated. Leave it alone the fact that this patient seems now engaged in the mission of destroying dr. Pekiner's reputation all around the world, posting in all the forums and media he did not know they existed just 1 month ago. Thank you for reading.
  10. Hello guys, I am doctor Pekiner Italian advisor. I am also English speaking. I can confirm that doctor Pekiner worked for 1 year in Keser's clinic as assistant doctor and then for 7 years at HLC as surgeon. He always perfomed full manual FUE surgeries in his career. He opened his own clinic in 2017. For any information please write to me at About me: I was norwood 2, going to 3. I stopped all with Finasteride, i take it since more than 10 years. I had a dense pack hairline restoration with dr. Keser in 2016 (1400 grafts). Now i am going to do a touch up with dr. Pekiner in june 2018. I am also going to have some minor beard reconstruction with him (sideburn and mustache connections which i genetically miss). I would also like to thank and congratulate Tokoloshe. We never spoke before since he went to Dr. Pekiner's clinic through the German advisor.
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