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  1. Hello! Thank you for you answer first of all. I hadn't even really considered the meds because i hadn't showed any type of hairloss, and my doctors just said for me to ignore it for now, only to care about meds when and if i show hairloss, so i didn't research it sorry. I might just wait until my 20's, seeing that everyone shares the same opinion, or look up an hairpiece, going to look for an hairpiece just for the temples if those exist, first time considering them aswell haha! Thank you for your honest answer again, not quite mature true, just kind of desperate, sorry!
  2. First of all, thank you all for your honest and friendly answers! I am going through quite some "pressure", feeling sad and a bit depressed. Yes i am aware that i am way too young for a transplant, i know that my hairlines will for sure go back, even if only naturally. Yet, i feel like i want to make the most of my youth. My older brother did the transplant (22 years) and he says that he regrets not doing it any sooner, saying that he preffers to have hair while young and not having when he is older than only having decent hair when he is older. Not wanting to offend anyone! Just my humble opinion aswell Based on my family history i have the same hair of my fathers side, my father has the hairline same as mine since he was my age, did not get bald, nor my grandpa, nor my older brother, that must mean something, but of course, there is always the possibility. The doctors i attended said that it was mostly my forehead format, maybe a bit of hairloss but mostly or all natural. I have had the same hairline since i first cut my hair short at least (12/11 years old), first time i saw my forehead haha And it changed almost nothing, for sure. About the medication, i'm affraid of the impotence,etc.. (i'm sexually active) I am almost 100% confident that i'm going to do it, it's just something that is affecting me in my studys, relationships (i normally date but feel insecure), and life. My parents agree with me, better young then old "live your youth to the max" haha If there was someone who could talk with me in pm's, i would appreciate, need some serious help in this, not wanting to bother anyone. Thank you and good night.
  3. First of all i'd like to introduce myself, i'm from Europe, going to be 17 in June, sorry for any Grammar errors, english is not my native Language I have Receded hairlines since i was little -10 years old, never affected me until i cut my hair short, then as my head grew so did my hairline go back more naturally than from hair falling, there is no visible hairloss nor the clinics i went in my country say that i have hairloss, just a strange forehead natural design, i have high density in the rest of my head. My dad, grandpa and older brother all have their forehead like mine, neither one of them went bald, maintaining their hairlines. I know that i am young to do an hair transplant, but i've discussed it with my family and they are willing to go to Turkey with me to do an Hair transplant. I am aware that the hairlines may go back leaving "horns" of hair, but i don't mind doing another transplant later on my life (doctors say that i have enough density on the back of my head to cover the whole top of my head). My brother also did one, in Portugal. Now, the question is, which clinic/doctor in Turkey should i go? I was thinking something in the range of 2500 3500 euros, i don't mind with technicians doing a part of the work but i want a competent doctor to atleast do the most important part. And how many grafts? A doctor that's good in temples of the same size of mine? I have been looking into these doctors: Dr cinik Yaman dr keser and some others Pictures: Thank you for any type of help
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