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  1. Thank you @ciaus, thats reassuring to hear! Im going to check the thread, read and absorb. I appreciate you flagging it. I do need to get a reassessment at the clinic with the zero meds stance, and gauge opinion.
  2. Thanks for the link @Maz_a, good to chat for sure. A good read & train of thought in the link there too, cheers. Even though not as advantageous perhaps, it is safer long term which appeals to me greatly. This seems like the most likely route at this time, I don't want to tread water for too long as I know time is of the essence. Its definitely one of the toughest decisions any of us could make. I've added a few pictures of my hairline, its not the worst but it could be a lot better, when I look back to how thick it was when I was younger. I'm like you, and cutting it short. Regarding self confidence, I think this is linked even though life's knocks can affect this on its own. I think its more the weight and realisation that we're ageing and leaving behind perceived 'youth'. Some are cool with this, and many like ourselves have a bit more trouble accepting it. I agree that I'd rather have a clean balding look than patches of 'procedure' hair around my hairline, consistency is important. My donor area isn't too bad, not intense but there's some mileage in it as I'm told in my consultations. Its how it performs over the years if I press on with a procedure without medication. I appreciate nobody can answer this one. Interesting that @Melvin-Moderator, has had a procedure and isn't using finisteride, I didn't know this, thanks for highlighting. That sounds promising, Ill check the site for any write ups he may have done. Keen to learn more. Thank you @Taken4Granted, I appreciate your honesty there, Im sorry to hear that you experienced some adverse effects in your journey from the medication. Its trial and potential error in the small minority, Im stood on the precipice. Thank you @Curious25, I think a medical viewpoint is the way forward. At least then I'll know, or have a little more information. Ill give the docs a call Monday morning. You've given me a bit to think about there, additionally/frustratingly the best hair I have is facial hair. Give it a week and I've got the makings of a great beard, its ridiculous. Its exciting to see what clinics like Eugenix are doing for people with much less hair than I have, and from what I can gather (anyone correct me if Im wrong) does transplanted hair from the donor region stay strong and not shed long term as was the case with the hair it is replacing? (genetic programming). On your ending note, sleeping well and knowing Im not potentially screwing myself up inside or in my head/positive mindset is so important.
  3. Im with you completely @Maz_a, you have summarised it all very well. To have the benefit of the medication without the worry of a side effect is the holy grail, for many medications I guess. I'll have to accept fate soon, or take the leap. Eugenix do seem to be able to work a degree of magic with less of a donor area which is impressive, seeing some of the examples on here has given me hope. One of the chaps isnt using finisteride either, and has added images of a great procedure. Food for thought.
  4. Thank you, @ciaus some good points there, and yes the mind can conjure up many things and make them seem real. This ties in with your thoughts too @Maz_a, I appreciate the human reflection, its extremely valid. I hate sitting on the fence, as Im usually quite a decision maker but the potential health aspect has slowed down the process somewhat. I was about to buy some finisteride a while back when it showed a few links to do research before buying and thats when the doubt set in. There are many shady sites peddling fear I agree, but these two seem pretty solid and I would say aimed at the minority. https://www.propeciahelp.com/ & https://www.pfsfoundation.org/ The facts and case studies are an eyeopener, and not what I wanted to read in a way.
  5. Im blown away by the transformation. Its very kind of @paddyirishman to share the whole procedure and updates. I was fearful of clinics further afield aside of some in Belgium/America and Canada, but wow, Eugenix certainly have got it nailed. Im intruiged by the decision not to use finisteride too, as thats a route I would prefer. Great stuff. As @Fluffhead mentions, if you have time an update would be greatly appreciated. Best regards
  6. Great info re medication as Im apprehensive about taking it yet know it could be the key, thank you
  7. A fantastic update, thanks for sharing. Its a 'proper' solid style, it doesnt look like any work has ever been done. This answers my question on the previous thread re medication. How have you found finisteride if you dont mind my asking please? As all clinics I have spoken to stress that this should be part of the process if I want any degree of success.
  8. Thank you, no worries, I appreciate your sharing what is quite a personal thing that affects many of us. Im impressed with Dr Arshads work, and will make some enquiries. Lastly, I wondered if you were using any medication and which if so please? (building my knowledge) Many thanks
  9. I feel I'm very much similar to yourself in sensitivities to treatments, and I'm not 100% on fin yet either. I liked that you had your 2000 aside of this and wondered how you were getting on with it please? (taking into account there's nothing additional in your system to assist it) Many thanks
  10. Thanks for your post, Im keen to know how you're getting on? Im at this very point myself. I need a good 6 to 9 months medication (advised my the clinic) before I can sort my hairline. I am considering the topical version though, this looks on the outset a sensible alternative.
  11. Thank you, thats very true also, which is the bugbear for me. I could get off the fence and see a huge change. The other I have seen and Im reading up on is the topical finisteride, seems to be ok and have less impact on the internal workings of the body. I dont know that much about it tho, at this stage.
  12. Thank you, thats my long term fear & why Im currently sat on the fence pondering it. I know how good it could be for me, 'if' I dont have any of the side effects. Do you personally use it, if you dont mind my asking? (And how do you find it if so)
  13. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I would be sad to see my hair fade much more, but it would be much, much worse to lose my fitness & overall health and well-being as I have read happens to others. A big shame something so efficient in the hair department has such detrimental effects.
  14. I found saw palmetto did nothing either, I have biotin and various vitamin supplements but need to read & learn more about finisteride yet as I know thats where things really change (for the better or worse I cant decide)
  15. This is my fear and kind of answers the question I posted earlier..wasnt sure whether to start it as both clinics I have spoken to advise me to use it in the run up to and after a procedure. Im thinking that if I dont then the procedure will be pointless...the million dollar question
  16. Hi All, Please could I trouble you for some advice/pointers? I had my consultation with Farjo and was about to start Finisteride as it gives a well known result thats 'almost' guaranteed (from what Ive read) Only as I went to purchase, this was a link on the page before checkout & its really thrown doubt into my mind now https://www.pfsfoundation.org/what-doctors-scientists-are-saying/ I appreciate the side effects arent happening to everyone, but dont always go away once the medication is stopped, hence the site. How did you all get on with taking it, to overcome the fear and if you havent how do you maintain your hair? For info Im probably just coming up to a norwood 4
  17. Great advice, I like the positivity in this. I wondered did any of you in this position go for finisteride along with the op? Thats the biggest hurdle I have to overcome as I hear things dont always go to plan with this medication.
  18. Good angles, I always thought it would be worse being overweight. Some of those I know who are overweight havent got the motivation to go to the gym, but many have great hair. A frustrating trade off, Im thinning but fit as a fiddle and keep in shape. I get the endorphin buzz but do miss the thicker hair.
  19. That looks fantastic, you do have great thick hair thats coming through so well. Thanks for sharing
  20. Just picking up on this thread, great results, I'd be over the moon with those. Will see if you've posted any since, as Im keen to see an update
  21. A great story, and fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing
  22. Thanks for sharing Pete, it gives a good insight into Farjo's work. As I read the forum, there's a lot of praise for Farjo and as with anything some negatives too, mostly good tho.
  23. I completely agree about the fantastic clinics overseas, but will future travel be quite the obstacle for us all now? (those in the UK) I did wonder about other countries, as costs are review are fantastic for the select clinics. How would it work out for follow up appointments etc.. treatments and suchlike, thats where the savings could disappear. Food for thought, wondered what other thoughts are on this. (sorry for jumping in on the thread)