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  1. Don’t be concerned about safety. His office is very close to the border. Just request to be brought back via the international bridge as well.
  2. Today is the ONE WEEK mark and I'm happy with what I see so far. Most of the scabs on my donor area are gone. I'm not longer taking medication and I'm focusing on making the scabs soft.
  3. Just had it done with him and I was extremely impressed. He doesn’t advertise. All his business come from personal recommendations.
  4. I wasn't going to share my experience but I felt that after everything I got from this forum and the fantastic experience with Dr. Nader, I had to to share this and give back to the community that helped me through this. I started losing hair in my 20's and then it stopped (or that's what I thought). I truly believe since then I lost my hair slowly and progressively until now. I'm 36 years old now. My hairline was never horrible and I didn't have peaks that really bothered me but I started noticing a lot of hair loss when looking at my pictures and seeing a much wider forehead each time.
  5. Thank you. I will try to take New pics.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Here a few pics...
  7. Hi there, This is my first post here. I tried to make an appointment with Dr. Nader thanks to this forum. Today I received a reply from his assistant with the following message: “Based on the photos you sent we are unable to determine if you are a proper candidate for a hair transplant. We would like to advise if you have a chance to visit a local dermatologist he can give you a lab order for testing. Anything from a low testosterone, low thyroid, low ferritin level might also cause diffuse alopecia and need to be discarded. We consider recommending finding the right diagnosis for
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