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  1. Thank you very much for your input, help and advice with this,. I am going to look in detail at your experiences and recommendations to help with my decision for one last procedure!
  2. Ps.. I keep seeing and hearing about this place "anatomica" This post on here the guy only paid $2000 for 4800 grafts with post op and early stage results looking very good! http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/178499-fue-hair-transplant-trukey-4800-grafts-hacer-yuce.html
  3. Maybe HDC were having a difficult period at that time due to the Cyprus financial crisis in 2012/2013 and it reflected on their operations some what? For me it seems pound for pound Turkey is the best option even though it isnt an area of the world I want to visit again. If you can get high class results for much less outlay it has to be a consideration. I have already spent enough on procedures and but like you say as time passes you always seem to want more (hair greed haha). I know for sure the next procedure is my last! It is not a nice thing to go through never mind the cost. I am only guessing that I have 2000 donor grafts. Looking at the back and sides of my head it is probably double that. Where are you having your third procedure done? I am very cautious about the Clinic in Madrid/Dr Griffiths. I would have taken the plunge by now other wise. The photos on the site are very poor to say the least and as discussed there is nada about him or the clinic on the internet to form an opinion at this stage which is a big shame. Have you heard anything about this clinic? If I have to go to Turkey I would prefer to go to Antalya over Istanbul. http://www.getfue.com Dr Ayhan Colak? I have taken note of the surgeons you mention in Turkey. And again thank you very much for the input and advice.
  4. I had a strip and FUE procedure at HDC in Cyprus back in 2009. I was happy with everything and the result, so much so 3 years ago myself and a friend visited for another procedure. The second time I noticed a change in things. The general hygiene was poor, I could see old grafts and blood stains on the floor. The surgeon (Dr Maras) working between patients seemed very stressed and over worked, almost like he was trapped there and had to day in day out work hours that were difficult to sustain. However he is a really nice guy and very talented albeit the technicians do 80% of the work and I couldn't fault them. Also there was zero interaction with the manager Pantelis Ftellehas, Alex the sales guy was less friendly and much more vacant than the first time. Neither myself or my friend had a single aftercare message of any sort which you would expect. The end price was much more for both of us than agreed beforehand. Our price did include the flights but dear me what a nightmare. We had to drive into northern Cyprus to a tiny airport and checks from the Turkish authorities, then we had a long stop over at Istanbul airport before finally catching the final flight. This was all with the aftermath of surgery and my friends swelling was intense so he really suffered on this unnecessary journey back. After 2 procedures with them I am still finding myself needed more which in my opinion should not be the case. Any further hair loss or preference to my hair style etc should have been addressed and taken into consideration. Both times I had to ask for alterations to my hairline "after" the procedure as they did not do it at the time as I wanted and agreed. Luckily I still have enough donor area left for maybe 2000 grafts? And for my last ever procedure (I thought and hoped the second was the last) if I had to fly that way I would go to one of the Turkish surgeons for the same results but for much less. Obviously this is my own personal opinion and experience. And I am not saying HDC do not provide good results. Ideally Dr Griffiths can sort his marketing out and in time convince me to go there instead of Turkey??
  5. Thank you for the input. It is a little baffling a surgeon of his calibre hasn't got any reviews and before/after pictures? I was in discussion with his assistant who is offering full FUE treatment (as many grafts as the donor area will allow up to 4000 in one session) for ?3200. This is an excellent deal and I am very keen to have the procedure done in Spain as I have a property there and I can recover for 2 weeks before having to get a flight. But obviously as it stand there simply isnt enough evidence to convince me to commit to this. This was her last message to me November 2017. I see there are some picture on there now but they are far from convincing. Hello, it's recommended to shave the head as obviously it makes visibility etc better for the doctor but if it is important for you to do it without shaving then we can also do it that way. However you'll still need to shave the back area for the extractions. We can't send patient photos by email due to data protection laws. We are in the process of updating the website with more photos, I think there may already be more on the Spanish version at Injerto Capilar Madrid : Experto Trasplante Capilar FUE We do have many more photos which we can show at in person consultations but unfortunately we can't put them all on the website as not everyone gives permission. Regarding the forums I don't know if we are mentioned there or not. The forums charge clinics to publish results there so really it's just another form of advertising and we find advertising on Facebook/Google to be more effective. All the best, Sara Casanova
  6. Hi Guys Has anyone heard of or got any information on Dr Peter J. Griffiths based in Mardrid ,Spain? He seems to have a good pedigree, a member of ISHRS since 2012 Peter J. Griffiths, MBBS | Hair Loss Doctor Madrid | ISHRS and is offering a very good deal for the procedure I am looking for. However I am struggling to find any patient reviews, before and after pictures, and the website looks pretty poor and uninformative. I have had 2 procedures in Cyprus via HDC over a 9 year period. I am fairly happy with the results but I would not go back there now so I am looking for affordable alternatives closer to the UK that preferably does not involve a trip to Turkey. I see soo many clinics in Turkey that seem to produce excellent results at incredibly cheap prices but I am not convinced unless someone can help in that? Also I would prefer not to fly as having travelled several times through multiple airports after a hair transplant it is something I really would prefer not to repeat. Cheers!
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