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  1. do you take brand name or generic proscar? I've seen this debated recently in terms of what works better
  2. How many months are you post op? When did they say your hair will improve until?
  3. I've never heard of a case of asmed giving a refund/partial refund to any of their customers. I've only seen them offer free touch ups and in one case offer a patient that had necrosis a free flight to see them and free long hair FUE. I hope you're the first
  4. What classifies this patient as a nw 4? I see a classic nw3/nw3v great result btw
  5. You’re referencing the JT video. Went dr Wong talking about his donor area where the scar tissue was tethering? Not the recipient...
  6. Thanks for the detailed breakdown. can you please confirm if dr. Rahal recieved his training and/or worked under Dr. Antonio Armani or Alvi Armani clinic?
  7. Thanks. I’ll take a guess and say Nader from Mexico. He’s been mentioned here many times on the forum. You look great btw
  8. Wow can you provide more info in terms of who performed your surgeries and maybe pics of where you began?
  9. Not gonna watch that video but I’m going to respond to the title of this thread. sorry, fue is here to stay and continues to overshadow fut by a HUGE margin in terms of number of procedures so no it is not “dying.” yes, fut is inherently the better procedure because it is not a blind procedure. But I think most patients would be willing to trade off a 5-10% yield and undergo fue.
  10. I’m 99% sure those are miniaturized hairs that were in the front and they reinforced behind it. There’s no way imo to harvest singles like that unless you’re doing something like leg hair which is very unreliable in terms of yield
  11. Who did the incisions in your case? I’m sorry to hear your unhappiness
  12. You’re def not a repair patient bc of asmeds work, u just want additional density. However, I still think you need to think thoroughly so you use your remaining grafts wisely.
  13. I think for the price point, asmed does pretty good work. Theyre doing better work than 95% (if not more) of the clinics in the US doing fue (of course I’m just going off pics). Yes, they do use high graft numbers. On a positive note I think their donor management is very good. I don’t think I’ve seen a case of donor depletion. The OPs donor looks great for over 7000 grafts extracted and he cuts it pretty low too.
  14. Totally agreed. But I guess I’m wondering if something like that can trigger a shed almost immediately after.
  15. Fair enough. Admittedly i don’t know enough about smp to confidently make an depth analysis. Are you planning on posting a follow up after the redness has faded?
  16. I dunno about many surgeons in az besides the ones mentioned but I wanted to congratulate u on the 10/10 username
  17. The last few weeks I’ve been shedding like mad. I’m talking about shower drain gets full of hair each day. I’ve read shedding in autumn is common. Right before the shedding I also had a bit of a bender and I’m wondering if that’s contributing in any way. thoughts, experiences, advice? Thanks