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  1. Lol u gotta be kidding me right? Joined just to post this? I bet you’re going to disappear now forever
  2. Fair enough, point taken. You seem like a polite and helpful guy on here so I do apologize to you, op, and dr Nadimi if she comes across this thread.
  3. Very interesting list. Care to elaborate why you chose these doctors? Also, op said doctor must be able to do fue. Alexander only uses artas for fue so I don’t think that’s a good option. i know you worked for arocha in the past but have you worked with any other of these docs?
  4. Motorized Punches can typically work with various punch tips of different diameters. It’s not like his tool only has a 1mm punch. It’s likely he chooses to use .9 and 1mm punches for his surgeries. I’m a laymen on this so you may want to follow up with your clinic directly.
  5. Lighten up, it’s a joke, that’s why certain parts are put in quotations and I reference ht tools, jeez. I realize hair loss saddens most of us but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh once in a while. @pkipling sorry to offend you and the women’s rights movement you care so deeply about
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much 2 months is deep into “nothing happening” territory. If those stubbles haven’t grown in the last 2 months, I’d recommend scrubbing them a bit harder in the shower to loosen them up as they’re likely just dormant.
  7. Yeah I’d wanna see Nadimi too not just for hair transplant but I’d like to insert my “implanter pen” into her “incision”
  8. Have u asked erdogan how much experience he has with Afro textured hair? Going from memory I’ve only seen one case of his published online on Afro hair. As you may already know, Afro textured hair typically has a strong curl underneath the skin which makes it difficult to extract with fue. Not trying to scare you or anything but just saying it’s best to be cautious.
  9. Oh I totally got the same when I was wearing a hat all the time in the gym too shortly after my operation. Probably all the sweat feeding the bacteria
  10. I don’t think @Adam87 likes to answer any questions even tho he opened up a thread so let’s just give him the space he wants so he can meditate peacefully while logged into his account
  11. Kind of off topic but how did you clear up your acne? I remember back in the day you used to have some but now ur skin is as clear as ever?
  12. he is on this forum. He posts results directly but never responds to the questions members raise. That’s expected as part of the membership here. He also posts on IG
  13. So are many of the other doctors here and elsewhere but yet they still manage to respond to their threads when they post results
  14. @LaserCap Establishing blood supply vs seeing first signs of regrowth are totally different. Which of these were u initially referring to?
  15. These results look very good for 2500 grafts. I’d guess and say u had very high survival as well. did he give you any statistics regarding your hair like total donor capacity, hairs per graft, implanted density, etc?