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  1. Its not worth a pm, keep the comversation open, how do you know I was being Sarcastic?
  2. Explain to me why you are asking me to quote to a something I never quoted?/
  3. You can also explain to me why “good luck with your donor area” is considered in your world a negative response.
  4. Explain to mr me moderater your “many’ threads you referrer to. This reply shouldn’t take Lang.
  5. Man up, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, people are not stupid they have an idea what’s going on. Be proud of your surgery.
  6. Good on him, all the money in the world and he’s happy bald, that’s my man. Unlike the rest of us....................
  7. Cheers pal, appreciate the advice.
  8. Any difference of opinion now that you’ve been on oral Minoxidil for a while? I’ve just started as I found the liquid/fluid too messy for my liking.
  9. Give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained, but remember it may take a while for the existing medication to exit your body before the new reduced amount has any effect. I’ve just starting taking Minoxidil orally as I found the fluid messy and most of it ended on the pillow. Again I’ll try it and see if I notice a difference. Good luck.
  10. Remained to be convinced on the stats, I had several consultations with doctors and strangely enough they all said the same thing, “that eveything should be okay’ I’ve had friends who also had several consultations and the response was identical. Out of the five of us two are showing signs that FIN is having a negative impact. Now don’t get me wrong ingest a drug into the body and there is always a chance of side effects. For me I will reduce the Proscar and see how things go, at least the wife no longer needs to make excuses of headaches.
  11. Ive already stated there are two side to a story the patient & the doctor, misinterpretation & expectations has a lot to answer for I absolutely agree however, the 5 month panicers you refer to will never change no matter how many threads we cover, take out this & the anti ASMED brigade who claim they were lead to believe it’s not tech driven we’d be lost for debate.
  12. Some are very fortunate and one visit does it. This is my first (hopefully only) I’m hitting 56 years old and sitting close to a NW3 suppose I have a chance of getting it pretty close because the rest of the savings is being spent on my wife treating herself to a new watch. So in effect this HT is costing me close to 30k€ I have to admit some of the FIN sides are starting to creep in but I’ve had my children and should another appear a HTwould be the least of my worries. Good look in your quest of satisfaction.
  13. Bill, I’ve already mentioned there are two sides to most stories, i’m not suggesting it is a ‘free for all’ but what strikes me is considering a financial plan that would encompass all clients using the recommended surgeons what we are talking about here are the nessecary patients borrowing from friends, family or taking out finance and in my view the medical professional can sometimes ignore the financial ramamfications this can have, as difficult as it my sound if this website should consider providing a financial plan with certain criteria to protect the client & surgeon it might tighten the level of control. Just a thought.
  14. @Shifty, absolutely if it’s a success you can retire early otherwise work like the rest of us until we exit this earth.