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  1. No visible scarring? All surgery FUE/FUSS has visible scarring, if you know different let us know.
  2. Absolutely, couldn’t agree more and it is questionable if these standards are being consistently implemented. The concern is new visitors to the forum are looking at recommended surgeons that haven’t posted in a very long time when perhaps they no longer satisfy the criteria to be recommended.
  3. I get that, without revenue this site doesn’t exist.
  4. Recently we’ve seen an increase in 1mm punch used to remove grafts in FUE procedures, it would appear that the argument is there’s less chance of transection however, the trade off is there’s more chance of post surgery scarring to the donor area. Is this all marketing nonsense and ultimately do the final results rest with the skill of the surgeon or tech?
  5. The fact that these surgeons are fee paying might have an influence on the mod’s decision to monitor their results & submissions. The reality is the website needs revenue to survive.
  6. Good thread Trix you’ve exposed a weakness in the website, there’s always room for improvement.
  7. Interesting, are you saying that Dr Feriduni is recommending not to take Finasteride etc?
  8. Fair point & an interesting hairline.
  9. Very good, they say it can take up to 12 months to fully benefit so perhaps even more coverage.
  10. Interesting, I’ve had several consultations (feriduni, Lorenzo & devroye) and all the hairlines drawn were symmetrical to the naked eye.
  11. I appreciate your response, I’ve had many online consultations and not one has drawn a hairline that’s not symmetrical.
  12. You’re missing my point, look at the angle of the hairline.
  13. Study the hairline, I understand symmetries but the patient’s right sight side is completely different to the other side. Are you suggesting that surgeons apply asymmetrical approach to a hairline? Just asking.
  14. You don’t need the surgery but it’s your call, from somebody that’s more than twice your age I would say take your time, it’s a marathon not a sprint. I’m 56 and going for my first HT this month. I know it’s not easy listening to an old man but you’ve plenty of time on your side. Trust me, you’ll appreciate the advice in the long term.
  15. Have to agree with gas, donor doesn’t look great. On another point the hairline symmetry looks wrong, hopefully that’s just my eyesight. Good luck.