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  1. Raker

    Name that Hair Transplant Myth

    For me it’s “100% success guaranteed” unfortunately there are individuals that fall for this crap.
  2. Ultimately it’s your call, but if you’re on this forum like me then you have an issue with your hair, it won’t resolve itself. If you’ve satisfied yourself with the surgeon/practice etc do it now, get it out of the way, look forward to Xmas & hopefully 2019 will bring new beginnings.
  3. Hopefully come February of 2019 I can provide the evidence of her work, booked in for late January. I get the feeling she will book out very quickly given her results working with Lorenzo & pricing.
  4. Raker


    In my opinion you may want to consider looking further afield than the UK, I’ve seen little to impress me. I live in Ireland and I’m leaning towards Spain/Belgium for surgery, for FUE 3-5 Euro per graph seems to be the norm, happy hunting. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint to find the right Surgeon, do your due diligence.
  5. Great read Melvin, with the wealth of information available on this website the forum can provide as many questions as answers. I still haven’t decided on a surgeon yet, every day is a school day on here. Keep up the good work.
  6. Melvin, let’s get real, assuming that Asmed are relocating, to justify the financial & capital outlay will not be to accommodate additional patients Erdogan is running a business for financial gain, he’s going to up the throughput, period. That said, we all understand what you get, tech driven with limited personal involvement. Time to put a lid on this thread, getting tiresome.
  7. Raker

    FUT Staples

    Out of interest what surgeon did you settle for? I’m waiting for Dr Vila to confirm availability for surgery.
  8. Agree, focus on the end result and don’t get distracted by their individual methods.
  9. I’m waiting for some links from her that showcase her work & availability for surgery etc. I’ve found her very responsive & honest in her replys.
  10. Based in Madrid, website - ximenavila.com although it’s under construction but you’ll get contact details. I’ve been communicating with her but most of her work is on Lorenzo’s website which she can’t showcase on her website. If you believe what you read she did Lorenzo’s hair transplant.
  11. Looking forward to the responses on this thread, my guess is you need to judge the surgery on the end results and not the procedure. All the doctors have their own supporting arguments to implanter versus forceps. I’m considering using Dr Vila as she has now departed from Dr Lorenzo and could be a hidden gem at @€2.5 per graph.
  12. Thanks Gasthoerer, who would you recommend & why?
  13. Agree, from the 5 consultations I’ve had 3 were face to face and they all drew different hairlines, strangely I can’t even remember what my hairline was like 20 years ago. Undoubtedly there’s a tendency to be adventurous (but I won’t) common sense will prevail and I’ll choose a conservative hairline, as you say you’ve got to live with it and it’s on public display for a very long time. Thanks for your advice.
  14. It probably doesn’t make sense to you but to my untrained eye it was a hairline suited to the younger man but what impressed me more was the process from pre to post surgery, very professional with all the latest technology.
  15. Cheers Spaceman, I’ll look at the guys that are based in Europe. One question, what are your views on Asmed? The process (use of techs & limited use of surgeon) goes against my understanding of a HT but they seem to be producing consistently good results.