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  1. They have a Instagram following but I see no forum discussing their work nor reviews from patients. Any thoughts?
  2. I read that some insurance's companies would cover hair transplants for transgenders. Is this true?
  3. Additional photos added in the first post. I am in my upper 30's and I take finesteride and monoxidil. What I have drawn is a basically somewhat I am looking for. Is this asking for too much? I just drew a "straight line" to roughly highlight where i would want my hairline to be and not exactly the shape I want done.
  4. My hairline receded about 2-3 inches and have been on the fence on getting a transplant for the last 5 years. I noticed that many "successful" transplant still had the hairline 1-2 inches "higher" than the where the orginal hairline would be. I was thinking in 5 years time... this would be fixed. I noticed that its still an issue to this very day. I am trying find a surgeon but am struggling to locate one that can decent work to get back my original hairline. Any suggestions in USA/Canada? How many grafts do you think I would need? I have attached photos of my "old" hairline
  5. I see many hair transplant on the net and I noticed that the hairline is where a surgeon skills really shows itself. I am trying to find a hair transplant surgeon somewhere in the USA that can do a great job in getting back that natural hairline "look." Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!
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