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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Yes I understand, but disappointed because i made it clear during the consultation to dr cinik that i wanted density and was happy to use more donor hair (2500 rather than 1500). But i was told the result wouldnt look good if i used too many grafts! I'll see how it progresses over the next few months.
  2. So you think the scalp will improve over the next few months and the hairline at the front? I'm currently very disappointed with the results, even where I asked for the temporal to be improved theres no growth! And the front hairline hasnt improved much...
  3. Month 8 update Still a big gap in the front hairline which makes the forehead look big! Also no sign of improvement on the temples where hair was added which again was meant to be brought forward but it doesnt look like enough hairs were added or they havent grown as well. Scalp is improving...
  4. I had a similar hairline to yourself and had my first op in Oct 17.. I've currently added 5000 hairs to the front hairline (last op was with cinik in nov 19).. so I'd say your results are great considering you only used half the amount of grafts I've needed! I would wait until 12 months and if youre not happy with the density go back to cinik for a touch up ... at most you may need another 500 grafts considering how thick your donor hair is.. I'm at the same stage as you (albeit with much thinner donor hair) and will probably ask for another 500 be added to the front hairline if thin
  5. Month 7 update below, the clinic think the hair is still going to thicken and cover the area and have asked me to keep them updated.. I think not enough grafts were added to the crown and more is needed at the front..
  6. Hi, I sent one at the 5 month mark, will send this week and let you know their response...
  7. 6 month picture update... A little disappointed so far, the front still has a lot of gaps and the back hasnt improved much so far. Hopefully see improvement over the next few months.
  8. Hi yes you're right there isnt any scarring, the SMP would help enhance the look on the sides and back (donor areas) which have had a density decrease.. also theres some slight balding (not significant) behind the temporals which happened after the 1st transplant, I think as a direct result from the shock of hair being implanted around that area... Hopefully the SMP goes ahead in the next few weeks after lockdown so will post some pictures up here...
  9. Wondering if anyone has used scalp micropigmentation on the donor area? After 3 operations and using 5000 grafts I'm planning to have all the sides and back covered using SMP.. should be effective as I usually keep the sides back at grade 0.5 or 1..
  10. Hi, for 5 months it's good progress yes. Theres still gaps at the back as you can see from the picture but aware the crown takes longer to fill out. 2nd picture shows the gap on the hairline which I still cant comb up (looks bald) but the hairs are coming through and I'm hoping once they get thicker it will give a much better look. Top picture hair was combed down but the purpose of it was to show the side hair which was operated on.. I think it needs to be brought in more. Donor area is ok but seeing as I've used 5000 grafts you can see dots, I'm thinking of having scalp micro
  11. Month 5 progress pictures below, still early days so I'm hoping theres more hair growth!
  12. A few reasons: Dr ciniks results looked great Unlimited grafts offer made it value for money- although this backfired since the estimate was 3000 grafts and I only ended up getting 2000 which worked out more expensive than Doganay Wasnt entirely happy with Doganays first surgery In hindsight...... Maybe I could have used a dr that does all the implants himself rather than his technicians for a better price elsewhere? Results will tell...
  13. Apologies wrote the reply in a rush, I've corrected the mistake I can provide you with a link to my previous post (for the 2 surgeries) not sure how to add it to this thread
  14. I've had 3500 added by hakan doganay over 2 ops (1st op results were poor) During this op I had 1500 added (for density).
  15. No pictures taken immediately after surgery only the next day... I guess because I opted not to shave my head it's difficult to see the difference between pre/post picture
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