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  1. Ive never heard of that, now I'm worried. Was it that apparent? Did you stop using Fin then?
  2. Another month later: I have taken Finasteride for just over 2 months now. I have definitely had another shedding aber the Minoxidil one a few months ago. My crown is looking pretty bad now. I did notice though that in the front it does seem to start regrowing now. The hair is still very small and whispy but the miniaturized hair is now 7-10mm rather than just 5mm or so. So it does seem to be doing something. I'm just concerned about my crown. It may be improving again there too but I can't tell. I have no side effects luckily. I will continue taking Finasteride and Minoxidil. (Even though I hate taking Minoxidil, it's so annoying).
  3. It looks amazing. However it seems like the new hair is noticably thinner than the original hair further back. Will the new hair ever regain that same thinckness or will it neber be the same?
  4. Update: I have started taking Finasteride as well additionally to Minoxidil now. I have been on Minoxidil for about close to 6 months now and Finasteride about 6 weeks. When I started Finasteride I lost all progress again and went through another shed. I have also lost more density in the front area now. It is now definitely worse than it was 6 months ago. I just hope that that's only due to the sheding and it will improve again. As for side effects, I haven't noticed any with either drug so far. I still have lots of miniaturized hair in the front at my hairline. I wonder if Finasteride will regrow this to healthy hair again. Or if it will just keep it the way it is?
  5. That would kind of defeat the purpose of not shaving before. So I'm pretty sure you don't have to shave afterwards. But I don't know.
  6. Are you on FIN? Sorry if I have missed it in a previous comment.
  7. Can you explain that? Why would it make it worse long term? Because it's extremely annoying, obviously I have now taken Minoxidil for 5 months and to be honest I haven't seen any significant change. In fact in the front it has gotten worse. It did get a bit better but after taking proper comparison pictures at the belgravia clinic I saw that it wasn't much. I have therefore started taking FIN two weeks ago. I also have the impression that I'm starting to shed small hairs again, more than I used to one month ago. And this started before taking FIN. Although I actually think I may hace reduced the dosage of Minoxidil slightly. Before I was using more than recommended by the Belgravia center. I then reduced it by around 20-25%% to the amount they recommended. I'm not sure if that would cause this difference though, but I'm definitely seeing much more small hairs everywhere again. around 1 month ago I saw practically none falling out anymore. And I have the impression that it's getting thinner again in the front, I don't know about the crown. I am noticing I do have a lot of miniaturized hair in the front and in the crown. Does FIN make those big again? Or does it just stop them getting even smaller? Is that how FIN works? If it did that would be amazing. I don't have much confidence in Minoxidil. It did help a little bit I think, in the crown it did at least not get worse and it did get a little bit better but really not much. In the front I feel like it has gotten a bit better after 4 months but now after 5 it somehow has gotten worse again. I just wish I could one day have a short, modern hairstyle again without seeing a bald spot.
  8. I hope so. I'm not sure what to do about Finasteride now though. I do want to take it. I wonder how it will work with Minoxidil. I'd rather only use Finasteride. But what would happen if I used Finasteride and stopped using Minoxidil? Would I lose everything again?
  9. I have some updated pictures here. First one is before, second one is after 3.5 months of Minoxidil from belgravia center. I feel like it looks better than it is though. Not sure. I think the light is not the same in those pictures. The new ones being darker and therefore seemingly less contrast. But I'm not sure.
  10. So you would see no reason to wait for those 6 months to be over? I think the way I understood it is that the idea of that would be to see if Minoxidil is working or what it is doing in general and not start two new med at the same time not being able to attribute any outcome, positive or negative to one specific medicine. I get the point of that and I'm generally a very careful person who likes to be in control of things and would rather do one by one and be sure what's doing what. But I'm just really worried about losing more and more hair on top. I think there may also be some miniatized hair on top now and I wouldn't want to lose that. Although I'm not sure of that.
  11. UPDATE: Ithas now been over 3 months since I have started taking Minoxidil. I'm certain now it is MPB, too. Minoxidil - does it work? There is very noticable improvement on my temples. My right side temple used to be almost bald (just the small temple area of course) with only very small extremely thin hair remaining. Now there is plenty of 1cm long hair there, albeit still thin. The density is not great either but it is a clear improvement and I worry less about exposing these areas now. On the left side it wasn't es bad as on the right side to begin with, it improved there as well. It's still noticable but I can actually part my hair right there for a side swept hairstyle and it wouldn't even be noticable currently unless you really looked carefully. As for the crown I'm not that happy. I seem to be getting less results there. I don't know if that is because maybe the Minoxidil ist getting caught mostly in my semi long hair instead of my scalp or because it's progressing a lot and the Minoxidil isn't strong enough or if it actually did improve but I just don't see the difference that much. I also feel like it's getting worse on top. I'm applying the Minoxidil in the front in a line across the whole hairline and in the crown I'm applying it in a bit of a star or spokes shape radiating out from the center of the crown. Lastly I'm putting a line across the center, starting at the front in the center of my hairline and going back to my vortex. So I'm not covering my whole head. That's how they told me to do it at the belgravia center. So I'm concerned about the rest of my head. I would like to start fin also. What would be my best approach for that? I was told by one HT surgeon to wait until I have taken Minoxidil for 6 months and then take it from there. But 6 months is a long time. And I'm definitely still losing hair I can tell in the shower. Thinner hair that is, so it's not the long still healthy hair. I have also had a consultation with Dr. Bisanga and I am disappointed. I had asked about Fin and he recommended I get on it asap. He told me he was taking it. I asked if he will keep taking it and for how long he had taken it now. Then he told me he had actually stopped taking it. Uppon my inquiry as to why he said because he's getting older and realizing hair is not that important to him anymore. I didn't buy that so I asked him two more times during the course of our talk. Until he admitted that he actually stopped because there is a risk of severe prostate cancer associated with taking Fin and he is getting worried about that at his age. Hiding this information is most likely downright criminal and I find that shocking. Regardless of this I am still wanting to start taking Finasteride with a different doctor. So I still wonder what the best way to start would be, considering I am on Minoxidil and seing some results.
  12. Have you experienced shock loss in your crown? I have a similar crown to yours and I was rejected for a HT because my coverage is still not that bad and I would have had shock loss according to Harley Street Clinic. Was that not the case for you? Have you been told about that? Also, do you take any medication and if so how long have you done so? Any side effects?
  13. I don't know about the cost but what's interesting is that apparently he said the paste doesn't have those sideffects.