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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. raashuae

    Melbourne Hair system

    Hi George Did you find anyone for hair systems? I have been looking for it in Melbourne. I heard Precision hair+ in St Kilda is providing the hair systems and had good experience. If you already had one from some other place please share you experience. Cause im also looking for it. Im in great confusion between PRP treatment and this. Most of the people suggested that PRP wont work for regrowth but to maintain what u have and better with transplant. But Im also not into surgery. So as other option im looking for hair systems. Thanks RK
  2. raashuae

    PRP Treatment

    hi as you asked, here are 2 pics I attached.. one reason I'm stepping back to have a surgery is its a "SURGERY'" . My brother had FUT which made him to stay at home for a month and the results is not worthy unless going for 2nd session. this fears me and due to my job, I cant take such a long leave.
  3. Hi everyone This is my first post as the depression of hairfall hit me hard. Im 28M and my harifall started few years ago as hereditary. I never cared about it but recently observing myself turning into 40 in my late 20 made me to rethink about it. now I have pattern 3 baldness and the scalp is getting visible. After some online research, I felt instead of going to surgery why not to try PRP treatment. So, Im planning to take PRP treatment for hairloss in Melbourne. Can anyone suggest if this is a good idea. and does PRP treatment really works? does the hair line which i lost a year ago is able to comeback? is it affordable & pain bearable compared to surgery? I have booked consultation with two clinics in Melbourne. I will keep post the summary of two clinics how they offer and time of hair thickness recovery.. Thanks RK
  4. raashuae

    Prp + a cell treatment in australia?

    Is there any difference of PRP treatment and PRP/A Cell treatment. Cause I have seen some clinics offereing PRP treatment in melbourne. Can we trust them? Im planning to take the prp treatment in melbourne. Please suggest the good option if any one knows