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  1. I did a non buzz cut for frontal area with a supposed 1800 grafts with Nader almost 4 months ago
  2. phegotgame14

    No shedding

    week 3 or so
  3. phegotgame14

    1900 grafts with Dr. Luis Nader!

    I think it looks pretty good. You still have another 6 months of thickening
  4. phegotgame14

    1900 grafts with Dr. Luis Nader!

    Mine went great---Today is the 1 month mark.
  5. phegotgame14


    I wish I was a year out to post, but I am only 3.5 weeks out
  6. Dr. Nader--Very pleasant experience overall
  7. Had a pleasant experience with my first FUE HT 1800+ grafts for filling in the frontal area and temples. Pics of donor and recipient attached.
  8. phegotgame14

    1900 grafts with Dr. Luis Nader!

    Looks good. From what Ive read around the 4-5 month mark is when the growing begins. My appt with Nader is exactly a month away. My hair is similar to yours with 1500-2000 FUE recommended
  9. Looks good. Ill go see Dr Nader in about a month for 1500-2000 myself
  10. phegotgame14

    Dr Luis Nader Mexico

    Check his website. Also email Brenda. I am going in middle of next month for 1500-200 grafts