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  1. I wash daily. I tried to wash ever other day although I found that not washing my hair irritated my scalp, brought on dandruff and was itchy. I also tried dry shampoo although this was no help. I think it depends on the person. How you have done it your whole life and how oily your hair gets.
  2. Hi, as ridiculous as it sounds I have always been concerned about losing my hair. Dad is very bald and I suppose it was a feature of mine I always like. This made me a little obsessive with it. Because of this I noticed when things had changed although it still was a gut punch. Currently over 25 months on Finisteride. Still no sides. Will do a proper update in a few months
  3. So just to give you all an update, I have now been one Finisteride for over 19 months and still experiencing no symptoms. Have been using a different brand the last month as the company was purchased. Don’t think there has been any further recession. Have been measuring using the four finger method! Around 16 month was feeling really good with everything and am happy with where I was. I said was as I think I am currently going through another big shed over the last 2 months. Have lost well over 300 hairs today. They will grow back but it’s no
  4. Thanks for the comments. Skin has now cleared up since taking those photos but I will definitely look into the refined sugar. Definitely have a bit of a seeet tooth. Recently reordered another 6 months and have gone with Actavis as it is a better known brand. Doesnt really get me down now but I try to avoid obsessing over it, but happy I have caught it quickly. I have been looking at old photos recently, hard to tell as have always had longer hair. But it doesn’t look like it has moved to much. But the space between the hair is definitely weaker. No one has said a
  5. Hi, so I had a bit of a break in the updates as not to much was happening. Its now been over 5 months. Hair loss per day seems to change. Some days I can run my hand through my hair and seem to lose none. Other days there are a hairs on my hand. Still about the same when shampooing. Not been back on the Nizoral and scalp itch hasn’t returned. One thing I have noticed is my body hair has started to come out easily. This is everything from chest to arms and there is a reduction in hair overall on body. Got a slightly spotty forehead as you will see from pictures. Never ha
  6. Has anyone ever changed the brand of Finisteride they use? Did you experience any symptoms?
  7. Update Month 2 A few changed but nothing much. Stopped the Nizoral after last post. About 2 weeks after scalp started itching and I nearly went back to it although held off and everything has calmed back down. No sides experienced. Definitely have less hair fall then I did. Noticing less in the shower and during the day. I would say I think my hair is definitely a thinner than before I started and my hairline has taken a bit of a hit. As hair is longer you can’t really tell and no one else has mentioned it. Not worried at this point so going t
  8. Thanks for the advice. As it is so hard to find info online I thought I would give everyone monthly updates on what’s happening. I started Finisteride a month ago. I will give you some details about me as it may help people considering starting. I have researched a lot over the last 3 months and this is my input. It would also be good to hear from others on their journey. I am 30, 6’4 and around 95KG. Hair loss runs in the family on my fathers side. I am also very hairy. (People talk about this in posts a lot and the effect this has with Finisteride) I work in an office and do inten
  9. Hi All, I am looking for advice. I am turning 30 in a few months and over the last year have noticed my hair is feeling thinner. Over the last few month, it definitely seems that i am getting much faster recession on my temples and it looks like i have lost a few mm on my hairline as there are now hairs the same length growing in front of it. I am also losing smaller hairs of around 2/3cm. Probably losing between 100/150 hairs a day (that I notice) and have some slight itching and dandruff that I have never had before. Nothing on the crown although definitely feels thinner and looks it whe
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