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  1. I'm not going to go into great detail on this as this whole crazy issue has been resolved thankfully. I will simply say it was actually his wording and taking offense with me expressing my honest opinion that was part of setting things off in motion. He did mention on several occasions basically that I was not entitled to the opinion I held. I believe Bill has deleted the interaction or is going to so I will leave it at that. Actually I was going to delete the particular pertinent comments regarding the root cause of the disabled account (the thread is locked unfortunately so I cannot d
  2. Hi Bill. This was really a case of bizarre timing of several events that just added up in the wrong direction. I now understand what had happened. Thank you and Webmaster for clearing up things. Removing my comments on this topic. In hindsight, I agree that I should have given you and the forum the benefit of the doubt.
  3. I have already justified my position, actually I did so clearly and concisely in my first post. You can see scalp with dry hair in the frontal third of a patient of yours in photos. Seeing scalp when hair is wet or cut short is something that is perhaps plausible. But not with long hair in photos, photos add more density than what is actually there. So it is a red flag to look for when analyzing hair restoration results. I can say that with authority based on my long years of experience as a multiple HT patient with elite surgeons Dr. Konior, Dr. Hasson and Dr. Bisanga and also throu
  4. Your comment on page 1: I bring this question to you because you have made it a point to make this statement on more than one occasion and frankly, we believe it is unwarranted. It is your aggressive rebuttal attempt targeting a forum user's honest opinion and experience - if you read what I wrote I mentioned it was also based on my personal experience with Dr. Bisanga - and then now your second long-winded reply that is actually one of the major causes that raised concern. As a multiple HT veteran and based on KO's experience recorded on this forum, I would never choose Dr. Lupanz
  5. There has been nothing reaching "scorched earth," at least not on my part, and there is rather great concern here and I would say any anger would be on the other side as I'm reading the comments. My account as hsrp10 has been "disabled by the administrator" and my last activity was making my above comment on page 1 of this thread. After that I was addressed and called out for out for my honest comments. I am posting the facts as they happen. If someone logged into Bill's account (he is the administrator here) and in a rogue manner disabled my account, then that is one explanation.
  6. Quoting once again above what I wrote in my original post in it's original form. Nowhere did I even mention Dr. Lupanzula's name so my comment is not even searchable. If the clinic is so angered and pissed off that a veteran HRN member and multiple time patient is stating his honest opinion - to the point someone complained to have a long standing account disabled - then there is something seriously wrong here. You cannot force people to like the work of a doctor through coercion. I am not impressed with the level of density produced and neither is forum member KO. Disable all the
  7. Note from Admin: we have responded to this topic on page 2, but I felt it necessary to post a reply directly on the original topic and post so people including the original poster understand. Recently, we have sent a newsletter where a number of email addresses returned delivery failures. As a result, we decided to disable accounts that did not have a valid email address because we figured, anybody who is active would obviously email boss letting us know that their account has been disabled and ask why. We would then check it out, get their new email address and reenable it. This is the only
  8. After being an active member on the Hair Restoration Network as hsrp10 for nearly 8 years, the administrator here suddenly disabled my account for simply posting my brief and unbiased opinion. Without so much as even a courteous PM warning. Eight years is a long time to actively contribute to a site and be treated like that, but heck they banned Joe and others so it doesn't surprise me in the least to be honest. I had to re-register to post my reply and set the facts straight. My message to all is this that this site is no longer unbiased, proceed with caution going forward here. Every
  9. Welcome to our Hair Restoration Social Community and enhanced discussion forum. Feel free to customize your profile by sharing your story, creating blogs, sharing your treatment regimen, presenting your hair restoration photos, and uploading videos. You can also join groups and interact with other members via public chat and instant message those you add to your friends.

    Feel free to ask questions and interact with our members on our new and improved hair loss discussion forum.

    If there's anything I can do to help or make things easier for you, don't hesitate to send me a private message or post on my wall.

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