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  1. Poisoned? That's rubbish. There has been some very average results coming from Asmed over the past year and they were highlighted. A forum should exist not to simply market surgeons but to inform the public with non biased information so as to help make their choice. In saying this, OPs results are average. Not great, not terrible. It's not a botch job by any means and the contrast between hair and scalp was always going to provide some challenges. I wouldn't be happy with his results but I also know that it's not a one and done type deal, but 4500 grafts I'd be expecting a little bit mo
  2. Im over this topic. I for one won't be going to Asmed. The rest of you can make your own minds up.
  3. Dr Hasson is excellent. He definitely is on my short list. Congratulations and looking forward to following your progress
  4. Haha agreed! As a site engineer in my previous life I can see your construction chops showing there mate.
  5. This. Rather than address the failures that are clear for all to see, we get a blown out, fluffy sales pitch filled with impressive technical sounding words and names. It's actually quite insulting to those who have had terrible results.
  6. Sorry to hear mate, definitely a sub par result. That hairline looks quite pluggy too. Asmed is a a massive no go as far as I'm concerned. Wouldn't expect much from Asmed or the moderators on this forum either a it now appears that they are in cahoots and this is basically a marketing tool for the recommended surgeons.
  7. Disappointing to hear this, I feel for got man. Before you go to Diep I would advise doing a bit of research on his donor issues. Just want to save you further issues brother.
  8. Mods Can you please ask Dr Erdogan to address this, I am very interested in what he has to say. This is a huge failure. Munich I feel for you brother. Consult with some other surgeons and get some opinions and then you can plan how to proceed.
  9. No matter what anyone else says it's really a personal victory for you if you are happy. Your hairline looks great and I'm really happy to hear it's been life changing in a positive way for you. Congratulations brother. I just want to give you a huge thank you for your contribution to this site, you've updated regularly and with great honestly. You've taken some flak and handled it really well. Nothing but respect for you my man.
  10. This is really good advice. I've noticed many of these mega sessions lately look quite average. Although OP wanted 2000, it still gives him an opportunity to go back and get another 1000 in the area of question and it will be phenomenal. I'd rather that than 3000 in one session with 50% failing due to lack of blood supply.
  11. I agree with your second point. I actually requested a particular tech when I was booked in with Asmed a while back (had read she was the go-to) but was told this was not possible, i.e. you get who you're given...Russian roulette basically. I wouldn't go near a tech driven place any more, it's just way too risky. If the doc is not heavily involved (no more than 2 patients a day) then I wouldn't even consider them. My preference is for the doc to do the entire procedure; which I understand costs a lot more but gives peace of mind. Witnessing the failed outcomes over the years I would rath
  12. It would be really interesting to have the Doctor come on the forum for an AMA (seeing as this forum would've definitely been instrumental in his business growth over the years). I am sure I am not alone in wanting some answers as to why we have witnessed a noticeable decline in the results coming out of Asmed post late 2017.
  13. I can see what you mean and there is definitely some density issues. I feel like this may have also contributed to the hairline looking slightly"off". Sorry to see you are unhappy brother, I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be. On a more positive note, you have really amazing hair and I'm sure if you go and see someone else (please find a stick and place doc) you will have a truly incredible result.
  14. Welcome aboard mate. There is plenty of information on the forums for you to research that can help with the above questions; So I would start there. Also, you need to be aware that it's not cool to hijack someone else's thread and will likely not get you the type of helpful response you desire. My advice is go and do a few hours research (minimum) on the existing threads and then come back and start your own.
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