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  1. Thanks for the feedback. As in products, do you mean mouse or clay? All I have in is a little mouse and then blown dry. A little spray gel brushed through for shine and hold, no concealers or anything like that.
  2. Well, here I am, nearly 1 year to the day that I set off to Budapest on my journey. What a year!! Here are my final photos until I start the next stage of my HT, hopefully later this year, all things considered. Just had a haircut and it’s probably the best it’s going to look.
  3. I shaved mine down to the next one up from a 0 (can’t remember the size exactly but it wasn’t the shortest) from about 2 months. You can probably see in the photos on page 1. I’m sure my clinic said it should be safe by then. I was really gentle and I remember the first few times I would shave everywhere else apart from the transpalnted area and cut that area short with a pair of scissors, just to be sure. i don’t think you should be able to pull grafts out that far into the healing process but I may be wrong.
  4. You will, it’s like VicTYNC said above, I think yours just look a little thin at the moment because you’ve been growing it out. I shaved mine really short from day one until it started to thicken up and then I started to leave it longer. Even now, the longer I grow mine, the thinner it looks. That’s why I need to go back but I’m more than happy so far.
  5. I genuinely wouldn’t worry about where you are in relation to my transplant. We are all different and I’m sure by next month you will look at your comparison shots and notice a hell of a difference. I know I was permanently concerned until it all started to happen for me but the best advice I can give you is don’t worry. Are you taking any meds? I’ve been taking finasteride from day 1, I haven’t had any side effects. I take a biotin tablet just to aid hair and nail quality. I also use minoxidil but only started taking that 2 months after the HT. I don’t know if any of these meds have helped me or not and I’m afraid to stop taking them just in case things starts going backwards. At the end of January is my 12 month mark and I’ll update with probably my final photos until I can save up enough to get my 2nd and hopefully last HT. Good luck and don’t worry......
  6. Your at the interesting time of your transformation now. The four month mark was the start of real growth for me and I then started growing my hair out . Until this point I was shaving it short. You look right on track for great results. You’ve had nearly double the amount of grafts that I’ve had so you should look amazing in 8 months or so. I’ll show you my 4 month photos but I think they are probably just a repeat of earlier ones from this forum.
  7. Hi, Yes, they told me 1st time around that I had more than enough donor hair for a 2nd visit. This was their plan. They said that a 2 visit procedure would be the best corse of action. Thanks for your kind comments.
  8. Thanks for your nice comments. Im pretty sure I’ll be going back later In the coming year to get the job finished. Most of my friends and family say I shouldn’t bother and save the money but i would like to finish what I started.
  9. Hi, for anybody that’s interest, here are my 10 months photos. I’ve just had my hair cut today, a task I used to hate but I rather enjoy it nowadays.... Im at the end of my journey and I don’t think I will see any improvements form here onwards but I’m more than happy. Thanks for looking and have a great Christmas.
  10. Ps Don’t worry, I haven’t turned orange in the last 9 months, I’ve just a had a week in the Dubai sun, in case you were wondering why I’d changed colour.......
  11. Hi, For anybody that’s interested here are my 9 months photos. The hair palace contacted me this week to ask for consent to show my photos and requested updated ones. So here are a few of the original ones from the day of the surgery and new ones taken today. I’ve decided to come out of disguise and show my ugly mug to the world. Who am I kidding. Anybody that knew me would have recognised me anyway, with or without a black line across my face.
  12. Yes, on the another forum is where I learnt about this clinic. They had two great detailed write up from different people and I actually got in touch with the people direct to ask more details. There wasn’t much mention of them on this great forum but being a member / reader for a while, I thought i would contribute something back as I have taken lots of courage from everybody else’s stories and I genuine say this to most people, I wouldnt have plucked up the courage without reading so many stories on forums like these. They are such a great source of information.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the comment HarryHonolulu. Yes I’m really happy with the results so far.