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  1. Ps Don’t worry, I haven’t turned orange in the last 9 months, I’ve just a had a week in the Dubai sun, in case you were wondering why I’d changed colour.......
  2. Hi, For anybody that’s interested here are my 9 months photos. The hair palace contacted me this week to ask for consent to show my photos and requested updated ones. So here are a few of the original ones from the day of the surgery and new ones taken today. I’ve decided to come out of disguise and show my ugly mug to the world. Who am I kidding. Anybody that knew me would have recognised me anyway, with or without a black line across my face.
  3. Yes, on the another forum is where I learnt about this clinic. They had two great detailed write up from different people and I actually got in touch with the people direct to ask more details. There wasn’t much mention of them on this great forum but being a member / reader for a while, I thought i would contribute something back as I have taken lots of courage from everybody else’s stories and I genuine say this to most people, I wouldnt have plucked up the courage without reading so many stories on forums like these. They are such a great source of information.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the comment HarryHonolulu. Yes I’m really happy with the results so far.
  5. When I was doing my research into my HT, i originally wanted a one stop shop. I wanted it all doing in one go and most of the Turkish clinics did this, I was tempted. I was told by a few clinics in the UK and the Hair Palace in Budapest that I used that it would be best doing the HTs in 2 stages, to prevent damage and shock loss. This is what I ultimately went for and its turned out well so far, I am happy with the dense hairline. I just went with advice but looking at other threads on here from people that had 5000/6000 grafts in one go, they equally look as good, so I dont really know whats best. As soon as the 12 month period is over and I have enough surplus money, i’ll be back in touch with my clinic and get back over to Hungary to finish what I started.
  6. Just thought I’d update my photos with the top view to give you the overall idea. No flash so may look a little more sparse in real life. This is the area I want to focus on next time around.
  7. Thanks for all the great comments, really appreciate your feedback. Yes, I’m really happy with the first part of my procedure. Like I’ve said previously, the mid and crown are a lot thinner, very see through but I haven’t had this worked on yet. If you were to see photos from on top it wouldn’t be as impressive but I couldn’t be happier with the front and side views and not many people stand tall enough to look down at me. A few friends and family have questioned why I want to go for the 2nd procedure but to be honest I think I’ve got hair greed. I really want full coverage and finish what I started. Hopefully, I should have a few more months of thickening to give it more density before I see the final results but so far so good. Thanks
  8. I am very happy, thanks. Its strange but Ive started taking it for granted now and its only when I look back and do a comparison photo like today to put on the forum that I realise how far i've come and what I looked like at the beginning of the year. Like i’ve said previously ive still got the bald patch, albeit not as big, at the back where I didn’t have any treatment but hopefully when I can, i’ll get back next year to finish off what i’ve started. But so far so good and thank you so much for the feedback...
  9. Here are my 8 months post procedure photos if anybody is interested. I’ve not had it cut for a good few weeks, so it doesn’t look as neat as normal but I’m still happy with it. Just toying with whether to keep growing it or get it cut a little shorter on top. Nicer problems to have!!!!
  10. Thanks for your comments BjornBorg, I really appreciate your feedback. I know I’m happy and it’s just good to hear what others think.
  11. Hi, im now at my 7 month post op mark. I’m still really happy with my progress but I do think I’m now at the end of my growth. The thickness has come in over the last month and I’m happy. im still obviously still bald/thin in the areas not worked on but hopefully I’ll be going back to Budapest early next year to get it finished off. Here are my photos with pre op and 7 month comparisons.
  12. Hi, Ive only got myself to compare to so i’m absolutely no expert but I had my transplant done roughly about the same time, 1st Feb this year and mine seems to have developed a lot quicker. I had about 2300 grafts in the frontal area and it has thickened up a lot more than your results. But from reading and doing lots of research before surgery, many peoples results are different and you can only really know the final results after 12 months. It maybe that you a later developer. Take a look at my results to see where I am at the same stage but maybe i'm just a quick grower and nothing much will happen from here onwards. Anyway good luck.
  13. I honestly wouldn’t worry. My initial redness didn’t start to fade until after couple of months. I'm not proud to say it but I used to use a little of my wife’s makeup (powder) to blend it in a little, take the redness away. Then all of a sudden before you know it, it starts to settle down, little by little. I couldn’t tell you exactly when but believe me it does calm down.
  14. Thanks for all the the great comment guys, really appreciate the feedback.
  15. GregFUE - The photos I listed this week are bang up to date pal. I’m 5 and 1/2 post op so take a good look at the before and afters. I can’t recommend them enough. I did my research and contacted people on forums and past customers on Trustpilot/facebook before making my decision so I would honestly do the same and see what the best option is for you personally. If you have any questions about them, just ask.