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  1. I'm absolutely loving the work coming out of Eugenix, I've got my own booking with them later this year and cannot wait. Like you, I'll also be going with no finasteride so I can't wait for your next update. Really starting to come alone btw.
  2. . These two pictures are from January 2019 before having SMP done, which after shaving my head I was happy with. These 4 pics are my situation currently.
  3. I have a consultation with Dr Sethi from Eugenix in London tomorrow and I guess I just wanted some more opinions before I get his. I have attached some photos below of my donor area so please feel free to let me know what you think and how much grafts I can expect to harvest. I have also attached a photo from 2 years ago of my donor area just so you can see my hair type. Btw I am a diffuse sufferer and have lost pretty much 85% of my on top but my back and sides have remained. (Current Donor Area) (Picture from August 2018)
  4. Want to have some smp done and was wondering where the best place is to do it in the UK.
  5. Just wondering where are the places to get SMP done in London.
  6. I'm looking for the best place to have SMP done in England and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
  7. I haven't had any work done yet, so it may be the new hair cut + lighting.
  8. I'm a young diffuse thinner not currently on any medication as I had a very bad reaction from fin and dus separately. Currently, Im happy to trim my hair all the way down to a 0.1 and have some temp SMP done but was thinking if a HT would be possible in the future. Let me know your thoughts guys and as I said earlier I had a bad experience with the meds so please so "get on the fin ASAP" comments. The pictures are from last week before a hair cut, this is the longest I've grown out my donor area in a very long time. Interested on your thoughts on my donor area so drop some knowledge guys. ??
  9. I appreciate your response as your trying to help, but I've been told before I have a good head shape for balding before, and I have fairly defined features so feel its worth a go. As for the fin suggestion, it is simply something I am not willing to risk as the side effects do not outweigh the positives. This is hopefully temporary, as in a few years I want to try a HT but for now I want to try something which could liberate me from constant worrying. Also, judging someones success by the amount of hair they have is bullshit LOL and so is the amount of respect your shown as a result of your hair count.
  10. A quick backdrop... I'm 21 and a diffuse thinner. Not willing to take propecia/finasteride etc and only on minoxidil atm. I'm losing my hair very fast and don't want to use concealers therefore, I'm going to buzz it down and get SMP. Now, the reason your all here... Do I have a good head shape for buzzing down and getting SMP? Yes or No... I'm actually quite excited about doing this as I can tell its gonna be liberating. No more stressing about whether my thinning is showing etc, plus I've been hitting the gym recently and have packed on some muscle, gonna get rid of some fat around the face and hopefully frame my face. I'll leave my pic below and a pic of the look I'm going for.
  11. I am contemplating having SMP done, and as my hairline is still intact and I have quite a bit of hair left was wondering if I had a buzz cut to a 0.5 guard or lower could I pull off SMP with a very short cut. I'll post some pics of my head so you have an idea of my hair. p.s. I've been going gym for a few months and have beefed up a bit and ready to take this head on LOL EDIT: I'll rock this style with a beard for a couple years whilst I wait for my hairless to stabilise, I will then reassess my HT options.
  12. Thanks man but I think I'll live easier and happier accepting the baldness, I think ill reach norwood 6 in a couple years and my hairless will stabilise after losing most the hair theres nothing else to lose, then ill do a HT with my donor area. My father still has his donor area and he's almost 60 so I'm pretty sure that ill have mine too. Anyway I plan to build around my look, I'm young so a good body and a good beard with the buzz cut will look good. Not everyone is meant to have luscious swaying hair LOL
  13. Thanks for the reply, one reason for not taking finasteride is that i don't want to be doing this for the rest of my life. I know that is difficult to understand for a lot of the people here, but I don't want to wake up every morning to take a pill which could potentially have side effects which no man deserves. I will wait for my hair loss to stabilise whilst maintaining minoxidil and then consider a HT a few years on.