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  1. Do not go to a part time hair transplant doctor whose practicing other coosmectic surgeries and wants a Guinea pig for practice. hair transplant changes your face your looks, if it goes sideways then your mental state will be worse then before. I personally believe one should research extensively and think about the procedure and expected result for a year or two atleast then start your hair transplant journey because you might need more procedure for expected results. Your hair follicles are priceless and should be utilise properly. Transection rate will be very high while extracting and implanting so your donor area can be completely destroyed and follicles on your recipient area can also be damaged forget about graft survival. So its more harm then good basically will get more bald and this time from back also in donor area so be very careful.
  2. Dr rahal tops my list and I'm also a fan of Dr hasson I would like to know how many surgeries were performed at the day of this patients surgery , who did the incisions and who planted the grafts and which team was involved.
  3. Biceps, When I started researching I was a fan of FUE cuz I heard it heals faster, no scars and it's latest technology so it has to be superior . That's bullshit marketed extensively all over the internet because it's easy and anyone can do it. The truth is that yes it heals faster but it gives you so many tiny scars and it damages surrounding grafts through transection. Hair grafts (follicles) are not perpendicular and nobody knows which way the roots are below the scalp tissue so while extracting there is a chance that the graft which is been extracted can get damage cuz the angle of the root is unknown and the root was not extracted completely and that graft won't survive ( in some cases it survives and grows but after a year or two it sheds forever ). Even top doctors try to keep transection rate below 5% but it's not guaranteed it's a fact. Forget about surrounding grafts, if a beginner technician is extracting he might extract one graft and damage two surrounding grafts and the extracted graft may also be damage i.e total wastage of precious grafts. FUT is no doubt superior then fue cuz transection rate is very less only when the doctor makes incision to remove strip at that line it's possible rest entire grafts in tissue are safe. ONLY trained doctors can do FUT unlike FUE . This industry is highly unethical and unregulated in US and Europe forget about other places.That is why every prospective HT patient needs to educate themselves. Do not be impatient , read every post in this forum or hire a patient educator . If this patient is a candidate so are you . Don't forget to see his donor
  4. Hi biceps, This is my first comment on this forum and I’m following this forum almost every alternate day since 2 years. Yes ur donor is weak but your sides seems decent and it is also very important for us to see ur recipient area/balding area so we know how much area needs to be addressed/covered. Individuals with weak donor area should always start with FUT first period considering your Master Plan .Linear scaring can be treated with SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) and u should never waste grafts for Scar revision. Now for your first FUT HT u should choose a Dr who can take a wider strip from ur donor which covers ur sides which is decent so that maximum grafts are harvested. ( Dr haason is a master in this).Side hair is very precious as they have resistant from MPB and with FUE only few grafts can be extracted and there is transection also which damages surrounding grafts and weakens your donor.With strip entire tissue of your native hair is in your hands so that is maximum utilisation and harvest of available donor hair. For your second FUT HT Dr can tell you whether or not its feasable cuz in your first HT most of the grafts will come from your side hairs above your ears which is in better shape.I think 2nd FUT is also viable since its always better then FUE for weaker donor areas. 3rd HT should be FUE from back very little whatever’s possible and sides mostly. Beard HT is very good cuz hair quality is good and they have faster growth cycle then scalp hair. You can also go to an extent of extracting every beard graft!. Have a look at eugenix clinic India ( just a suggestion cuz I believe u have not done your research) Body hair transplant is also there and it works fine , hair quality is poor so it should be used in crown or you can fill in your donor area too! (Wink). Genital hair transplant has also been performed and is in practice and I don’t need to explain hair quality! ( just for info). Beard hair grafts are insanely good and body hair grafts are poor and should be used wisely. Beard hair transplant can be done along with scalp FUE so you don’t have to wait for a year and it decreases number of surgeries. Every Norwood 5 or 6 needs three or four HTs in their lifetime for desired results It all depends on your perspective and acceptance of realistic results. While writing I forgot two three very important things which I believe other members will say. Finasteride, minoxidil, biotin tablets , prp, derma roller, laser therapy have different roles but its serves your hair... I hope this helps
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