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  1. So how do we know which doctors are the elite in this industry if even they need to pay for being listed here. And if getting listed here is only through money then can unskilled doctors n clinics get listed here by paying more money?. If this forums motive is to help support and guide potential patient how is this justified when Dr couto is not listed here and Dr Lindsey is. Does doctor skill and results doesn’t matter?
  2. Should have started finasteride when I started seeing lots of hair in my pillow at 26. I thought its bcuz I’m sleeping sideways so my hairs are falling from my temple region. I never thought about family hereditary . My father is Norwood 6 and all other uncles were same except one uncle he’s still Norwood 3 with diffuse pattern and my grandfather had no hairloss . And even in my maternal side there is MPB hereditary but again one of my uncle still has hairs. So I’m really optimistic about myself cuz when my hairloss started 4yrs back it was very severe but after finasteride half of them came
  3. Its so weird that none of the members commented on the age of the patient and what he has to expect after a decade. 3500 grafts for 23 yr old is alot and if he’s not on medication why bother getting a HT done cuz everything else is going to fall anyway. If a 23 yr old patient has lost so much hair at this age a HT is not gonna fix anything if he’s not on medication plus his donor is also weak for a 23 yr old. This is my opinion senior members can guide better
  4. Cant comment anything without seeing earlier pics with transplanted hair. If transplanted hairs are dying then grafts might be harvested from MPB area which are not dth resistant or the grafts got damaged through transection while harvesting.its just my opinion senior members can guide you after you post pre op , post op and result pics and donor area pics just after post op . Also ur age and medication you were on after the transplant
  5. Why finasteride is illegal in some countries?
  6. It looks 10/10 to me I wonder which doctor he went to
  7. @Aftermath @Melvin-Moderator I agree with everything u wrote and I understand that it was very immature of me . I shouldn’t have dragged Melvin in this he’s contributing a lot for our community. I’m sorry
  8. @Aftermath @Melvin-Moderator I don’t understand why you guys and all other active members on this site never comment on Eugenics clinic India even after posting great result. It’s like a silent boycott going on. Not even a single comment by active members, is it racism? Don’t forget India is the worlds largest exporter of generic medicine.
  9. Spraypaint I think nobody is going to believe u had some work done. Can u ask a few random people and let the community know how undetectable is dr hassons work! And congrats for ur results I have been following ur progress, hell lot of grafts used
  10. Can someone please post new links as these are not working since two years and I have never seen the result collection
  11. At this age with this amount of hairloss there is no need to wait 9 years till u turn 30, but u should atleast wait for 2 three years more minimum and see the progression on your crown how deep the pattern is going. Once ur pattern is determined in your crown Dr can plan a long term goal to restore ur hair bcuz none of the ethical Dr’s are comfortable to work on such a young patient even if u have lost alot of hair. snap decision is the worst thing u can do, just have patience now and do extensive research for the best result u can achieve, we are lucky that hair restoration looks so natu
  12. Yes elite doctors practice exactly this by leaving only one scar instead of creating another and they work around the previous strip leaving only one scar. Scalp laxicity should be adequate,
  13. Do not go to a part time hair transplant doctor whose practicing other coosmectic surgeries and wants a Guinea pig for practice. hair transplant changes your face your looks, if it goes sideways then your mental state will be worse then before. I personally believe one should research extensively and think about the procedure and expected result for a year or two atleast then start your hair transplant journey because you might need more procedure for expected results. Your hair follicles are priceless and should be utilise properly. Transection rate will be very high while extracting and
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