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  1. The result at 10 month is bad, almost no regrowth, extremely disappointed and very angry, can be 40 to 50% regrowth maybe less ... at + 10 months ... I would post my testimony with photos, but there it depresses me that I do not really have the motivation to actually post current photos. It was supposed to be a dense package and I do not have anything between 40-60 fu per cm2. I have an appointment in a few days and I really hope that a retouch will be done. Never stopped taking propecia for maximizing my chances and very good health, no smoke, no drink etc.
  2. yes of course I know, everyone looks bad at 3 and 4 months; Except that I am at 5 months, the beginning of the 6 th month and I look very bad @Gasthoerer I will post pictures, But no evolution with the last photos I posted. Btw Supposedly he made a dense packing.
  3. Hey, guys Thanks again for all your answers, it reassures me a little I am now at 5 months and I have no evolution, since the 4th month, unfortunately I now have the conviction that the operation is a total failure. Seriously, I had better regrowths when I was using minoxidil. BTW I hesitated a long time with Erdogan, but that I preferred feriduni compared to the distance, despite the price more expensive. Of course I'll post my results until the end. Thanks again guys
  4. Hey guys Here are pictures at 4 M + 1 week. https://serving.photos.photobox.com/93472158db9f3a10ea1842a47c3d54c530c57f62041b054ef19205bf69c417c0ce6bc2b0.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/848372171b693413dc2bac68228ff8fb241063bd1cfe188e2c1020ab7b64d391a10e80f5.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/804927588291dd6f246fae17259cdbf5d41cf225cc2d666b1e7c8602254411a02bc1ebbd.jpg uh, it smells really bad right?
  5. @Hasselt To answer your question I saw your pictures and the result is really good compared to your initial state, But it was a FUT in your case, for example, there is no risk of UF transection during a FUT, and if I remember well the doctor did not perform any extractions during my FUE. If I doubt as you say, This is because all the patients that I could see and who made a FUE at feriduni (especially French and Italian patients) had a much more encouraging regrowth in the same period.
  6. Hey mate, Thank you for your message, it's nice, It's been 3 months and 23 days, still crap, I will update this post at the end of the week at 4 months
  7. @Baldrick101 Yeah indeed no sign of bleeding when the crusts are gone, I paid very much attention the first 10 days but I lost a lot of hair with the crusts, it was scary. @Gasthoerer Thanks for the link, I just watched this case, he was a slow grower, great result too @ezel, Hi ezel Yeah I just saw your thread, it's sad, i understand your situation , and considering the price paid + 2000uf for nothing i would be very angry. Did the doctor explain the cause of this failure? maybe from a high level of transection ? or when the UF was set up by the technicians.
  8. here is an update at 3 Months + 1 week https://serving.photos.photobox.com/08144946701f77702ea49cce7299fdcaed698f15d47c7ecf381aa229fa3e122d5fef568a.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/5942240817d043ec5e986fd9b31f4ce30a4abb3604e564fd91d85e239061e0c2a04590c2.jpg I also heard this story about slow growers, will wait I have no choice but I think it smells bad. I would update this thread at 4 - 5 months. Btw I lost a LOT of hair with the crusts when they are gone at about 12 days , could it have an impact? oh, and i just saw this thread: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/
  9. Thanks for your answers guys I know that at 3 months this is not supposed to be extraordinary, But, I find it really very very weak in terms of regrowth when I compare with other patients at the same stage. Btw the right side seems better than the left side However for 2080 UF, and for a treated area like this one, there should be no more encouraging signs? I'm stressed about this and I know it's not good More pics : https://serving.photos.photobox.com/461563417360be5444083178252d9efcf790b6e8463c6556871e1f7f1490512bf65c5c94.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/97854
  10. Hello everyone, I am 29 years old and I did a FUE (2080 UF) exactly 3 months ago by Dr. Feriduni and his team. Here are pictures of exactly 3 months, (the hair caught in my fingers are not UF transplanted) https://serving.photos.photobox.com/588 ... 2a9ecc.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/561 ... 5938d6.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/631 ... 9b37f4.jpg Pictures at 5 days. https://serving.photos.photobox.com/489 ... 8eaa81.jpg https://serving.photos.photobox.com/214 ... a76a4a.jpg I find that there is very little regrowth for 3 months, especially when I comp
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