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  1. This is after the 4th dermapen session which took place yesterday, is there anything a dermatoligist can say other than fraxel laserr which is sketchy and dermapen (microneedling) which I am currently undergoing. The red area from the needling (in the pics) is where i have been plucking the transplants. Thanks for reading
  2. Guys, i hate my transplant that I did along the hairline (at only 20yrs old), looks very unnatural and hairs are too thick, its been 3 years since the transplant and for the past 6 months I have been plucking them out which seems to work, however the skin where the transplant had been done is a bit whiter and brighter then the rest of the face and I have been doing 3 dermapen / microneedling sessions and still got 3 more, to try and correct that area but any other suggestions on what could be done to get the skin looking more natural. Thanks a lot for readinf, any responses much appreciated
  3. So you had more transplanted hair infront of the scar? To cover the scar? Congrats on the successful recent surgery in March & Best of luck my man. I appreciate you jj. I will follow up with Dr Konior& i am very glad he viewed this post. Whatever i do i will come back here & update this post
  4. Okay jj. Thanks for taking the time to view my post & write a response. How are your scars in the front after removing the grafts if u don’t kind me asking. I shall keep you updated.
  5. Are the pictures not clear for you as well? Im willing to travel. I have just finished getting my degree from california & went back home
  6. First of all i wanted to say thanks Dr Raymond for taking the time to respond to my post. About the pictures, that’s weird you say that they are low resolution because they were taken on my iphone 7 & on my screen they appear perfectly fine, but i am indeed seeking help so I will take some new ones with my brows in the frame if that will allow you to draw a better conclusion for my current situation. That’s awesome that you are saying my conclusion is incorrect about there being only 3 options to correct the transplant. I will be working on new pics but can I maybe email you or may I ask, what other options is there? Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my thread. I really appreciate it.
  7. Good afternoon readers. I am going to keep this quite breef for the time being & then add to this thread as i go alone. This is my first time posting on a hairloss forum. So let begin from here, growing up I did not care about hair & always had decent hair & all of a sudden i found myself into watching all these hair style tutorials on youtube & subscribing to all these hair gurus that had wonderful hair & all that. My hair line was not really receding in anyway & i realized (after the transplant) that i just had a naturally huge forehead just like my father. Who at the age of 55 passed away, however still had all his side & donor hair & was only receding at the hairline a little bit. but the shape of my hairline was not straight like all these youtubers & I saw a picture of one of my favorite footballers online (Fabregas) & after the hair transplant his hair looked phenomonenal. I thought sure why not maybe I can get the hair I have always dreamed of. So at the age of 21 my naive self went & got a consultation & soon after that found himself undergoing fut surgery. I am currently 23 & have lived long enough to know that I do not want these transplanted hairs as they are nothing like my real hair.. & the thing that bothers me the most is that i believe the left side is not as dense as the right side & the hairline is too low & straight & makes me have a square face. I am not too concerned about the scar in the back at the time being as it is not horrendous & if by shaving with a guar size 4 is not really visible, so I am just mainly concerned about the fromt at the moment. Even though it’d be nice to have fue so I can replace them back in the scar at the back however i know that studies have showed that the survival rate of the repositioned grafts is not high so yea like I said, im not too concerned about it. Like i said i will be adding to this post, but for now I post 2 pictures of my hair with the grafts fully grown out & 2 with the grafts shaved almost two weeks ago & they have since grown back a little but the reason I did so is because i just wanted to see how I looked like wothout the long grafts & in my opinion i look a lot better & am positive that I only want to go ahead & remove the transplant. Now i undedstand that can be quite diffucult but I am willing to just remove a centimer of the hairline to make it look not as low as it is right now. after readinf about this & the solutions to it for a few months now & i realized the only 3 methods are fue, electrolysis & laser hair removal. none of these which I am willing to undergo & might just have to live with the transplant & let them fully grow out again but if anyone can help me I would be forever grateful. Thanks for reading & hope to hear from all of you soon. I have been browsinf these forums for months now so most likely I will know the current active users that have helped out other users by commenting. Thanks again Added: as you can see in the images, my new hairline shape & face is much much better without the artificial low straight hairline from the transplant. If you guys could suggest anything plz.