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  1. Yea its an alright result and he rly was balding and thats why he got a HT, i wasnt rly balding it was all in my head lol
  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond Since21. Okay i will look into speaking with Nadimi. 💞💞
  3. Appreciate your detailed response, rly i do. I have spoken to Dr. Konior & yes i do want to get rid of the grafts. He said in order to do so they would have to do be excised and there wld be a tradeoff/risk of scarring. & if i was to get a corrective surgery he is currently booked until March 2020 Laser will kill the follicles and the grafts indeed, but I want to figure out what can be done to the skin first before I do so. i do use foundation at the moment to cover the area, but it is still visible to be honest. I am thinking maybe a self tan cream to help correct the color of that area, something like this (attached below) another option is possibly forehead reduction to cut that area of the skin, but I have seen pictures of the surgery and it looks scary & the thought of going through such a surgery looks scary, and usually after forehead reduction, there is a transplant along the hairline to cover the scar of the reduction. In conclusion, I am just searching for solutions to cover the scar tissue developed in that area and make it looks as natural as possible. Thanks again really for your response, i love you haha 😆 💞
  4. My main question is, is there anyway on this planet that I can correct this area in terms of color and texture I dnt want another transplant this is the only way to look natural in my opinion.
  5. I know. They really should have. They did not draw a new hairline or anything they just kind of did it.... no they did not dissuade me into not doing it they just told me you would prolly need more grafts in 5 years
  6. Yes brother some are with the transplants fully grown... thanks im glad u think plucked looks slightly better 💞 i do not mind plucking them out, just trying to correct the scar tissue developed on the forehead you know? Having these grafts moved to another place is not my concern. I know i cld remove them with laser or electrolysis or excision but for now im just plucking to keep testing if this is what i want, and in terms of the look of the hair and the naturalsness and all it is what i want. I just want to correct the color of the skin and make it look natural 😔 im thinking of getting a face self tan cream and apply it to that area to help make the color of it match the remainder of my face & not stand out.
  7. I dont know what made me go for it at the age of 20. I just thought i was receding and ended up wanting to correct my hair line a little, the sound of gettin a little more hairs in my hairline sounded appealing at the time.. i dont have any pre op pics to be honest other than this one. Also a footballer under the name of fabregas got one and it looked good so i kinda wanted the same. I was stupid
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to make this thread to share an experience of mine & perhaps receive some input from you guys on this website. i hate my transplant that I did along the hairline (at only 20yrs old), looks very unnatural and hairs are too thick, also placed far too far forward and too straight. its been 3 years since the transplant and for the past 6 months I have been plucking them out which seems to work, however the skin where the transplant had been done is a whiter and brighter then the rest of the face and under light you can see tiny holes in the skin 😔 I have done 6 dermapen / microneedling sessions, to try and correct that area but tbh there is barely any difference and the serum the lady used I think made the area even brighter. Any other suggestions on what could be done to get the skin looking more natural would be greatly appreciate, or is my only way forward is to get another transplant with a more skilled surgeon? Thanks a lot for reading, any responses much appreciated . Attached is some images of how it looks after plucking and with the transplants fully grown. The one in the pink shirt i put some foundation to cover the area
  9. Update photo, I am in search for a permanent make up clinic to cover up ath area with transplanted hairs that I pluck, I just wanna say a massive thank you to @OliverTja for the suggestion, a huge suggestion by the man. I cant thank you enough & I owe you one.
  10. I just wanna state that getting into transplants was a big mistake at the age of 20 especially since i had a head full of hair and I thought I was receding, my natural hairline is very thin and thats why i was unhappy with the transplant, the grafts were much thicker than my original hairline and i hated it.
  11. I know Konior is the best, and he has been very nice and cooperative and responding to my emails but he is booked until the March 2020. I have had a previous HT along the hair line and I currently pluck them out, the reason is because I didn’t really like the result. One half was done by one assistant and the other half by another assistant. The side done by the girl assistant is dense and all grafts grow in the same direction, she did a good job. However the other half is a mess. Each graft growing in a different direction, density is not great whatsoever. Also hairline is weirdly straight and imo placed too far forward, I am looking for a doctor to help me do some repair work. Perhaps excise a few of the offending grafts and have a new fue transplant done to increase the density and correct the hairline. Any recommendations? I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance
  12. I will look into it my brotha, thanks so much for responding. I heard konior is a beast
  13. Thanks for taking the time to respond, sorry i just saw this. I will look into fraxel, and yes, what u said about scar tissue is 100% true. I’m debating repair but the process of a transplant and the time hair takes to grow back is too long, & my biggest problem is that they made my hair line too low, so im sure it will be tricky to fix that. I heard konior is a beast. Do u have any photos to share? & what are you doing, you have your transplanted hairs grown out?
  14. My man thanks for taking the time to respond, have u had any laser work done?
  15. You speaking out of experience pr? All laser will do is remove the hairs, if that. The transplant hairs are thick and stubborn, will take around 6 sessions & all tht will do is remove the hairs, which can be done by just plucking... im talking about improving the skin where the transplant had been done. Things like chemical peel, derma pen, micro needling.. etc
  16. Yes brother & that’s why i underwent derma pen sessions, the skin has improved a little
  17. I am much happier ever since i started plucking them out. I am so sorry you still have a great head of hair & did the same thing i did & got a fut. just remember its not the end of the world. Its not cancer, you’re not blind, you’re not deaf. Its not the end of the world. Stay strong brotha we will get through this 💞💓
  18. Thing is i went to the beach all summer but tht area doesnt change color or smthing. idk but it stays brighter than rest of skin
  19. Unfortunately he said if i wanted em removed my only option wld be lazer
  20. Possible my dude but the procedure is not easy and takes a lot of time, which i already went through and now hate the results, im cool with plucking them, but anything can be done to make the skin return to as close as to its natural appearance
  21. Here these pictures should help you see my problem better, this is 2 weeks after 4 dermapens sessions and i pluck out the transplants
  22. Right infront of the hairline there is a strip of about 3 centimetres where the transplant hairs was removed. Can u not see it? Thanks for your time.