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  1. Dr Konior does amazing work. Congratulations on having a great result.. kelmf01
  2. Thanks guys... The credit goes to Dr Gabel & his team !
  3. Hi everyone, I'm getting close to the 4 month mark... Here is a (3 months / 3 week) photo.
  4. Hi Skeeter, I'm progressing ok. Thankfully out of the ugly duckling & in the growth stage. Planning to post a few pictures later in the week...
  5. Looks spectacular Skeeter ! Congratulations on having a great result. Dr Gabel is awesome.. kelmf01
  6. Hey ThePeoplesElbow, Hang in there, things change very quickly after the 3 month stage. BTW, Did you have your procedure with Dr Gabel ? I plan to post my progress pictures when I hit 4 months. -kelmf01
  7. Hi ThePeopleElbow, I do not use Rogaine. I had tried it prior to my HT for a week. However, it did not work for me. (It made my scalp feel oily & itchy). Also, I have a friend that used it for 6 months & in his case, because he did not stick with it long term, he lost more then he gained.
  8. Day 31. Majority of the grafts have fallen out. The ugly duckling stage officially here, attaching a few photo's from this morning & one from 10 days post OP:
  9. Great result bgt8087, thanks for sharing your story ! I had my FUE procedure with Dr Gabel on 11-14-2018... Currently in the ugly duckling stage, waiting for the hair to come back.. -Kelmf01
  10. Jj51702, I had a problem with scabs and scalp crust. (Bruising and dryness on scalp). Everyone gets this after any kind of bruising. Surgery brings such a reaction. I misread the post instructions to clean this up on my own. Dr Gabel came in on Thanksgiving to see me. He used a metal comb moving it carefully side to side and removed the troubled areas. Kelmf01
  11. Looking great Skeeter ! Congratulations ... 😊
  12. Three weeks post up, the little transplanted hairs did not continue to grow, but instead shedding has begun, I'm in the ugly duckling stage.. (Sucks, but I knew it could come) This is where the 3 month waiting begins & I say hello to my baseball hat. If anyone has a suggestion for a nice looking/feeling hat to wear to work let me know ? Will provide photo's in month or two.
  13. Nicely done BigCity and Congratulations ! Dr Gabel and all the ladies at the Gabel Center are great. (Aileen, Maria, Karina, and Emily) I had gotten mine done with Dr Gabel a few weeks before yours Kelmf01
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